C of A Number Client Address Client City Client Postal Code / Zip Client Province / State Operating Name Service Area Proponent Waste Haulage Into Ontario? (Y/N) Waste Haulage Outside Ontario? (Y/N)
A350550 1000 Athol, Corp. Of The Township O No No
A800492 1000 Tri-Land Recycling Inc. No No
A820385 1000 W. A. Baker Trucking Limited No Yes
A820386 1000 Bulk-Store Structures Limited No No
A820412 1010 Integrated Waste Systems, Inc. No Yes
A820525 1000 Haffner Gen. Cont. Limited No No
A820620 1000 Sanden Machine Limited No No
A820645 1000 T. Weber Co. Ltd. And Calcium No No
A840404 1000 Armbro Transport Inc. No No
A840617 1000 Champlain Energies Ltd. No No
A840772 1000 R. Dryden Building Systems Ltd No No
A841134 1000 Telar Maintenance Inc. No No
A860293 1100 Misener Beverages Ltd. No No
A860314 1000 Madden, James Edward John No No
A900179 1000 Kenora Roofing And Supply Ltd. No No
A900211 1000 Cambrian Vacuum Corporation No No
A900271 1000 Farrow Construction Company Li No No
A910165 1000 889622 Ontario Inc. No No
A910168 1000 Ken Pierman Contracting Inc. No No
A841224 842702 Ontario Inc. 1000 842702 Ontario Inc. No No
A800434 A.F. White Ltd. 1000 A.F. White Ltd. No No
A860251 A.I.C. Construction Ltd. 1000 A.I.C. Construction Ltd. No No
A860182 Arnprior Division 1000 Boeing Of Canada Limited, No No
A860742 Barham, John Robert 1000 Barham, John Robert No No
A820865 Barry Brown Transportation 1000 575599 Ontario Inc No No
A860740 Bellmisch Forestry Enterprises 1000 Bellmisch Forestry Enterprises No No
A910287 Brooks, Robert Andrew 1000 Brooks, Robert Andrew No No
A821291 Bumble Bee Recycling Inc. 1000 Bumble Bee Recycling Inc. No No
A821036 Carrington, Terrance 1000 Carrington, Terrance No No
A860338 Clemco Insulation 1000 772670 Ontario Limited No No
A800456 Denco Leasing 1000 318253 Ontario Limited No No
A860724 Double M Systems Corporation 1000 Double M Systems Corporation No No
A860302 Drain-All Ltd. 1000 Drain All Ltd. No No
A860744 Exel Environmental 1000 986757 Ontario Inc. No No
A860739 Floor And Wall Centre 1000 Rossetti, Christopher And Alan No No
A920276 Gary Renaud Equipment Rentals 1000 Renaud, Garfield No No
A840536 Gormley Aggregates Ltd. 1000 Gormley Aggregates Ltd. No No
A840245 Greenspoon Bros. Limited 1000 Greenspoon Bros. Limited No No
A800914 Ontario Higgins Cleaning And Restorati 1000 Higgins Cleaning And Restorati No No
A840452 Industrial Chemical Refiners 1000 Kenron Enterprises Inc. No No
A820871 J. Leasing 1000 475955 Ontario Limited No Yes
A820545 Kw Honda 0000 Robert Davidson Motorcycle Lim No No
A840532 Laverne Mcgee Excavating Ltd. 1000 Laverne Mcgee Excavating Ltd. No No
A920417 Lee, Ronald E. 1000 Lee, Ronald E. No No
A860155 M.A. Barr Service Station Main 1000 M.A. Barr Service Station Main No No
A860339 Malyon Excavation Ltd. 1000 Malyon Excavation Ltd. No No
A821037 Martonosi, Peter Frank 1000 Martonosi, Peter Frank No No
A840514 Mcmahon Feed'n Harness 1000 James Mcmahon No No
A840473 Midway Disposal 1000 835963 Ontario Limited No No
A821044 Mitrovic, Negoslav 1000 Mitrovic, Negoslav No No
A910135 Northern Waste Services Ltd. 1000 Northern Waste Services Ltd. No No
A860292 O/A Ross's Cartage 1100 Boomhour, Robert George No No
A8515 O'c Liquid Waste Haulers Of On 1000 O'c Liqiud Waste Haulers Of On No No
A860406 Paul Villeneuve Backhoe & Truc 1000 Paul Villeneuve Backhoe & Truc No No
A840781 Peel Waste Management Inc. 1000 Peel Waste Management Inc. No No
A900217 Prime Motor Oils Ltd. 1000 Prime Motor Oils Ltd. No No
A820233 R. & R. Trucking (Humberstone) 1000 R. & R. Trucking (Humberstone) No Yes
A800224 Rockwall Concrete Forming (For 1000 Rockwall Concrete Forming (For No No
A821050 Rpr Environmental 1000 876947 Ontario Ltd. No No
A841148 Samuel Filter Service 1000 1177227 Ontario Inc. No No
A841303 The K-9 Scooper 1000 Sypher, Janet No No
A920275 Valley Sanitation Services Ltd 1000 Valley Sanitation Services Ltd No No
A800637 Ward, George Bradley 1000 Ward, George Bradley No No
A820106 Po Box 118, Station B,Hamilton 338 Cumberland Ave. L8L7T5 Ont 1000 K.O. Delivery & Warehousing Co No No
A841526 R. R. #4 Acton L7J-2M1 Ont 781588 Ontario Limited 1000 781588 Ontario Limited No No
A920023 Rr #4 Acton L7J-2M1 Ont Mcissac Septic Pumping & Drain 1000 781588 Ontario Limited No No
A841607 70 Cobblehill Road Acton L7J-1N9 Ont Panda Environmental Services I 1000 Panda Environmental Services I No No
A841498 R. R. #1 Acton L7J-2L7 Ont Peter Forbes Trucking Inc. 1000 Peter Forbes Trucking Inc. No No
A841094 R.R. #1 Acton L7J-2L7 Ont Pierre Charland Transport Ltd. 1000 Pierre Charland Ltd. No No
A840813 P.O. Box 359 Acton L7J-2M4 Ont The Salvation Army 1000 The Salvation Army No No
A840890 379 Queen Street East Acton L7J-2M6 Ont Tyler Transport Limited 1000 Tyler Transport Limited No No
A841036 85 Passmore Ave. Box 272 Agincourt M1S-3B6 Ont D. Crupi & Sons Limited 1000 D. Crupi & Sons Limited No No
A840543 3039 Kennedy Road Agincourt M1V-1S7 Ont Oilco Maintenance Company 1000 Penny & Casson Co. Ltd. No No
A840818 26 Iangrove Terrace Agincourt M1W-2H2 Ont United Waste Systems Inc. 1000 United Waste Systems Inc. No No
A920172 General Delivery Ahmic Harbour P0A-1A0 Ont Crossman, Carl A. 1000 Crossman, Carl A. No No
A900419 246 Jensen Drive Airdrie T4B-1N9 Alt 1000 Drever, Kevin Thomas No No
A840920 785 Westney Rd. S., Unit 18 Ajax L1S-7G1 Ont 1000 Bry Ron Contracting Company Li No No
A840921 P.O. Box 201, 300 Hunt Street Ajax L1S-3C3 Ont 1000 Kld Contruction Ltd. No No
A841007 232 Mackenzie Ave. Ajax L1S-2E8 Ont 1000 Ariss Haulage Limited No No
A920247 77 Orchard Road Ajax L1S-6K9 Ont Aquablast Corp. 1000 Aquablast Corp. No No
A841570 2837 Audley Road Ajax L1S-4S7 Ont C&G Haulage Ltd. 1000 C&G Haulage Ltd. No No
A841311 11 Thorncroft Ltd. Ajax L1S-2S1 Ont Dorline Construction Ltd. 1000 Dorline Construction Ltd. No No
A840506 610 Finley Avenue Ajax L1S-2E3 Ont J & F Waste Systems Inc. 1000 J & F Waste Systems Inc. No No
A840801 116 Exeter Road Ajax L1S-2K5 Ont O'hara, Donald 1000 O'hara, Donald No No
A840651 72 Lake Driveway West Ajax L1S-3X1 Ont Pcb Disposal Inc. 1000 Pcb Disposal Inc. No No
A910090 General Delivery Alban P0M1A0 Ont 1000 Gauthier, Joseph Octave Hector No No
A910195 Site #3, R.R. #3 Alban P0M-1A0 Ont 1000 Hartley Bay Co. Limited No No
A910315 R.R. #2 Alban P0M-1A0 Ont 1000 French River Supply & Marina L No No
A910405 Lot 8, Concession 6, Box 9 Alban P0M-1A0 Ont Lucien Dupuis Trucking & Bulld 1000 510724 Ontario Limited No No
A860402 Front Street Alexandria K0C-1A0 Ont 1000 Ouimet, Joseph Gaston Bernard No No
A860404 R.R. #1 Alexandria K0C-1A0 Ont 1000 Ouimet, Bernard No No
A860470 R.R. #2 Alexandria K0C-1A0 Ont 1000 Levac, Gilles No No
A860400 95 Lochiel Street Alexandria K0C-1A0 Ont Alexandria Sash & Door Co. Ltd 1000 Alexandria Sash & Door Co. Ltd No No
A860883 R.R. #3, L.4, C.2, Kenyon Twp. Alexandria K0C-1A0 Ont Kenyon Auto Centre Ltd. 1000 Kenyon Auto Centre Ltd. No No
A860771 Lot 17, Conc. 1, R.R. #2 Alexandria K0C-1A0 Ont Larocque, Joseph Fernand, Reje 1000 Larocque, Joseph Fernand, Reje No No
A860416 Box 545, 150 Bishop St. N. Alexandria K0K-1A0 Ont Lavigne, Mary B. 1000 Lavigne, Mary B. No No
A860467 P.O. Box 172 Alfred K0B-1A0 Ont 1000 743194 Ontario Inc. No No
A861004 R. R. #2 Alfred K0B-1A0 Ont 743194 Ontario Inc. 1000 743194 Ontario Inc. No No
A800606 Box 47, Thomas St. Allenford N0H-1A0 Ont 1000 Ron Nickason Plumbing And Heat No No
A920253 Box 47 Allenford N0H-1A0 Ont Ron Nickason Plumbing & Heatin 1000 Ron Nickason Plumbing & Heatin No No
A840839 57 Hutchinson Drive Alliston L0M-1A0 Ont 1000 Plester, William John No No
A840940 R.R. #2 Alliston L0M-1A0 Ont 1000 Murphy, Steven Allan No No
A840941 30 Fletcher Cres. Alliston L0M-1A0 Ont 1000 Mason, James Edward No No
A910374 P.O.Box 910,10 Wellington St.E Alliston L9R-1A1 Ont New Tecumseth, Town Of 1000 New Tecumseth, Town Of No No
A920047 Box 616 Alliston L9R-1W3 Ont Swaffield Septic Pumping Servi 1000 Swaffield, Tom No No
A830024 52 Peel street East, Box 81 Alma N0B 1A0 Ontario Gibson Welding 425242 Ontario Inc.
A920021 52 Peel St. E. Alma N0B-1A0 Ont Gibson Welding 1000 425242 Ontario Inc. No No
A821156 R.R. #2 Alma N0B-1A0 Ont Kozak, Larry Philip 1000 Kozak, Larry Philip No No
A920174 Rr #2 Alma N0B-1A0 Ont Kozak, Larry Philip 1000 Kozak, Larry Philip No No
A800777 2000 E. Superior Street Alma 488-01 Mic Liquid Transport Trucking, Inc 1000 Liquid Transport Trucking, Inc No No
A860941 174 Maude St., P.O. Box 1355 Almonte K0A-1A0 Ont Pierce, Clifford Henry Mcdouga 1000 Pierce, Clifford Henry Mcdouga No No
A451750 R.R. #2 Almonte K0A-1A0 Ont Ramsay, Town Of 1000 Ramsay, Town Of No No
A920422 600-F Vernon Street Alymer J9H-5E1 Que Aqua Flo 1000 3564177 Canada Inc. No No
A820275 R.R. #1  Lot 20 Conc 4 Amaranth Twp,Laurel L0N1L0 Ont 1000 Crane, Kenneth No No
A8009 R.R.#4 Amberstburg N9V2Y9 Ont 1000 Heaton Sanitation Ltd. No No
A350451 General Delivery Ameliasburgh K0K1A0 Ont 1000 Ameliasburgh, Township Of No No
A920262 R.R. #1 Ameliasburgh K0K-1A0 Ont Osterhout Enterprises Ltd. 1000 Osterhout Enterprises Ltd. No No
A800242 310 Thomas Road Amherstburg N9V-2V9 Ont Don Hearn & Sons Inc. 1000 Don Hearn & Sons Inc. No No
A800753 310 Thomas Rd.,   R.R. #4 Amherstburg N9V-2Y9 Ont Erie Construction Limited 1000 Lafre Construction Limited No No
A920378 6930 - 6Th Concession Amherstburg N9V-2Y9 Ont Heaton Sanitation Limited 1000 Heaton Sanitation Limited No No
A860889 147 Upper Park Road Amherstview K7N-1T2 Ont Phillips, Scott Joseph 1000 Phillips, Scott Joseph No No
A860917 200 Des Routiers C.P. 158 Amos J9T-3A6 Que Albany Bergeron & Fils Inc. 1000 Albany Bergeron & Fils Inc. No No
A820959 548 Old Dundas Road Ancaster L9G-3J4 Ont 1000 Disposal Management Of Canada No No
A820991 46 Deerview Avenue Ancaster L9G-4R8 Ont 1000 Jovanovic, Petar No No
A821234 623 Shaver Road Ancaster L9G-3K9 Ont Bartels Trucking 1000 Bartels, Bernard George No Yes
A821095 450 Book Road West Ancaster L9G-3L1 Ont Budget Environmental Disposal 1000 Budget Environmental Disposal No No
A920271 838 Mineral Springs Rd-Box7099 Ancaster L9G-3L3 Ont Hamilton Region Conservation A 1000 Hamilton Region Conservation A No No
A821305 43 Macintosh Drive Ancaster L8E-4E4 Ont Mason & Coke Carriers Ltd. 1000 Mason & Cole Carriers Ltd. No No
A860367 2030 Chemin  Montreal Angers J0X-1B0 Que H. Cadieux & Fils Inc. 1000 H. Cadieux & Fils Inc. No No
A251950 P.O. Box 10 Angus L0M-1B0 Ont Essa, Township Of 0000 Essa, Township Of No No
A820450 R.R. #1 Apsley K0L-1A0 Ont 1000 Hebel Sheet Metal Inc. No No
A860834 R.R. #1, Box 202 Apsley K0L-1A0 Ont Andy's Haulage 1000 Mcginn, Douglas Andrew No No
A920188 Box 202 Apsley K0L-1A0 Ont Andy's Haulage 1000 Mcginn, Douglas Andrew No No
A840689 R.R. #1 Apsley K0L-1A0 Ont Apsley Disposal Services 1000 Sayer, Paul And Beth No No
A860959 R.R.#1 Apsley K0L-1A0 Ont Chandos, Township 1000 Chandos, Township No No
A920116 Rr #1 Apsley K0L-1A0 Ont David E. Holt Construction 1000 Holt, David E. No No
A841286 R.R. #1, Box 67 Apsley K0L-1A0 Ont G.T.'S Garbage Disposal 1000 Tinney, Alexander Gary No No
A840865 P.O. Box 142 Apsley K0L-1A0 Ont Hoofman, Brian 1000 Hoffman, Brian No No
A840926 P.O. Box 63 Apsley K0L-1A0 Ont Mcginn Construction 1000 Mcginn, Gary Ray No No
A920015 P.O. Box 63 Apsley K0L-1A0 Ont Mcginn Construction 1000 Mcginn, Gary Ray No No
A841340 P.O. Box 165 Apsley K0L-1A0 Ont Westmont Leisure-Homes Ltd. 1000 Westmont Leisure-Homes Ltd. No No
A860741 R.R. #4 Arden K0H-1B0 Ont 1000 Donohoe, Peter James No No
A821279 20 N.E. Third Street Ardmore  73-401 Ok Joe Brown Special Transport 1000 Joe Brown Company, Inc. Yes No
A820864 R.R. #1 Ariss N0B-1B0 Ont 1000 James Thoume Construction Ltd. No No
A920131 Rr #1 Ariss N0B-1B0 Ont Snork's Septic Service 1000 Drexler, William Bernard & Lin No No
A841216 1355 East Archwood Arkon 443-06 Ohi D & M Express, Inc. 1010 D & M Express, Inc. No Yes
A920073 R.R. #1 Arkona N0M-1B0 Ont Ernie Herrington Sanitation 1000 Herrington, Ernest Grant No No
A900470 28 King Street, P.O. Box 93 Armstrong P0T-1A0 Ont Clearwater Contracting 1000 846197 Ontario Ltd. No No
A860611 Box 218, 278 Madawaska Blvd. Arnprior K7S-3H4 Ont 1000 Smiths Construction Company Ar No No
A860328 108 Landrigan Street Arnprior K7S-2S6 Ont Dupuis Transfer Limited 1000 Dupuis Transfer Limited No No
A861047 4407 Upper Dwyer Hill Rd. Arnprior K7S-3L9 Ont Ed's Salvage & Auto Parts Inc. 1000 Ed's Salvage & Auto Parts Inc. No No
A860418 R.R. #3 Arnprior K7S-3G9 Ont Lindsay Mcnab Excavating Ltd. 1000 Lindsay Mcnab Excavating Ltd. No No
A860980 91 Mclachlin St N. P.O Box 190 Arnprior K7S-3H5 Ont M. Sullivan & Son Limited 1000 M. Sullivan & Son Limited No No
A861073 14 Usbourne Street Arnprior K7S-1V7 Ont Normandeau, Walter Joseph 1000 Normandeau, Walter Joseph No No
A820905 R.R. #1, Pt. Of Lt. 5, Conc A Arthur N0G-1A0 Ont 1000 Jo-Alan Enterprises No No
A821070 254 George Street Arthur N0G-1A0 Ont Core Waste Control 1000 Ziolkoski, Stanley No No
A821048 R.R. #1 (Lot 23, Conc. B, Peel Arthur N0G-1A0 Ont Inter-County Milk Transport Li 1000 Inter-County Milk Transport Li No No
A920144 Rr #1 Arthur N0G-1A0 Ont Weber's Sanitation Service Ltd 1000 Weber Sanitation Service Ltd. No No
A800510 R.R. #1 Arva N0M-1C0 Ont 1000 Try Recycling Inc. No No
A920355 14494 Eight Mile Rd., Rr #1 Arva N0M-1C0 Ont Jackal Trades Inc. 1000 Jackal Trades Inc. No No
A800226 Rr1 Arva N0M1C0 Ont Thames Valley Recycling 1000 Hare, Ronald G. No No
A860813 R.R. #3 Ashton K0A-1B0 Ont Lyle W. Campbell Sand & Gravel 1000 Campbell, Lyle Wilmer No No
A860424 R.R. #2 Ashton K0A-1B0 Ont Thomas Cavanagh Construction 1000 Thomas Cavanagh Construction No No
A900611 Rr #1, Box 87 Astorville P0H-1B0 Ont Astorvill Rental & Services In 1000 Astorville Rental & Services I No No
A860746 2 Isaac Street, Box 26 Athens K0E-1B0 Ont 1000 Watt, Borden Alexander No No
A860833 19 Mills Street Athens K0E-1B0 Ont Burns, Michael Gary 1000 Burns, Michael Gary No No
A860396 P.O. Box 70 Athens K0E-1B0 Ont G. Tackaberry & Sons Construct 1000 G. Tackaberry & Sons Construct No No
A860819 4 Joseph St., Box 438 Athens K0E-1B0 Ont Kirkland Cartage 1000 Kirkland, Blair Dewayne No No
A920202 Box 338 Athens K0E-1B0 Ont T. Wayne Lawson Construction L 1000 T. Wayne Lawson Construction L No No
A900354 127 Pine Crescent Atikokan P0T-1C0 Ont 1000 Campbell, Donald Boyd No No
A900355 576 O'brien St. Atikokan P0T-1C0 Ont 1000 Bain, John Frederick No No
A900124 General Delivery Atikokan P0T-1C0 Ont Atikokan Forest Products Div. 1000 Mckenzie Forest Products Inc. No No
A900114 Box 1900 Atikokan P0T1C0 Ont Atikokan Thermal Generating St 1000 Ontario Hydro No No
A610450 Box 1330 Atikokan P0T-1C0 Ont Atikokan, Township Of 1000 Atikokan, Township Of No No
A900096 Box 242 Atikokan P01C0 Ont Dutka Construction 1000 Dutka, William No No
A900515 104 Mercury St. P.O. Box 1883 Atikokan P0T-1C0 Ont Gronski, Paul Frederick 1000 Gronski, Paul Frederick No No
A900301 57 Spruce Road, P.O. Box 1990 Atikokan P0T-1C0 Ont My Three Sons Trucking 1000 435984 Ontario Limited No No
A900120 P.O. Box 1600 Atikokan P0T1C0 Ont Probaord Ltd. 1000 Proboard Ltd. No No
A900580 107 Elm Crescent Atikokan P0T-1C0 Ont S.Degagne Contracting 1000 S.Degagne Contracting No No
A900293 116 Berry Court Atikokan P0T-1C0 Ont Shane, Shirley Rosemary 1000 Shane, Shirley Rosemary No No
A820742 R.R. #2 Atwood N0G-1B0 Ont Mills Sanitation Service 1000 Mills, Raymond George Stewart No No
A840312 Box 83 Aurora L4G3H1 Ont 1000 Vic. Priestly Contracting Limi No Yes
A841358 56 Richaradson Drive Aurora L4G-1Z3 Ont 1000 Allen, James Albert No No
A840823 42 Mcclenny Drive Aurora L4G-5P7 Ont Four Seasons Tree Care & Servi 1000 Four Seasons Tree Care & Servi No No
A860245 34 Berezy St. Aurora L4G1W9 Ont Kelly's Place 1000 Cody, L.D. No No
A860971 P.O. Box 160 Avonmore K0C-1C0 Ont John Amsing & Son Cartage Ltd. 1000 John Amsing & Son Cartage Ltd. No No
A800438 R.R. #1 Aylmer N5H2R1 Ont 1000 J & R Haulage Limited No No
A800537 36 Parkview Heights Aylmer N5H-2J8 Ont 1000 Wilson, George Harry No No
A800583 R. R. #7 Aylmer N5H-2R6 Ont 1010 Elgin Cartage Limited No No
A861031 1628 Vanier Avenue Aylmer J9H-5E1 Que 162114 Canada Inc. 1000 162114 Canada Inc. No Yes
A800550 R.R. #5 Aylmer N5H-2R4 Ont Antonissen Trucking 1000 Antonissen, Pierre No No
A920238 14 Stuart St. Aylmer J9J-1H2 Ont C. Gascon Excavation 1000 Gascon, Jos. Armand Claude No No
A800542 R.R. #6 Aylmer N5H-2R5 Ont Froese Bros. Trucking 1000 Froese, Heinrich T. No No
A920089 10 Sinclair Crescent Aylmer N5H-3B7 Ont Geo. Wilson & Son Excavating 1000 Wilson, John No No
A860989 50 Jean Dela Fontaine Aylmer J9H-5E6 Que Malex Waste Systems Inc. 1000 Malex Waste Systems Inc. No No
A800462 R.R. #4 Aylmer N5H2R3 Ont Raymond Lee Putnam 1000 Raymond Lee Putnam No No
A800752 265 John St. Aylmer N5H-2E2 Ont Thompson, James Edward 1000 Thompson, James Edward No No
A800541 68 Fath Avenue Aylmer N5H-1V9 Ont Wiebe, Felipe 1000 Wiebe, Felipe No No
A820350 R.R. # 1 Ayr N0B1E0 Ont 1000 Richard Feicht No No
A820577 R.R. #3 Ayr N0B-1E0 Ont 1000 W.G. Moore Bulldozing & Excava No No
A820638 P.O. Box 418, Melair Drive Ayr N0B-1E0 Ont 1000 Ryac Electrical Contractors Lt No No
A820578 R. R. #1 Ayr N0B-1E0 Ont Bel-Air Excavating & Grading L 1000 Bel-Air Excavating & Grading L No No
A920259 R.R. #3 Ayr N0B-1E0 Ont G.W. Wise Contracting Limited 1000 G.W. Wise Contracting Limited No No
A821126 214 Boida Avenue Ayr N0B-1E0 Ont Liberty Linehaul Inc. 1000 Liberty Line Haul Inc. No No
A820699 Guthrie Street Ayr Nob-1Eo Ont Tampa Hall Limited 1000 Tampa Hall Limited No No
A910369 1081 Highway 144 Azilda P0M-1B0 Ont Theriault Construction 1000 477856 Ontario Inc. No No
A820567 P.O. Box 185 Brubacher Ext. Baden N0B-1G0 Ont 1000 Sunburst Landscape Maintenance No No
A820403 25 Snyder's Road West Baden N0B-1G0 Ont C And M Maintenance & Repair 1000 Lacroix, Joseph Roger Marc No No
A820686 45 Snyders Road East Baden N0B-1G0 Ont Steinman's Furniture & Applian 1000 Steinman's Furniture & Applian No No
A920416 Medora Lake Road, Box 227 Bala P0C-1A0 Ont 829635 Ontario Inc. 1000 829635 Ontario Inc. No No
A910427 P. O. Box 113 Bala P0C-1A0 Ont Cranberry Marsh Construction L 1000 Cranberry Marsh Construction L No No
A841330 Box 290 Bala P0C-1A0 Ont Sahanatien Haulage 1000 Sahanatien, Scott Gerald No No
A860973 P.O. Box 162 Baltimore K0K-1C0 Ont G.K. Sherwin Transport Limited 1000 G.K. Sherwin Transport Limited No No
A900458 R. R. #2 Balzac T0M-0F0 Ab R. Singer Truck Lines Ltd. 1000 R. Singer Truck Lines Ltd. No No
A860178 Box 545 Bancroft K0L1C0 Ont 1000 Orlin E. Sleeper No No
A860364 23 Bridge Street West Bancroft K0L-1C0 Ont Bancroft Whitfield Plumbing He 1000 Bancroft Whitfield Plumbing He No No
A920028 9 Valley Drive, Box 1149 Bancroft K0L-1C0 Ont Bancroft Whitfield Plumbing He 1000 Bancroft Whitfield Plumbing He No No
A860827 R.R. #2 Bancroft K0L-1C0 Ont Campeau Disposal Services 1000 Campeau Disposal Services No No
A361550 P.O. Box 929 Bancroft K0L-1C0 Ont Faraday, Townsip Of 1000 Faraday, Township Of No No
A920152 Rr #3 Bancroft K0L-1C0 Ont Neuman's Septic Service 1000 Neuman, Donald Richard No No
A860564 R.R. #4 Bancroft K0L-1C0 Ont Rallison Excavating 1000 Rallison, Ricky Mathew No No
A840704 220 John St. Barrie L4N-2L2 Ont 1000 Barrie Metals Ltd. No No
A841046 48 Anne St. S., P.O. Box 97 Barrie L4M-4S9 Ont 1000 Harold Martin Rent-All Ltd. No No
A841055 21 George Street Barrie L4N-2G5 Ont 1000 Currie, Ronald Alexander No No
A841061 20 Owen Street Barrie L4M-4T7 Ont 1000 Dawson Contracting (Barrie) Lt No No
A841168 211 Edgehill Dr., R.R #2 Barrie L4M-4S4 Ont 1000 John Ellis Construction Limite No No
A841239 P.O. Box 1500, Highway #90 Barrie L4M-3V4 Ont 1000 Allan G. Cook Limited No No
A840993 56 Churchill Road Barrie L4M-5E7 Ont 2R Services Inc. 1000 2R Services Inc. No No
A841082 P.O. Box 12000 Barrie L4M-4W3 Ont Adult Occupational Centre 1000 Community & Social Services, M No No
A841043 42 Ferndale Drive Barrie L4M-4S4 Ont Allandale Construction (1986) 1000 Allandale Construction (1986) No No
A840688 17 Elizabeth Street Barrie L4N-6M3 Ont Asured Transport Inc. 1000 Asured Transport Inc. No Yes
A840873 316 Bayview Drive Barrie L4N-4Y8 Ont Bemis Manufacturing Company 1000 Bemis Manufacturing Company No No
A800926 130 Saunders Road, Unit #15 Barrie L4N-9A8 Ont Comco Petroleum Management Inc 1000 Comco Petroleum Management Inc No No
A840520 54 Broadmoor Avenue Barrie L493M9 Ont D & R Disposal Services 1000 Gallant, Denis Michael No No
A800947 R.R. #2 Barrie L4M-4S4 Ont Doug Bowman Haulage 1000 Bowman, Douglas Selby No No
A840453 717 Bayview Drive Barrie L4M-6E7 Ont E.C.S. Technologies Inc. 1000 E.C.S. Technologies Inc. No No
A841343 31 Royal Oak Drive Barrie L4N-7S5 Ont Ecolube Recycling Inc. 1000 Ecolube Recycling Inc. No No
A840590 56 Churchill Drive, Unit #7 Barrie L4N-6E7 Ont Ecolube Resources Inc. 1000 Ecolube Resources Inc. No No
A841332 329 Tiffan Street Barrie L4M-4S4 Ont England Enterprises 1000 England, David And Jean No No
A800902 176A Saunders Road Barrie L4M-6E7 Ont Frith Regional Waste Systems I 1000 Frith Regional Waste Systems I No No
A920281 P.O. Box 235 Barrie L4M-4X2 Ont K. Winter Sanitation Inc. 1000 K. Winter Sanitation Inc. No No
A840888 320 Sunnidale Road Barrie L4N-5P2 Ont Ken's Firewood 1000 Paddison, Kenneth L. No No
A910422 9 St. Vincent St., R. R. #3 Barrie L4M-4S5 Ont Maximum Disposal Services 1000 Donkers, Martin Joseph No No
A840701 520 Big Bay Pt. Road Barrie L4N-3Z5 Ont Roadrunner Containers 1000 Kelly, Ronald William Joseph No No
A910409 750 Big Bay Point Rd., R.R. #4 Barrie L4M-4S6 Ont Rumball Excavation & Haulage 1000 Cheslock, Ronald Edwin No No
A841174 254 Coxmill Road Barrie L4N-4G5 Ont Saul Enterprises 1000 Hooper, Allan Albert No No
A910390 R. R. #1 Barrie L4M-4Y8 Ont Select Services 1000 Walls, John C. No No
A910414 108 Chieftain Cres. Barrie L4N-6J3 Ont Stan Johnson & Son Maintenance 1000 Johnson, Gary Wayne & Mary Lin No No
A920210 63 Heather St. Barrie L4N-4M9 Ont Stocki, Richard 1000 Stocki, Richard No No
A841274 22 Ross St. Barrie L4N-1E9 Ont The Enviro Group 1000 Cole, Warren John And Jollymor No No
A800948 15 Sargeant Drive Barrie L4M-4T2 Ont The Sargeant Company Limited 1000 The Sarjeant Co. Ltd. No No
A860783 32 Wilno St. Barry's Bay K0J-1B0 Ont 1000 Maika, Patrick No No
A900623 P.O. Box 428 Barry's Bay K0J-1B0 Ont Maika, Lawrence Philip 1000 Maika, Lawrence Philip No No
A920177 Box 1180 Barry's Bay K0J-1B0 Ont Mcgrath's Plumbing 1000 872114 Ontario Ltd. No No
A861018 R.R. #2 (Hwy. 60-62) Barry's Bay K0J-1B0 Ont Sherwood, Jones, Burns, Townsh 1000 Sherwood, Jones, Burns, Townsh No No
A860661 R.R. #2 Bath K0H-1G0 Ont 1000 Vandenberg, Karel Sennan No No
A860978 R. R. #1 Battersea K0H-1H0 Ont Fillion, John Arthur 1000 Fillion, John Arthur No No
A920044 Box 33 Battersea K0H-1H0 Ont J. Boulton Septic Service 1000 Boulton, James Ross No No
A800693 Concession 10, Houston Heights Bayfield N0M-1G0 Ont Bayfield Sanitation Service 1000 Lecompte, Lise M. No No
A920438 20 Keith Crescent Box 246 Bayfield N0M-1G0 Ont Bayfield Sanitation Service In 1000 Bayfield Sanitation Service In No No
A920175 General Delivery, Allen Lake Baysville P0B-1A0 Ont Baysville Sanitation 1000 Clements, Irene F. & Cote, Phi No No
A920280 R.R. #1 Baysville P0B-1A0 Ont Dorset Sanitation 1000 Primmer, Charles Frederick Wel No No
A910438 P.O. Box 115 Baysville P0B-1A0 Ont Lake Of Bays Refuse Pick-Up Se 1000 Blanchard, Allan Thomas No No
A410650 181 Main St., P.O. Box 100 Beachburg K0J-1C0 Ont Beachburg, Village Of 1000 Beachburg Vill. No No
A920060 Anderson Road Beachburg K0J-1C0 Ont Macgregor Concrete Products (B 1000 Macgregor Concrete Products (B No No
A860421 R.R. #1 Beachburg K0J-1C0 Ont Moore, Glen 1000 Moore, Glen No No
A800575 Main Street Beachville N0J-1A0 Ont 1000 M. B. Hague & Sons Ltd. No No
A821054 4921 Alexandria Avenue Beamsville L0R-1B0 Ont 1000 Sanal Transportation Inc. No No
A821267 4652 Sann Road Beamsville L0R-1B1 Ont M. K. Trucking 1000 Biddington, Michael Elmer Kerv No No
A920399 78 Pearl St., Box 270 Beardmore P0T-1G0 Ont Beardmore, Townhip Of 1000 Beardmore, Townhip Of No No
A840159 541 Simcoe St, Beaverton L0K1A0 Ont 1000 Lightfoot, Barry Angus No No
A840419 532 Osborne Street Beaverton L0K1A0 Ont 1000 Camplin, William Roy No No
A920095 Rr #3 Beaverton L0K-1A0 Ont Ivan Smith Septic Tank Pumping 1000 Smith, Ivan G. No No
A840161 R.R.#1 Beaverton L0K1A0 Ont Mcrae, Paul V. 1000 Mcrae, Paul V. No No
A841407 518 Sarah Street, Box 622 Beaverton L0K-1A0 Ont Teer, Emily Dawn 1000 Teer, Emily Dawn No No
A800754 33 Industry Drive Bedford, Ohio 441-46 Usa Chem-Freight, Inc. 1000 Chem-Freight, Inc. No No
A800779 R.R. #1 Beeton L0G-1A0 Ont Findlay, Donald John 1000 Findlay, Donald John No No
A910355 R. R. #1 Beeton L0G-1A0 Ont Wayland Haulage & Excavating L 1000 Wayland Haulage & Excavating L No No
A800680 215 West Puce Road, R.R. #1 Belle River N0R-1A0 Ont 1000 Peter Kennette Trucking Ltd. No No
A800234 Box 721 Belle River N0R1A0 Ont Diemer Disposal 1000 Diemer, Paul No No
A841354 357 Front Street Belleville K8N-5E9 Ont 1000 Fibre Resource Recovery Corp. No No
A860065 257 Coleman St., P.O.Box 723 Belleville K8N5B3 Ont 1000 G.T. Lanning Limited No No
A860180 R.R.#5 Belleville K8N4Z5 Ont 1000 Quinte Excavating (Belleville) No No
A860290 128 Church Street South Belleville K8N3B8 Ont 1100 Belleville Sport And Lawn Cent No No
A860294 P.O. Box 867, Maitland Drive Belleville K8N5B5 Ont 1000 Semple-Gooder Roofing Limited No No
A860311 301 Pinnacle Street Belleville K8N3B3 Ont 1000 Salvation Army No No
A860374 393 Sidney Street Belleville K8N-5E9 Ont 1000 Belleville Industrial Outfitte No No
A860459 R.R. #6 Belleville K8N-4Z6 Ont 1000 Gerald O'neill Limited No No
A860498 R.R. #7 Belleville K8N-4Z7 Ont 1000 809592 Ontario Inc. No No
A860624 67 Parks Drive Belleville K8N-5B6 Ont 1000 862698 Ontario Inc. No No
A860645 183 Stanley St. Belleville K8N-4A4 Ont 1000 Tracey, Robert Shawn/Samuel No No
A860681 435 Station Street, Box 632 Belleville K8N-5B3 Ont 1000 Gunsolus Construction Limited No No
A860727 R.R. #7, P.O. Box 284 Belleville K8N-5E9 Ont 1000 Van Soelen Landscaping Ltd. No No
A860390 14C-230 Moira Street West Belleville K8P-1T6 Ont 500020 Ontario Inc. 1000 500020 Ontario Inc. No No
A860734 P.O. Box 1193 Belleville K8N-5E8 Ont Al White Construction Co. Ltd. 1000 Al White Construction Co. Ltd. No No
A360150 City Hall Belleville K8N28Y Ont Belleville, City Of 1000 Belleville, City Of No No
A360151 259 North Park Street Belleville Ont Belleville, City Of 1100 Belleville, City Of No No
A860219 Box 1450 Belleville K8N5J1 Ont Canada Transport Limited 1000 Canada Transport Limited No Yes
A860242 P.O. Box 1450 Belleville K8N-5J1 Ont Canada Transport Limited 1000 Canada Transport Limited No No
A861101 34 Cloverleaf Drive, R.R. #5 Belleville K8N-4Z5 Ont Dafoe Roofing Ltd. 1000 Dafoe Roofing Ltd. No No
A8907 24 Catharine Street Belleville K8N-479 Ont Eugene Craig's Septic Service 1000 Eugene Craig's Septic Service No No
A920121 Rr #6 Belleville K8N-4Z6 Ont Eugene Craigs Septic Service L 1000 Eugene Craigs Septic Service L No No
A861082 185 Wellington Street Belleville K8P-3W9 Ont French Brothers Roofing (Belle 1000 907920 Ontario Inc. No No
A360050 235 Pinnacle Street Belleville K8N3A9 Ont Hastings, County Of 1000 Hastings, County Of No No
A860297 Box 43, Rossmore R.R. #7 Belleville K8N4Z7 Ont K.G. Reid Trenching And Constr 1000 K.G. Reid Trenching And Constr No No
A860352 124B North Park St. Belleville K8P-2Y5 Ont P. Thibault Construction 1000 Thibault, Paul H. No No
A861026 L.1, C.3, Ameliasburgh-R.R.#1 Belleville K8N-4Z1 Ont Rancor Wood Recycling Inc. 1000 Rancor Wood Recycling Inc. No No
A860486 R.R. #5 Belleville K8N-4Z5 Ont Southfork Excavating 1000 1161896 Ontario Limited No No
A860389 P.O. Box 546 Belleville K8N-5B2 Ont Wicklow Land And Cattle Corp. 1000 Wicklow Land And Cattle Corp. No No
A860587 R.R. #5 Belleville K8N-4Z5 Ont William Parm Construction Ltd. 1000 William Parm Construction Limi No No
A800440 44141 Yost Road Belleville, Michigan 48111 Usa 1000 American Waste Oil Corporation Yes No
A860060 Box 4200 Wallbridge-Loyalist Bellville K8N-5B9 Ont Loyalist College Of Applied Ar 1000 Loyalist College Of Applied Ar No No
A800726 215 Victoria Street Belmont N0L-1B0 Ont Stevens, Constance E. 1000 Stevens, Constance E. No No
A860518 1979 Bernard Pilon Beloeil J3G-4S5 Que Les Equipements Et Services S. 1000 Les Equipements Et Services S. No Yes
A821295 R.R. #4 Belwood N0B-1J0 Ont Central Disposal Services 1000 833466 Ontario Inc. No No
A821090 R.R. #2 Belwood N0B-1J0 Ont Morrison Total Recycling Ltd. 1000 Morrison Total Recycling Ltd. No No
A820933 R.R. #4, Lot 123A Berlin    Pa 155-30 Usa 1000 Airesman Trucking Inc. No No
A860453 R.R. #1 Berwick K0C-1G0 Ont 1000 Eugene Vanier & Sons Haulage L No No
A860984 R.R. #1 Berwick K0C-1G0 Ont Hume Waste Disposal 1000 Hume, Sheila No No
A800590 Rt.322, One Mile W. Of Town Of Bigler, Pennsylvania 168-25 Usa Kephart Trucking Co. 1000 Kephart Trucking Co. No No
A820268 P.O.Box 13, 2525 Highway 56 Binbrook L0R1C0 Ont 1000 Star Brand Packers (Ontario) No No
A820894 250 Gugatte Road, R.R. #1 Binbrook L0R-1C0 Ont Padum Haulage 1000 Padum, Dharamchand No No
A820812 Lot 2, Conc. 3, Blk. 4 Binbrook Hannon R1 L0K-1P0 Ont 1000 Soules, Wallace Addison No No
A800729 251 Merrill Street Birmingham 480-09 Mic Geodynamic Industries Inc. 1000 Geodynamic Industries Inc. No Yes
A860534 Box 5 Bissett Creek Koj-1E0 Ont Morin, Hector 1000 Morin, Hector No No
A841265 4440 Devitts Rd. Blackstock L0B-1B0 Ont 1000 Martyn Haulage Ltd. No No
A800548 P.O. Box 1082 Blenheim N0P-1A0 Ont Dura-Built Enterprises 1000 Hebblethwaite, Murray Dale No No
A920030 64 Michigan Ave. Blind River P0R-1B0 Ont 4 Seasons Septic 1000 882309 Ontario Inc. No No
A920165 244 Woodward Ave, Box 519 Blind River P0R-1B0 Ont A. Sauer & Sons Ltd. 1000 A. Sauer & Sons Ltd. No No
A8980 Woodward Avenue Box 519 Blind River P0R1B0 Ont A. Sauer And Sons Ltd. 1000 A. Sauer And Sons Ltd. No No
A920221 16 Oak Road Blind River P0R-1B0 Ont Biosoil Ltd. 1000 Biosoil Ltd. No No
A910136 15 Riverside Blind River P0R-1B0 Ont Gilles Rousseau Lumber Limited 1000 Gilles Rousseau Lumber Limited No No
A900439 Lot 12, Conc. 4, Hwy. 555 Blind River P0R-1B0 Ont J. I. Enterprises 1000 823292 Ontario Ltd. No No
A920074 Granary Lake Road Blind River P0R-1B0 Ont J.I. Enterprises 1000 823292 Ontario Ltd. No No
A900621 300 Leacock St., Box 1444 Blind River P0R-1B0 Ont Leroy Construction & Equipment 1000 408761 Ontario Limited No No
A900592 8 Birchwood Circle Blind River P0R-1B0 Ont Municipal Waste & Recycling Co 1000 1188163 Ontario Ltd. No No
A900522 P.O. Box 1764 Blind River P0R-1B0 Ont Royer's Construction 1000 Royer, Rheal No No
A860238 7 Stanley Street Bloomfield K0K1G0 Ont 1000 Cobi Foods Inc. No No
A860194 40 Stanley Street East Bloomfield K0K-1G0 Ont Quinte Insulators Ltd. 1000 Quinte Insulators Ltd. No No
A920313 Box 184 Bloomfield K0K-1G0 Ont Rent A Jon 1000 Ferguson, Robert No No
A860830 P.O. Box 300 Bloomfield K0K-1G0 Ont Swan, Barry Herbert 1000 Swan, Barry Herbert No No
A820627 76 Main Street Bloomingdale N0B-1K0 Ont 1000 Wright Lawn Spray Services Ltd No No
A860614 1420 Place Blair Bloucester K1J-9L8 Ont 1000 Conseil Scolaire De Langue Fra No No
A800563 R.R. #2 Bluevale N0G-1G0 Ont 1000 Mckercher, John Allan No No
A320251 21 Canal St. E., Box 250 Bobcayeon K0M-1A0 On Bobcaygeon, Village Of 1000 Bobcaygeon, Village Of No No
A840947 R.R. #1 Bobcaygeon K0M-1A0 Ont 1000 William O'neill Construction L No No
A920304 Rr #3 Bobcaygeon K0M-1A0 Ont Kawartha Septic Service 1000 Finley, Theodore Norman No No
A800549 R2000 Frank Street Bognor N0H-1E0 Ont 1000 Grey-Bruce Coatings & Insulati No No
A860785 4141 Grande-Allee Boisbriand J7E-4H5 Que 1000 133476 Canada Inc. No No
A840686 R. R. #2 Bolton L7E-5R8 Ont 1000 Cold Creek Landscape & Maint No No
A841323 12 Browning Court, Unit #2 Bolton L7E-1G8 Ont 1000 Topac Enterprises Inc. No No
A841328 6 Penhurst Place Bolton L7E-1L6 Ont 1000 R & N Transport Co. Inc. No No
A840842 P.O. Box 677 Bolton L7E-5T5 Ont Belair Excavating & Snow Remov 1000 Belair Excavating & Snow Remov No No
A841571 1 Royal Terrace Crescent Bolton L7E-1P3 Ont East-West Management Of Driver 1000 East-West Management Of Driver No No
A920421 8070 Old Church Road Bolton L7E-5S1 Ont Holly Park Meat Packers Inc. 1000 Holly Park Meat Packers Inc. No No
A840353 6 Browning Court Bolton L7E-5S2 Ont J.E. Leo Metals 1000 542630 Ontario Limited No No
A841192 Box 470 Bolton L7E-5T4 Ont James Dick Construction Limite 1000 James Dick Construction Limite No No
A920216 Rr #5 Bolton L7E-5S2 Ont John Scoles Septic Pumping 1000 Scoles, John No No
A840437 64 Healey Road, Unit #10 Bolton L7E-5A5 Ont Maratek Environmental Inc. 1000 Maratek Environmental Inc. No No
A841509 130 Healey Rd., Unit #3 Bolton L7E-5B2 Ont Salvage Metal Services 1000 620314 Ontario Ltd. O/A Salvag No No
A841297 R.R. #3 Bolton L7E-5R9 Ont Sammy's Float Service Ltd. 1000 Sammy's Float Service Ltd. No No
A841659 135 Commercial Road Bolton L7E-1R6 Ont Underground Services (1983) Lt 1000 Underground Services (1983) Lt No No
A840624 R.R. #5 Bolton L7E5S1 Ont Vette Trucking & Snow Removal 1000 Vette Trucking & Snow Removal No No
A910410 R. R. #1, Box 48 Bonfield P0H-1E0 Ont Hotte, Richard Gaston 1000 Hotte, Richard Gaston No No
A900538 246 Yonge St. Bonfield P0H-1E0 Ont Near North Waste Systems 1000 1220766 Ontario Inc. No No
A800399 165 Oak Street West Bothwell N0P-1C0 Ont 1000 Bothwell Furniture Restorers No No
A800413 155 Mcewen Street Bothwell N0P1C0 Ont 1000 683162 Ontario Limited No No
A800455 R.R.#3 Bothwell N0P-1C0 Ont 1000 Harold Marcus Ltd. No No
A841389 R.R. #3 Bothwell N0P-1C0 Ont D.A. Easton Transportation Lim 1000 D.A. Easton Transportation Lim No No
A800246 R.R. #3 Bothwell N0P-1C0 Ont Denco Management Corp. 1000 Denco Management Corp. No Yes
A800455 R.R.#3 Bothwell N0P-1C0 Ont Harold Marcus Limited 1000 Harold Marcus Limited No No
A800208 R.R.5 Bothwell N0P1C0 Ont Rilett, Lynn C. 1000 Rilett, Lynn C. No No
A860795 20 Marie-Victorin Blvd. Boucherville J4B-1Vs Que Robert Transport (1973) Ltd. 1000 Robert Transport (1973) Ltd. No No
A920404 4016 Boulter Rd Boulter K0L-1G0 Ont M.J. Whyte Septic Tank Pumping 1000 M.J. Whyte Septic Tank Pumping No No
A840250 R.R.#4 Boulton L0P1A0 Ont John Scoles Septic Pumping 1000 Scoles, John No No
A860691 3199 Champlain St. Bourget K0A-1E0 Ont 1000 Lepage, Marcel Armand No No
A860723 2231 Lapointe, P.O. Box 66 Bourget K0A-1E0 Ont 1000 Leroux, Joseph Lionel Denis No No
A860384 2457 Champlain Street Bourget K0A-1E0 Ont Brazeau Septic Tank Cleaning 1000 Brazeau Septic Tank Cleaning L No No
A920279 R.R. #1 Bourget K0A-1E0 Ont Brazeau Septic Tank Cleaning L 1000 Brazeau Septic Tank Cleaning L No No
A920106 2457 Lalonde Bourget K0A-1E0 Ont Robert & Nicole Brazeau 1000 Brazeau, Robert & Nicole No No
A910328 Box 338, Lot 8, Conc. Bowman Twp./Matheson P0K-1N0 Ont 1000 R.J. Lougheed Trucking Limited No No
A841171 2495 Maple Grove Rd., Box 121 Bowmanville L1C-3K9 Ont 1000 Durand, Paul Eugene No No
A841218 74 Lawrence Crescent Bowmanville L1C-1J5 Ont 1000 Harold Laird & Sons No No
A840849 P.O. Box 458, 322 Bennett Rd. Bowmanville L1C-3Z2 Ont Detox Environmental Ltd. 1000 Detox Environmental Ltd. No No
A841499 210 Baseline Road East Bowmanville L1C-1A4 Ont Howard L. Wood Transport Ltd. 1000 Howard L. Wood Transport Ltd. No No
A841287 81 Liberty St. North Bowmanville L1C-2L8 Ont Vandergaast Roofing 1000 815211 Ontario Limited No No
A840475 R.R.#5 Bowmanville, L1C3K6 Ont 1000 Dave Boyle Excavating Ltd. No No
A910415 Lot 6, Conc. 8, Bethune Twp. Box 11, Kearney P0A-1M0 Ont Purdy, John Edward 1000 Purdy, John No No
A840263 R.R. # 1 Bracebridge P0B1C0 Ont 1000 George Chamberlain No No
A840673 133 Meadow Heights Drive Bracebridge P0B-1C0 Ont 1000 717380 Ontario Inc. No No
A841319 Lt 6,Conc.1,Monock Twp.Box1981 Bracebridge P1L-1V9 Ont 1000 Jackson, Murray R. No No
A841392 Box 1169, Sherwood Forest Rd. Bracebridge P1L-1V3 Ont Adams Trucking 1000 Adams, David Herbert Lewis No No
A910385 P.O. Box 212 Bracebridge P1L-1V6 Ont Arborist's Tree Service 1000 Arborist's Tree Care Ltd. No No
A510250 23 Dominion Street Bracebridge P1L-1R6 Ont Bracebridge, Town Of 1000 Bracebridge, Town Of No No
A910435 7 Manitoba Street, P.O. Box 57 Bracebridge P1L-1S4 Ont Campbell, Paul Allison 1000 Campbell, Paul Allison No No
A841227 R.R. #6 Bracebridge P1L-1X4 Ont Crowder, Norman Francis 1000 Crowder, Norman Francis No No
A910403 Muskoka Road 4 North, R.R. #6 Bracebridge P1L-1X4 Ont Dean Terry Contracting Ltd. 1000 Dean Terry Contracting Ltd. No No
A841209 12 Mcnabb Street Bracebridge P1L-1R4 Ont Forever Green Environmental 1000 Armstrong, Howard Anthony No No
A840976 1 Kirk Line, P.O. Box 630 Bracebridge P1L-1T9 Ont Fowler Construction Company Lt 1000 Fowler Construction Company Li No No
A841241 Box 951 Bracebridge P1L-1V2 Ont Henry, Thomas David 1000 Henry, Thomas David No No
A841226 R.R. #3 Bracebridge P1L-1X1 Ont J.D Building Demolition & Salv 1000 Brown, Darcy Sawyer No No
A841259 R.R. #1 Bracebridge P1L-1W8 Ont Lakeshore Contractors 1000 Conkie, Roderick G. No No
A840974 Box 1134, 300 Muskoka Road Bracebridge P0B-1C0 Ont P. Medley And Sons Ltd. 1000 P. Medley And Sons Ltd. No No
A910421 R.R. #2 Bracebridge P1L-1W9 Ont Severn Washago Enterprises Ltd 1000 Severn Washago Enterprises Ltd No No
A841208 Box 975, 365 Wellington North Bracebridge P0B-1C0 Ont Wayne Taylor Trucking 1000 Taylor, Wayne Harvey No No
A840856 Po Box 1419, 400 Muskoka Rd S. Bracebridge P0B-1C0 Ont Wes Finch And Son Ltd. 1000 Wes Finch And Son Ltd. No No
A841108 R.R. #2 Bradford L3Z-2A5 Ont 1000 Beeton Truck & Auto Wreckers L No No
A910411 R. R. #2 Bradford L3Z-2A5 Ont Edney, Larry Ross 1000 Edney, Larry Ross No No
A910400 R. R. #2 Bradford L3Z-2A5 Ont Evans Contracting Limited 1000 Evans Contracting Limited No No
A910365 190 Artesian Pkwy, Box 149 Bradford L3Z-2A7 Ont John Eek & Son Ltd. 1000 John Eek & Son Ltd. No No
A841386 160 Artesian Drive, Unit 5 Bradford W. Gwillimb L3Z-2A8 Ont Dudo, Ladislav 1000 Dudo, Ladislav No No
A860333 P.O. Box 36 Braeside K0A-1G0 Ont 1000 Phillips, William John No No
A861071 1595A Stevenson Rd Rr #1 L22 C Braeside K0A-1G0 Ont Cameron, Lloyd Duncan Moses 1000 Cameron, Lloyd D. No No
A920239 R.R. #1 Braeside K0A-1G0 Ont Valley Wide Septic Tank Pumpin 1000 Cameron, Lloyd D. No No
A840600 P.O. Box 267 Brampton L6V2L1 Ont 1000 Harrison Disposal (1956) Inc. No No
A840629 140 Advance Blvd. Unit 7 & 8 Brampton L6T-4J4 Ont 1000 Reclamation Services Ltd. No No
A840829 12233 Hurontario Street Brampton L6V-1A1 Ont 1000 Plester, Stephen No No
A840959 181 Mcmurchy Avenue South Brampton L6Y-1Z2 Ont 1000 Gilchrist Haulage No No
A840960 80 Hale Road, Unit 1-5 Brampton L6W-3N9 Ont 1000 Plast-Ex International Inc. No No
A840962 19 Blenheim Drive Brampton L6Z-1H7 Ont 1000 Ferguson, Craig A. No No
A841248 55 Parkside Dr. Brampton L6Y-3A1 Ont 1000 Johnrose Haulage Inc. No Yes
A841255 29 Hale Road Brampton L6W-3J9 Ont 1000 Jireh Recycling Services Ltd. No No
A841305 53 Michelangelo Blvd. Brampton L6T-3Z8 Ont 1000 Express Disposal Services Ltd. No No
A841353 1807 Queen Street West,R.R.#10 Brampton L6V-3N3 Ont 1000 Enviro Cycle Waste Processing No No
A841609 21 Regan Road Brampton L7A-1C5 Ont 1095269 Ontario Limited 1000 1095269 Ontario Limited No No
A841553 55 Havelock Drive Brampton L6W-4A8 Ont 1126312 Ontario Inc. 1000 1126312 Ontario Inc. No No
A841615 121 Fairglen Avenue Brampton L6X-1K7 Ont 1261361 Ontario Ltd. 1000 1261361 Ontario Ltd. No No
A841603 236 Rutherford Road South Brampton L6W-3J6 Ont 389259 Ontario Limited 1000 389259 Ontario Limited No No
A841688 145 Orenda Road Brampton L6W-1W3 Ont Achievor Recycling Services Li 1000 Achievor Recycling Services Li No No
A841680 25 Gatesgill Street Brampton L6X-3T4 Ont Armandeep Transportation Inc. 1000 Armandeep Transportation Inc. No Yes
A841391 16 Melanie Drive Brampton L6T-4K9 Ont Canadian Eagle Recyclers Inc. 1000 Canadian Eagle Recyclers Inc. No Yes
A840811 11411 Clarkway Drive East Brampton L6L-3Z8 Ont Clarkway Construction Limited 1000 Clarkway Construction Limited No No
A840593 18 Melanie Drive, Units 7 & 8 Brampton L6T-4K9 Ont Clipper Construction Ltd. Div. 1000 Coreydale Excavation And Gradi No No
A841511 12321 Dixie Rd. Brampton L6T-3S1 Ont Con-Wood Res. Management Inc. 1000 Con-Wood Res. Management Inc. No No
A841614 52 Songsparrow Drive Brampton L6Y-3Z7 Ont D And A Transport 1000 1227068 Ontario Inc. No No
A841403 19 Kenview Blvd. Unit 50 Brampton L6T-5G6 Ont Domus Industries Ltd. 1000 Domus Industries Ltd. No No
A841487 119 East Drive Brampton L6T-1B5 Ont Donride Inc. 1000 Donride Inc. No No
A840846 P.O. Box 2154 Brampton L6T-3S4 Ont Eagle Contracting 1000 615949 Ontario Limited No No
A841631 55 Havelock Dr. Brampton L6W-4A8 Ont Garcha Transport Inc. 1000 Garcha Transport Inc. Yes Yes
A840211 68 Eastern Ave Brampton L6W-1X8 Ont General Latex Canada Inc 1000 General Latex Canada Inc. No No
A841154 118 Rutherfor Road Brampton L6W-3J5 Ont General Waste Transport Inc. 1110 General Waste Transport Inc. No Yes
A841578 118 Rutherford Road South Brampton L6W-3N5 Ont General Waste Transport Inc. 1000 General Waste Transport Inc. No No
A840803 4 Blackwell Place Brampton L6W-4N2 Ont Global Disposal Services Inc. 1000 Pinheiro, Jose No No
A840793 290 Clarence Street Brampton L6M-1T4 Ont Graham Bros. Construction Ltd. 1000 Graham Bros. Construction Ltd. No No
A841622 68 Blue Spruce Street Brampton L6C-1C3 Ont Gta Interior Ltd. 1000 Gta Interior Ltd. No No
A841613 33 Leander Street Brampton L6S-3M3 Ont J & J Haulage 1000 767116 Ontario Inc. No No
A840847 4 Dunbarton Crescent Brampton L6T-1N9 Ont Joe Ferris Haulage 1000 651027 Ontario, Inc. No No
10-3-1376-86 37 Barrington Crescent Brampton L2Z 1N2 Ontario Joseph and Maureen Houlihan Peel Pumping Service
A841010 91 Dumfries Avenue Brampton L6Z-2N7 Ont Liguori Haulage 1 Liguori, Alfonso J. No No
A820383 85 Rosedale Ave. West, Unit 7 Brampton L6X-4H5 Ont Limberlost Developments Ltd. 1000 Limberlost Developments Ltd. No No
A841690 12 Sutherland Avenue Brampton L6V-2H4 Ont Local Disposal Systems Inc. 1000 Local Disposal Systems Inc. No No
A841457 57 Winterfold Drive Brampton L6V-3S9 Ont Matcon Haulage 1000 Spehar, Matt No No
A840598 17 Melanie Dr. Brampton L6T 4K8 Ontario Med Tech Environmental Limited Med Tech Environmental Limited
A841667 225 Wanless Drive Brampton L7A-1E9 Ont Medical Waste Management Inc. 1000 Medical Waste Management Inc. No Yes
A841711 95 Deerhurst Drive, Units 3-4 Brampton L6T-5R7 Ont Medical Waste Management Inc. 1000 Medical Waste Management Inc. No No
A841539 17 Melanie Drive Brampton L6T-4K8 Ont Med-Tech Environmental 1000 Purolator Courier Limited No No
A840598 16 Melanie Dr., Brampton L6T-4K8 Ont Med-Tech Environmental Ltd. 1010 Med-Tech Environmental Ltd. No Yes
A841029 87 Wentworth Court Brampton L6T-5L4 Ont Miele Enterprises Incorporated 1000 Miele Enterprises Incorporated No No
A840479 42 Shadywood Road Brampton L6Z-4M1 Ont Mississauga Metals & Alloys 1000 Dave's Scrap Iron & Metal Inc. No Yes
A840202 56 Mclaughlin Rd. S., Brampton L6Y2C7 Ont Monarch Resource Recovery And 1000 Monarch Resource Recovery And No No
A840844 119 East Drive Brampton L6T-1B5 Ont O/A Park Lans Asphalt Paving & 1000 Jack Greedy Ltd No No
A172050 10 Peel Centre Drive Brampton L6T-4B9 Ont Peel, Regional Municipality Of 1000 Peel, Regional Municipality Of No No
A841145 42 Astorville Square Brampton L6Z-1H4 Ont Phase Ii Sewer Flushing Servic 1000 Phase Ii Sewer Flushing Servic No No
A841662 66 Professor's Lake Parkway Brampton L6S-3Y4 Ont Remo General Contracting Ltd. 1000 Remo General Contracting Ltd. No No
A841269 225 Walness Drive Brampton L7A-1E9 Ont Roxy Construction Co. Limited 1000 Roxy Construction Co. Limited No No
A841602 231 Murray St. Brampton L6X-3M1 Ont Sajjan Transport Inc. 1000 Sajjan Transport Inc. No No
A800476 471 Intermodal Drive Brampton L6T-5G4 Ont Sussex Environmental Services 1000 Sussex Environmental Services No No
A841058 83 Collins Crescent Brampton L6V-3N1 Ont The Solvent Exchange 1000 Thomson, Timothy Paul No No
A840988 8 Terra Cotta Crescent Brampton L6W-1C1 0Nt Wood Disposal Services Inc. 1000 Wood Disposal Services Inc. No No
A841453 27 Automatic Road Brampton L6S-5N8 Ont Wood Waste Solutions Canada In 1000 Wood Waste Solutions Canada In No No
A840744 81 Orenda Road Brampton, L6W-1V7 Ont 1000 D & W Forwarders Inc. No No
A820914 R.R. #2 Branchton N0B-1L0 Ont 1000 Gerritsen, Richard Bart No No
A820204 25 Beverly Road Brantford N3K6W6 Ont 1000 Ken Seal Enterprises Ltd. No No
A820239 24 Cumberland Avenue Brantford N3S7M5 Ont 1000 Meszaros Wreckers(Brantford) No No
A820265 1 Webster Street Brantford N3T5R1 Ont 1000 S.C.Johnson & Son Ltd. No No
A820866 19 Inglewood Street Brantford N3R-1A4 Ont 1000 Skitch, John Douglas No No
A820948 105 George Street Brantford N3T-5T3 Ont 1000 717556 Ontario Limited No No
A820956 394 Chatham St. Brantford N3S-4S1 Ont 1000 Leonard, Ross Ambrose No No
A820965 11 Kenyon St., Box 264 Brantford N3T-5M8 Ont 1000 Wm. Menary Contractors (Brantf No No
A820999 R.R. #1 Brantford N3T-5L4 Ont 1000 Cecil Shaver Limited No No
A820796 142 Charlotte Street Brantford N3T-2X8 Ont 836750 Ontario Inc. 1000 836750 Ontario Inc. No No
A821133 79 Oakhill Drive Brantford N3T-1R3 Ont A & E Enterprises 1000 1033277 Ontario Inc. No No
A820825 30 Cambridge Drive Brantford N3R-5E2 Ont Bellhouse, Glen Stanley 1000 Bellhouse, Glen Stanley No No
A920083 236 Braneida Ln., Units 1 & 2 Brantford N3J-5W5 Ont Brant Sanitation Services 1000 Ontario Chemical Cleaning Inc. No No
A820269 P.O. Box 1930 Brantford N3T505 Ont C.T.R. Division 1000 Galtaco Inc No No
A820998 99 James Avenue Brantford N3S-6Y6 Ont Chute Construction Limited 1000 Chute Construction Limited No No
A820481 R.R. #6, P.O. Box 31 Brantford N3T-5L8 Ont Conklin & Garrett Limited 1000 Conklin & Garrett Limited No No
A821061 124 Garden Avenue Brantford N3T-5M1 Ont D.W. Cooper Contracting Ltd. 1000 D.W. Cooper Contracting Ltd. No No
A820258 R.R #8, 40 Johnson Road Brantford N3T-5M1 Ont Delta Environmental Management 1000 Dorombozi, Frank No No
A821066 219 Sheridan St. Brantford N3S-4R2 Ont Doug Campbell Construction 1000 605007 Ontario Limited No No
A820848 379 Brantwood Park Road Brantford N3P-1G9 Ont Ed Burton's Haulage 1000 Burton, Edward A. No No
A821237 124 Fulton Street Brantford N3R-4G1 Ont George Hall Trucking 1000 Hall, George Edward No No
A820132 R.R.#4 Brantford N3T5L7 Ont Hanson, Robert 1000 Hanson, Robert No No
A841649 16 Rowanwood Avenue Brantford N3S-7B6 Ont John Gomes Trucking & Sons 1000 Gomes, John Ferreira No No
A821239 155 Glenwood Drive Brantford N3S-7R3 Ont Kingswood International Holdin 1000 Kingswood International Holdin No No
A821309 59 Roy Blvd. Brantford N3R-7K1 Ont Lyons Mill And Timber Ltd. 1000 Lyons Mill And Timber Ltd. No No
A820900 17 Sagitarrio Street Brantford N3S-7M9 Ont Nu-Age Recycling 1000 1014463 Ontario Inc. No No
A820392 96 Middleton Street Brantford N3T-6K5 Ont O.S.S. Environmental Ltd. 1000 O.S.S. Environmental Ltd. No No
A820552 236 Braneida Lane #1&2 Box1928 Brantford N3T-5W5 Ont Ontario Chemical Cleaning Inc. 1000 Ontario Chemical Cleaning Inc. Yes No
A820847 236 Braneida Lane,  Box 1928 Brantford N3T-5W5 Ont Ontario Chemical Cleaning Inc. 1000 Ontario Chemical Cleaning Inc. No No
A920084 236 Braneida Ln., Units 1 & 2 Brantford N3T-5W5 Ont Ontario Chemical Cleaning Inc. 1000 Ontario Chemical Cleaning Inc. No No
A821208 R.R. #8 Brantford N3T-5M1 Ont Ontario Trucking Inc. 1000 833557 Ontario Inc. No No
A820879 44 Woodlawn Avenue Brantford N3V-1A7 Ont R. Clark Disposal 1000 Clark, Rosanne No No
A820555 P.O. Box 1091 Brantford N3T-5Y6 Ont Rapid Ways Performance Team 1000 652246 Ontario Inc. No No
A820888 51 Pioneer Place Brantford N3R-7G7 Ont Richardson Excavating (Brantfo 1000 Richardson Excavating (Brantfo No No
A821019 R.R. #1 Brantford N3T-5L4 Ont Schneider, Howard Vincent 1000 Schneider, Howard Vincent No No
A821207 31 Willow Drive Brantford N3R-2W5 Ont Wilkins Tri-Axle 1000 Wilkins, Robin James No No
A820205 23 Birketts Lane Brantford N3T2J0 Ont Zabelny, Alex 1000 Zabelny, Alex No No
A920140 Rr #1 Brechin L0K-1B0 Ont Bullock Septic Service 1000 Brown, Larry Douglas No No
A910352 R. R. #1 Brechin L0K-1B0 Ont Dennis Sanitation 1000 Dennis, Stanley Eldon No No
A820449 P.O. Box 176 Breslau N0B-1M0 Ont 1000 H.& H. Roofing & Sheet Metal L No No
A820485 P.O. Box 204 Breslau N0B-1M0 Ont 1000 Bruce Tree / Timberline Limite No No
A820498 R.R. #1 Breslau N0B-1M0 Ont 1000 Henry Klassen Construction Ltd No No
A820508 60 Woolwich St. South /Box #98 Breslau N0B-1M0 Ont 1000 Fleischauer Brothers Landscap. No No
A820519 R.R. # 3 Breslau N0B-2M0 Ont 1000 Grobe Nursery Limited No No
A820634 R.R. #1 Breslau N0B-1M0 Ont 1000 Schwarz Roofing Limited No No
A821031 R.R. #2 Breslau N0B-2M0 Ont Adams, Bryan Michael 1000 Adams, Bryan Michael No No
A820424 122 Woolwich Street Breslau Nob-1M0 Ont Breslau Sunoco 1000 Herb Nickel Motors Ltd No No
A821020 366 Woolwich Road, P.O. Box 19 Breslau N0B-1M0 Ont Horizon Enterprises 1000 988022 Ontario Limited No No
A820704 83 Woolwich Street Breslau Nob-1Mo Ont Howard S. Shantz Limited 1000 Howard S. Shantz Limited No No
A821290 232 Woolwich St. S Breslau N0B-1M0 Ont Nedlaw Roofing Limited 1000 Nedlaw Roofing Limited No No
A820862 Box 190 Airport Road Breslau N0B-1M0 Ont Reitzel Bros. Asbestos Removal 1000 Reitzel Bros. Asbestos Removal No No
A821195 262 Woolwich St., P.O. Box 190 Breslau N0B-1M0 Ont Reitzel Waste Disposal Inc. 1000 Reitzel Waste Disposal Inc. No No
A920297 Rr #2 Breslau N0B-1M0 Ont Weber Septic Service 1000 11594733 Ontario Limited No No
A820461 P.O.Box 130 Breslube N0B-1N0 Ont Translube Inc. 1000 Translube Inc. No No
A841011 P.O. Box 179, Lot 16, Conc. 7 Bridgenorth K0L-1H0 Ont 1000 Gary Mccall Excavating & Truki No No
A800233 R.R.1 Bright N0J-1B0 Ont Bright Sand & Gravel Ltd. 1000 Bright Sand & Gravel Ltd. No No
A820470 R. R. #4 Bright N0J-1B0 Ont Four Seasons Tree Removal 1000 Newton, Anton R. No No
A840946 R.R. #3 Brighton K0K-1H0 Ont 1000 Dibbits Excavating Ltd. No No
A311150 R.R. #7 Brighton K0K-1H0 Ont Brighton, Township Of 1000 Brighton, Township Of No No
A841146 R.R. #7 Brighton K0K-1H0 Ont N. Ibbotson Excavating & Haula 1000 Ibbotson, Norman James No No
A920298 Rr #3 Brighton K0K-1H0 Ont Quinte Septic Tank 1000 Andrews, John W. No No
A860267 R.R. #4 Brighton K0K-1H0 Ont Reddom Septic Tank Pumping 1000 Mr. Larry Gordon Reddom No No
A861053 84 Ontario St., Box 861 Brighton K0K-1H0 Ont Vosbourgh, Clarenda Minto Marg 1000 Vosbourgh, Clarenda Minto Marg No No
A860463 12 Main Street Brinston K0E-1C0 Ont 1000 Frank Ault Excavating Limited No No
A860514 Brinston K0E-1C0 Ont Charette, Marcel F. 1000 Charette, Marcel F. No No
A860520 R.R. #2 Brockville K6V-5T2 Ont 1000 Knapps Paving & Landscaping Lt No No
A860663 R.R. #4 Brockville K6K-5T4 Ont 1000 Mitchell, Ralph John No No
A860675 Box 1357, 40 Edward Street Brockville K6V-5Y6 Ont 1000 Koop Bangma Construction Ltd. No No
A860706 3087 Parkedale Ave. Brockville K6V-5G7 Ont 1000 Dunn, Carol Anne No No
A860711 R.R. #3 Brockville K6V-5T3 Ont 1000 Greenwood, Orville Gordon Wall No No
A860714 R.R. #1 Brockville K6V-5T1 Ont Beck, Yurgen Marcel Graham No No
A860726 173 King St. E. Brockville K6V-3R6 Ont 1000 Brock Air Service Ltd. No No
A860750 R.R. #3 Brockville K6V-6K8 Ont 1000 Spicer's Movers (Brockville) L No No
A860755 36 Front Avenue East Brockville K6V-1V6 Ont 1000 Ellis, Kenneth Robert No No
A860838 1892 Parkedale Avenue Brockville K6V-3X5 Ont 1000 Pryer, Jamie Lawrence No No
A920091 16 Baxter Drive Brockville K6V-3Y8 Ont B.P. Webster Trucking Sewage W 1000 431324 Ontario Ltd. No No
A860797 85 Cedar St. Brockville K6V-5P4 Ont Complete Construction 1000 Reuvers, Julian Kent No No
A860825 R.R. #3 Brockville K6V-5T3 Ont Eastern Ontario Pavement Marke 1000 Semtchenko, William Joseph And No No
A860733 35 Wellington St. Brockville K6V-5V2 Ont Gjerlevsen, Garth Woodside 1000 Gjerlevsen, Garth Woodside No No
A860712 2057 Parkedale Avenue Brockville K6V-5V8 Ont Muttart Builders' Supplies Bro 1000 Muttart Builders' Supplies Lim No No
A860918 215 King Street West Brockville K6V-3R7 Ont Reliable Furniture & Appliance 1000 Reliable Furniture & Appliance No No
A860505 260 Central Avenue West Brockville K6V-5W1 Ont Reynolds-Central Fuels 1000 Universal Terminals Ltd. No No
A860436 1917 Parkedale Avenue Brockville K6V-5T2 Ont S & D Equipment Rentals Ltd. 1000 S & D Equipment Rentals Ltd. No No
A860869 3138 Parkedale Avenue Brockville K6G-3G6 Ont Suncraft Enclosures 1000 Kundlacz, Paul No No
A860680 P.O. Box 881, R.R. #4 Brockville K6V-5T4 Ont Superior Exterior 1000 Mallory, Jeffrey Frederick No No
A860684 R.R. #3 Brockville K6V-5T3 Ont Tress General Contracting 1000 Root, Brian Douglas No No
A841062 5245 Anderson Street Brooklin L0B-1C0 Ont 1000 Bates, Kenneth Russell No No
A841397 440 Winchester Road Brooklin L0B-1C0 Ont 1000 Artymko, Stephan Bohdan No No
A920103 905 Winchester Road West Brooklin L0B-1C0 Ont Durham Septic Tank Service 1000 Misselbrook, Mervin George No No
A861070 261 Kent Avenue Brooklyn 112-11 Ny Radiac Research Corp. 1000 Radiac Research Corp. No No
A860345 7305 Boul Marie-Victorin Brossard J4W-1A6 Que Safety-Kleen (Quebec) Ltd. 1000 Les Services Safety-Kleen (Que No No
A910440 21 Crawford St., Box 312 Bruce Mine P0R-1C0 Ont Mcdonald, Marshall John 1000 Mcdonald, Marshall John No No
A910190 Box 223 Bruce Mines P0R-1C0 Ont 1000 Triplett, Gary Hulon No No
A910185 R. R. #1 Bruce Mines P0R-1C0 Ont Brechin, Barry Allen 1000 Brechin, Barry Allen No No
A910175 90 Taylor Street Bruce Mines P0R-1C0 Ont Epper, Alan & Janice 1000 Epper, Alan & Janice No No
A910151 26 Tarbutt St. P.O. Box 132 Bruce Mines P0R-1C0 Ont Strum, Charles Roy 1000 Strum, Charles Roy No No
A800444 Brucefield N0M1J0 Ont Caldwell Maintenance 1000 Caldwell, Robert Peter No No
A8342 Box 100 (Hgwy 19) Brunner N0K1C0 Ont Elmira Refineries Ltd. 1000 Elmira Refineries Ltd. No No
A920366 Rr #1 Brunner N0K-1C0 Ont Nafziger Sewage Service 1000 1220015 Ontario Ltd. No No
A920111 P.O. Box 100 Buckhorn K0L-1J0 Ont Buckhorn Sand & Gravel Ltd. 1000 1106488 Ontario Limited No No
A840900 P.O. Box 100 Buckhorn K04-1S0 Ont Buckhorn Sand And Gravel Ltd. 1000 Buckhorn Sand And Gravel Ltd. No No
A860386 210 Route 309 Nord Buckingham J8L-2X1 Que Sani Mobile S.V.O. Inc. 1000 Sani Mobile S.V.O. Inc. No Yes
A820885 60 Commerce Drive Buffalo, N.Y. 142-18 Usa Hazmat Environmental Group, In 0010 Hazmat Environmental Group,Inc No Yes
A820135 1140 Military Road Box H Buffalo, U.S.A.  14-217 N.Y Tonawanda Tank Transport Servi 1000 Tonawanda Tank Transport Servi No Yes
A820125 7 Jarvis St Burford N0E1A0 Ont Dave's Sanitation Service 1000 Ross, David W. No No
A800377 Po Box 43, 39 Burgess St Burgessville N0J1C0 Ont R.A. Pilkey Service Stn. Maint 1000 418733 Ontario Ltd. No No
A910424 134 Centre St., Box 75 Burk Falls P0A-1C0 Ont Ted Boyes & Sons Construction 1000 Ted Boyes & Sons Construction No No
A920032 Rr #2, 36 Sterling Creek Rd. Burk's Falls P0A-1C0 Ont Dingman, Scott 1000 Dingman, Scott No No
A910257 R.R. #2 Burk's Falls P0A-1C0 Ont George W. Dingham Trucking Ltd 1000 George W. Dingham Trucking Ltd No No
A900608 303 Ontario St., Box 399 Burk's Falls P0A-1C0 Ont Leggett, John Albert 1000 Leggett, John Albert No No
A910419 100 James St., Box 148 Burk's Falls P0A-1C0 Ont Smith's Mobil Sweepers 1000 Smith, Rex A. No No
A820166 1035 Howard Road Burlington L7R3X5 Ont 1000 A. Cupido Transport Limited Yes No
A820175 630 Edgewater Crescent Burlington L7T-3L9 Ont 1000 Fred Hageman's Holdings Limite No No
A820308 1232 Thorpe Road Burlington L7S-2B2 Ont 1000 Roadstar Trucking Limited No No
A820750 2253 Manchester Drive Burlington L7P-3W3 Ont 1000 Jose Concalves Viera Da Costa No No
A820881 Box 699, 3385 Harvester Road Burlington L7R-3Y5 Ont 1000 Kpm Industries Ltd. No No
A840299 916 Zelco Drive Burlington L7L4Y3 Ont 1000 J. Syvret & Company Limited No No
A840343 2114 Caroline St. Burlington L7R-2X4 Ont 1000 Walker, Brad No No
A840354 2349 Fairview Street Suite 216 Burlington L7R2E3 Ont 1000 Canadian Chemical Cleaning Ltd No No
A840356 961 Zelco Drive Burlington L7L-4Y2 Ont 1000 Gary W.Thomson Enterprises Ltd No No
A840519 1176 Howard Road, Unit 2 Burlington L7R3X5 Ont 1000 Charles Freeman No No
A840722 482 Guelph Line Burlington L7R-3L9 Ont 1000 Anderson & Sons Carpets Ltd. No No
A840727 4080 Fairview Street Burlington L7L-4Y8 Ont 1000 Shelterclad Construction Ltd. No No
A840730 57 Nelson Street Burlington L0R-2H0 Ont 1000 Spectrum Pools Limited No No
A840734 5174 Bromley Road Burlington L7L-3E9 Ont 1000 Stan & Son Roofing Limited No No
A840739 2097 Prospect Street Burlington L7R-1Z2 Ont 1000 Bojeczko, Michael Jaroslaw No No
A840741 600 Spring Gardens Road Burlington L7T-1J1 Ont 1000 Catholic Cemetaries Diocese Ha No No
A840747 920 Lakeshore Road Burlington L7S-1A2 Ont 1000 Burlington Roofing & Eavest No No
A840756 1114 St. Matthews Ave. Box 355 Burlington L7R-3Y3 Ont 1000 Ira Mcdonald Construction Ltd No No
A840759 1340 Brant Street Burlington L7R-3Z7 Ont 1000 Burlington Hydro Electric Comm No No
A840761 5370 Munro Street Burlington L7L-5N8 Ont 1000 Porteous- Hardcastle Contract. No No
A840763 930 Sheldon Court Burlington L7L-5K6 Ont 1000 Interprovincial Corrosion Con. No No
A840768 840 Appleby Line Burlington L7R-3Y3 Ont 1000 Halton Chemical Inc. No No
A840774 2138 Cartier Crescent Burlington L7P-2Z5 Ont 1000 Anthony Melo Landscaping No No
A840778 166 Flatt Road Burlington L7R-3X5 Ont 1000 Aldershot Landscape Contrac. No No
A840788 P.O. Box 1004 Station B Burlington L7P-3S9 Ont 1000 Allworth Construction Limited No No
A840913 2001 Cavendish Drive Burlington L7P-1Y8 Ont 1000 Craggy, Barry Daniel No No
A840967 2441 Glenwood School Drive Burlington L7R-3R9 Ont 1000 Aaro Contracting Limited No No
A841000 29 Panin Road Burlington L7V-1A1 Ont 1000 Slagter Construction Limited No No
A841264 2050 Guelph Line Burlington L7R-3Z2 Ont 1000 Halton, Board Of Education No No
A841596 1017 Cedar Avenue Burlington L7T-2R8 Ont 1121769 Ontario Ltd. 1000 1121769 Ontario Ltd. No No
A840770 3017 #358 St. Clair Avenue Burlington L7N-3P5 Ont 783573 Ontario Inc. 1000 783573 Ontario Inc. No No
A840897 2011 Bluefields Dr. Unit 7 Burlington L7R-1J9 Ont 78526 Ontario Inc. 1000 78526 Ontario Inc. No No
A840638 1790 Iron Stone Drive Burlington L7L5V3 Ont Active Mobile Services Inc. 1000 Active Mobile Services Inc. No No
A840879 1150 Northside Road,Unit 10-14 Burlington L7M-1W8 Ont Associated Display Inc. 1000 Associated Display Inc. No No
A840792 1050 Heritage Road Burlington L7L-4X4 Ont Bayshore Vegetable Shippers Lt 1000 Bayshore Vegetable Shippers Lt No No
A840950 1005 Skyview Dr. Burlington L7P-5B1 Ont Bds Environmental Solutions 1000 231768 Ontario Inc. No No
A840314 390 Pepper Drive Burlington L7R3C9 Ont Black Knight Services 1000 Ferguson, Don No No
A841118 2030 Maplewood Drive Burlington L7R-2C5 Ont Bloxam, Charles Henry 1000 Bloxam, Charles Henry No No
A210156 426 Brant Street./ Box 5013 Burlington L7R-3Z6 Ont Burlington, City Of 1000 Burlington, City Of No No
A841449 1005 Skyview Drive Burlington L7P-5B1 Ont Can Pak Waste Management Limit 1000 Can-Pak Waste Management Limit No No
A841219 867 Lakeshore Road, P.O. Box 5 Burlington L7R-4A6 Ont Canada Centre For Inland Water 1000 Environment Canada No No
A840728 1439 Grahams Lane Burlington L7S-1T6 Ont Canadian Fire Restoration Serv 1000 376080 Ontario Limited No No
A820373 1005 Skyview Drive Burlington L7P-5B1 Ont Capital Environmental Resource 1000 Capital Environmental Resource No No
A920436 1005 Skyview Drive Burlington L7P-5B1 Ont Capital Environmental Resource Inc. 1000 Capital Environmental Resource Inc. No No
A840892 1200 Corporate Drive Burlington L7L-5R6 Ont Capo Industries Limited 1000 Capo Industries Limited No No
A841491 1601 Brookbridge Drive Burlington L7P-4S7 Ont Certa Emergency Services Inc. 1000 Certa Emergency Services Inc. No No
A840809 1120 Heritage Road Burlington L7L-4X9 Ont Clair's Transport Inc. 1000 Clair's Transport Inc. No No
A840858 R.R. #3 Burlington L0P-1B0 Ont Colmar Construction 1000 Jolly & Associates Consultants No No
A841339 2021 Lakeshore Road, Suite 102 Burlington L7L-1A2 Ont Connor Management Services Inc 1000 Connor Management Services Inc No No
A840540 3503 Mainway Dr. Unit 2 Burlington L7M1A9 Ont Crossby Insulations (London) L 1000 Crossby Insulations (London) L No No
A840729 151 North Service Rd. Box 5065 Burlington L7R-4C2 Ont Cumis Group Limited, The 1000 Cumis Group Limited, The No No
A860362 1005 Skyview Drive Burlington L7P-5B1 Ont Dan Mulrooney Disposal Ltd. 1000 Dan Mulrooney Disposal Ltd. No No
A840922 2070 Mountain Grove Avenue Burlington L7P-2H9 Ont Darren T. Jones C/O 1000 All Dump Disposal Services Ltd No No
A840668 3350 South Service Road Burlington L7M-3M6 Ont Davey Tree Expert Co. Canada L 1000 Davey Tree Expert Co. Canada L No No
A840812 1153 Pioneer Road Burlington L7M-1K5 Ont Desi's Roofing And All Four 1000 Krb Construction Management No No
A840894 4350 Harvester Road Burlington L7R-3X8 Ont Dover Industries Limited 1000 Dover Industries Limited No No
A841576 1005 Skyview Drive Burlington L7P-5B1 Ont Effluent Waste Management Inc. 1000 Effluent Waste Management Inc. No No
A821274 1150 Northside Road, Unit #2 Burlington L7M-1W8 Ont Fibrecon Insulation Inc. 1000 Fibrecon Insulation Inc. No No
A840773 1030 Heritage Road Burlington L7L-4X9 Ont Frank Tool & Die Company, The 1000 Frank Tool & Die Company, The No No
A840623 1005 Skyview Drive Burlington L7P-5B1 Ont G.H.P. 1000 Hytec Recycling & Waste System No No
A841507 1005 Skyview Drive Burlington L7P-5B1 Ont G.H.P. 1000 Giglio's Fruit And Garden Cent No No
A841508 4151 Morris Dr., Unit #2 Burlington L7L-5L5 Ont Greenflow Environmental Servic 1000 Greenflow Environmental Servic No No
A840733 747 Auburn Crescent Burlington L7L-5B4 Ont Grieve Home Maintenance Ltd. 1000 Grieve Home Maintenance Ltd. No No
A841610 1122 Pioneer Road Burlington L7M-1K4 Ont Halton Recycling Ltd. 1000 Halton Recycling Ltd. No No
A841204 2596 Brittania Road West Burlington L7P-3S9 Ont Halton Region Conservation Aut 1000 Halton Region Conservation Aut No No
A840767 2243 Fairview Street Burlington L7R-2E1 Ont Holland Park Garden Gallery 1000 Popular Garden Centre Limited No No
A841232 1147 King Rd. Burlington L7R-3K5 Ont Ideal Bobcat Service 1000 Kenel, Mario No No
A840736 1410 Hazelton Blvd. Burlington L7P-4V4 Ont Jet Contracting 1000 Toldnes, John Elbert No No
A840720 190 Hampton Road Burlington L7L-4P1 Ont Joe Warren Custom Cabinet & C. 1000 Warren, Joseph R. No No
A840287 1005 Skyview Drive Burlington L7P-5B1 Ont John's Cartage Waste Managemen 1000 Capital Environmental Inc. No No
A860868 1005 Skyview Drive Burlington L7P-5B1 Ont Kawartha Lakes Disposal (1998) 1000 Kawartha Lakes Disposal (1998) No No
A840762 2381 Maryvale Court Burlington L7P-2P1 Ont Lamar Haulage 1000 Ribble, Lawrence Robert No No
A840911 4490 Harvester Road Burlington L7L-4X2 Ont Lavigne Tire Sales Limited 1000 Lavigne Tire Sales Limited No No
A840880 2207 Fairview St. Burlington L7R-3Y3 Ont Leggat Pontiac Buick Cadillac 1000 Leggat Pontiac Buick Cadillac No No
A841380 582 Chamberlain Road Burlington L7L-2V5 Ont Lujaco Organic Recovery Inc. 1000 Lujaco Organic Recovery Inc. No Yes
A840273 1005 Skyview Drive Burlington L7P-5B1 Ont Maple Leaf Disposal 1000 Capital Environmental Inc. No No
A840380 1005 Skyview Drive Burlington L7P-5B1 Ont Mcgill Environmental Services 1000 Capital Environmental Inc. No No
A841719 1328 Knightsbridge Court Burlington L7P-3R7 Ont Metro-Rod Pipeline Inc. 1000 Metro-Rod Pipeline Inc. No No
A840716 2119 Paisley Avenue Burlington L7R-1W1 Ont Monro Contracting 1000 Scott A. Monro No No
A840737 415 Valanna Cres. Burlington L7L-2K7 Ont Mowat Renovations 1000 Mowat, William A. No No
A841536 1431 Lakeshore Road, Suite 401 Burlington L7S-1B4 Ont Owl Environmental Inc. 1000 Owl Environmental Inc. No No
A841505 397 Patricia Dr. Burlington L7T-1J9 Ont Phil Groves Sewer Services Inc 1000 Phil Groves Sewer Services Inc No No
A840712 1160 Waterdown Road Burlington L7T-1J4 Ont Serv-A-Lawn Landscaping & G.M. 1000 Donald Banks Inc. No No
A840931 1200 Plains Road East Burlington L7S-1W6 Ont Taylor Moving & Storage 1000 Taylor Moving & Storage No No
A840869 2250 Industrial Street Burlington L7P-1A1 Ont Trans Video Inspection Limited 1000 Trans Video Inspection Limited No No
A840719 1150 Unsworth Avenue Burlington L7T-1R7 Ont Universal Maintenance Contract 1000 Stockdale,Donald E. No No
A920039 111 Cache St. Cache Bay P0H-1G0 Ont Lennon, Gordon Ralph 1000 Lennon, Gordon No No
A821256 8644 Sixteen Road, R.R. #1 Caistor L0R-1E0 Ont D & M Environmental Ltd. 1000 D & M Environmental Ltd. No No
A820316 R.R #2 Caistor Centre L0R1E0 Ont 1000 R. Griffin Construction Ltd. No No
A821104 R. R. #1 Caistor Centre L0R-1E0 Ont Bearum Environmental Services 1000 Hogeveen, Bertram John No No
A920340 8475 Silver St., Rr #2 Caistor Centre L0R-1E0 Ont R. Griffin Construction Ltd. 1000 R. Griffin Construction Ltd. No No
A860204 R.R.#3 Calabogie K0J1H0 Ont 1000 Easton, James No No
A820804 R.R. 1 Caledon L0N-1C0 Ont Duke, David 1000 Duke, David No No
A821013 R.R. #1 Caledon L0N-1C0 Ont Gord's Disposal Service (1992) 1000 Gord's Disposal Service (1992) No No
A841479 6202 Healey Road, R. R. #5 Caledon East L0N-1E0 Ont Carl Farrow Haulage Ltd. 1000 Carl Farrow Haulage Ltd. No No
A841700 17442 Gore Road Caledon East L0N-1E0 Ont Greenciti Environmental Inc. 1000 Greenciti Environmental Inc. No No
A840799 R.R.#3 Caledon East L0N-1E0 Ont Imperial Disposal Ltd. 1000 Imperial Disposal Ltd. No No
A920224 Box 205, #1 Russell Mason Crt. Caledon East L0N-1E0 Ont Mason, Robert 1000 Mason, Robert No No
A841244 R.R. #5 Caledon East L0N-1E0 Ont Sandhill Disposal 1000 Sandhill Water Supply Ltd. No No
A820174 P.O. Box 579 Caledonia N0A1A0 Ont 1000 Slack Trucking Ld. No No
A821033 97 Banff St. Caledonia N0A-1A0 Ont 1000 Neil Slack Management Inc. No No
A821087 814 #6 Highway Caledonia N3W-1M8 Ont Bill Spear Excavating 1000 Spear, William No No
A820797 R.R. #3 Caledonia N0A-1A0 Ont Enviro-Cor Enterprises Ltd. 1000 Enviro-Cor Enterprises Ltd. No No
A821049 290 Argyle Street North Caledonia N0A-1A0 Ont Transport Sales And Service 1000 374872 Ontario Limited No No
A820246 755 Highway No. 6, R.R. #2 Caledonia N3W-1M4 Ont Varga Bros. Wrecking Ltd. 1000 Varga Bros. Wrecking Ltd. No No
A900353 1511-17 Avenue South East Calgary T2G-1J9 Ont 1100 Goliath Tractor Service Ltd. No No
A900451 7100  44 Street Se Calgary T2C-2V7 Alt Economy Carriers Limited 1000 Economy Carriers Limited No Yes
A900429 #700, 801 - 7Th Avenue S.W. Calgary T2P-3S4 Al Hazmat Transportation Services 1000 Hazmat Transportation Services No No
A900473 205-5Th Avenue S.W.,Suite 3300 Calgary T2P-2V7 Alt O.J. Pipelines Corp. 1000 O.J. Pipelines Corp. No No
A840256 2100-800 5Th Ave. Sw. Box 3500 Calgary T2P-2P9 Alb Trimac Transportation Services 1000 Trimac Transportation Services No Yes
A841284 1700, 800 5Th Avenue S.W. Calgary T2P-3T6 Alb Triwaste Cleancare Inc. 1000 Trs Photo Solutions Inc. No Yes
A900543 441 5Th Avenue S.W.  #575 Calgary T2P-2V1 Alb Wasteco Environmental Services 1000 Wasteco Environmental Services No Yes
A910270 R.R. #1 Callander P0H-1Ho Ont 1000 Byers, Murray Graham No No
A910312 P.O. Box 29, 132 Swale Avenue Callander P0M-1H0 Ont 1000 Bedard, Kim No No
A910146 361 Mountain Road Callander P0H-1H0 Ont 545752 Ontario Ltd. 1000 545752 Ontario Ltd. No No
A910231 R.R. #1 Callander P0H-1H0 Ont Neil Jones Construction 1000 Jones, Neil Lorne No No
A521650 280 Main St. N. Callander P0H-1H0 Ont North Himsworth, Township Of 1000 North Himsworth, Township Of No No
A910014 Box 750, R.R. #1 Callander P0H-1H0 Ont Septivac Service Ltd. 1000 Septivac Service Ltd. No No
A920323 Rr #1 Callander P0H-1H0 Ont Septivac Service Ltd. 1000 Septivac Service Ltd. No No
A820256 12 Gerrard Ave Cambridge N3C2R6 Ont 1000 Loy-Don Trucking Limited No No
A820426 R.R. #6 Cambridge N1R-5S7 Ont 1000 David Beattie Excavating Ltd. No No
A820435 866 Langs Drive Cambridge N3H-2N7 Ont 1000 Euroclean Canada Inc. No No
A820439 40 Kerr Street Cambridge N1R-4A3 Ont 1000 Galtcam Construction Inc. No No
A820440 343 Montrose St. N. Cambridge N3H-4S1 Ont 1000 Heath Construction Inc. No No
A820446 305 Sheldon Ave. Cambridge N1T-1A7 Ont 1000 Canada Valve Division Mueller No No
A820452 160 Industrial Rd. Cambridge N3H-5C6 Ont 1000 Dadcon Construction Ltd. No No
A820453 162 Savage Drive Cambridge N1R-7G7 Ont 1000 Grober Inc. No No
A820455 777 Industrial Road Cambridge N3H-5C6 Ont 1000 Gillies Lumber Inc. No No
A820456 154 King Street Cambridge N3H-3M4 Ont 1000 Grand Valley Auctions Limited No No
A820465 139 Glen Morris St. Cambridge N1R-2Z4 Ont 1000 Beke Renovations Inc. No No
A820483 R.R. #3 16 Benn Drive Cambridge N1T-1G5 Ont 1000 Chescraft Homes Inc No No
A820487 445 Hespeler Road Cambridge N1R-5S4 Ont 1000 Bennett Chev Olds Ltd. No No
A820494 1339 Industrial Road Cambridge N3H-4W3 Ont 1000 Courtesy Delivery (Cambridge) No No
A820499 226 Lowther Street South Cambridge N3H-1Y7 Ont 1000 Jim Hunter Masonry Limited No No
A820523 168 Bechtel Street Cambridge N3C-1Z9 Ont 1000 O'krafka Bros. Limited No No
A820528 498 Eagle Street North Cambridge N3H-4T3 Ont 1000 Alco Compounders Inc. No No
A820531 428 Dundas Street Cambridge N1R-5W1 Ont 1000 Galt Glass & Mirror Supply Ltd No No
A820542 1421 Mclean Road, R.R. #1 Cambridge N1R-5C2 Ont 1000 Eldon Macdonald No No
A820543 700 Franklin Blvd., Cambridge N1R-5Y6 Ont 1000 Johnston & Davidson Aluminum No No
A820568 405 Queen Street West Cambridge N3L-2V6 Ont 1000 Schiedel Construction Incorpor No No
A820569 R.R.#1, Ripplewood Drive Cambridge N1R-5S2 Ont 1000 Serpa Masonry Ltd. No No
A820584 2-256 Elliot Street Cambridge N1R-2L3 Ont 1000 G. Melo Excavating Limited No No
A820595 53 Cowansview, Suite J Cambridge N1R-7L2 Ont 1000 Protrend Construction Mgmt Inc No No
A820614 17 Wayne Ave. Cambridge N1R-5S4 Ont 1000 Fracel Custom Homes Ltd. No No
A820619 610 Bishop St. N. Cambridge N3H-4V6 Ont 1000 S.E. Rozell And Sons Inc. No No
A820628 790 Industrial Road Cambridge N3H-4S6 Ont 1000 Listowel Transport Lines Limit No No
A820636 170 Sheldon Drive Cambridge N1R-7K1 Ont 1000 Michel Simard Ltd. No No
A820637 9 Paisley Heights Cambridge N1R-1B4 Ont 1000 Roy Munch & Sons Inc. No No
A820654 295 Sheldon Drive Cambridge N1T-1A7 Ont 1000 Mcarthur Moving Inc. No No
A820663 165 Avenue Rd. Cambridge N1R-5Y2 Ont 1000 Cedar Rent All Limited No No
A820676 215 Queen St. W. Cambridge N3C-2V6 Ont 1000 Waterloo Textiles Limited No No
A820870 R.R. #1 Cambridge N1R-5S2 Ont 1000 J. E. Clark Enterprises No No
A820876 218 Walker Street Cambridge N3C-2C5 Ont 1000 414017 Ontario Limited No No
A820425 R.R. #21 Cambridge N3C-2V3 Ont Buildraft Home Improvements 1000 591500 Ontario Inc. No No
A8303 R.R.# 6 Cambridge N1R5S7 Ont Cambridge Metal Recyclingcorp. 1000 Cooper, Neil No No
A140153 73 Water Street North, Box 669 Cambridge N1R-5W8 Ont Cambridge, Corp. Of The City O 1000 Cambridge, Corp. Of The City O No No
A821277 50 Groh Avenue Cambridge N3C-1Y9 Ont Challenger Motor Freight Inc. 1000 Challenger Motor Freight Inc. No No
A820694 242 Hillmer Road Cambridge N1R-6N8 Ont Chrisview Custom Homes Ltd. 1000 Chrisview Custom Homes Ltd. No No
A821112 101 Holiday Inn Drive Cambridge N3C-1Z3 Ont Con Tech 1000 Pcb Containment Tech. Inc. No No
A821199 101 Holiday Inn Drive Cambridge N3C-1Z3 Ont Con Tech 1000 Pcb Containment Tech. Inc. No No
A820516 Box 3331,567 Concession Road Cambridge N3H-4T3 Ont Currie Landscaping Ltd. 1000 Currie Landscaping Ltd. No No
A820639 345 Queen Street West Cambridge N3C-1G6 Ont Doug Kelly Renovation 1000 Kelly, Doug No No
A821172 1555 Bishop Street, Unit 1 Cambridge N1R-7J4 Ont Ekum-Sekum Incorporated 1000 Ekum-Sekum Incorporated No No
A821278 170 Turnball Court Cambridge N1T-1J2 Ont Etarco 1000 Engineered Transportation And No No
A820430 109 Glenview Ave. Cambridge N1R-2W5 Ont Four Seasons Exteriors 1000 Giefert, Peter T. No No
A820882 11-110 Turnbull Court Cambridge N1R-1J2 Ont Freeman Construction Inc. 1000 Freeman Construction Inc. No No
A821178 427 Elgin Street North Cambridge N1R-8G4 Ont Fuelpure Canada Ltd. 1000 Fuelpure Canada Ltd. No No
A820691 84 Stewart Avenue Cambridge N1R-2T9 Ont Gilks Fence 1000 Gilks, Gary A. No No
A821261 39 Dickson Street Cambridge N1R-7A6 Ont Grand River Environmental Serv 1000 Grand River Environmental Serv No No
A820635 40 Roseview Avenue Cambridge N1R-4A7 Ont H. Van Herk Landscaping 1000 Van Herk, Hendrick No No
A820396 162 Concession Street Cambridge N1R-2H7 Ont Hammond Plumbing (1974) Ltd. 1000 Hammond Plumbing (1974) Ltd. No No
A820501 145 Speedsville Road Cambridge N3H-4K9 Ont Hinz Haulage Paving & Excavat. 1000 Hinz, Lawson W. No No
A821045 38 Alona Ave. Cambridge N3C-3Y4 Ont Ideal Waste Management Limited 1000 Ideal Waste Management Limited No No
A820541 R R #21 Cambridge N3C-2V3 Ont Isley Landscaping 1000 Fran Isley Incorporated No No
A910356 790 Industrial Road Cambridge N3H-4X6 Ont Jet Transport Ltd. 1000 Jet Transport Ltd. No No
A820672 61 Radford Avenue Cambridge N1R-5L8 Ont Jim Daly Contracting Ltd. 1000 Jim Daly Contracting Ltd. No No
A820770 633 Margaret Street Cambridge N3H-4S9 Ont Kanmet Casting Centre 1000 698984 Ontario Limited No No
A820544 76 Sunset Blvd. Cambridge N1S-1A7 Ont Kitzmann, Edwin Emil 1000 Kitzmann, Edwin Emil No No
A820467 227 Avenue Road P.O. Box 862 Cambridge N1R-5X9 Ont Krebsz Electroplating Ltd. 1000 Krebsz Electroplating Ltd. No No
A820497 Box 3336 Cambridge N3H-4T3 Ont Laing's Landscaping 1000 625391 Ontario Inc. No No
A820288 1928 Eagle Street North Cambridge N3H-1C9 Ont Nicholson's Waste Haulage 1000 754644 Ontario Limited No No
A821115 125 Turnbull Court, Unit 6 Cambridge N1T-1H8 Ont P.M. Recycling Ltd. 1000 P.M. Recycling Ltd. No No
A820429 844 Hamilton St. Cambridge N3H-3E6 Ont Patterson Brothers 1000 Patterson, Dave And Brian No No
A821206 101 Holiday Inn Drive Cambridge N3C-1Z3 Ont Pcb Containment Technology (Ki 1000 Pcb Containment Technology (Ki No No
A821183 201 Avenue Road, Box 26027 Cambridge N1R-6C9 Ont Pet Stop Boarding Kennel 1000 Auclair, Alfred Vincent & Anne No No
A820596 155 Dunbar Road Cambridge N3H-2T3 Ont Price & Yeaman Ltd. 1000 Price & Yeaman Ltd. No No
A820655 258 Hespeler Road Cambridge N1R-3H3 Ont Shop-Rite Auto Parts Inc. 1000 Shop-Rite Auto Parts Inc. No No
A820633 R.R. #1 Cambridge N1R-5S2 Ont South Cambridge Hardware 1000 Beal, George No No
A800695 221 Holiday Inn Drive Cambridge N3C-3T2 Ont South Line Petro Maintenance L 1000 South Line Petro Maintenance L No No
A820872 R.R. #21 Cambridge N3C-2V3 Ont Springhall, Robert Theopheles 1000 Springhall, Robert Theopheles No No
A820685 690 Fountain Street North Cambridge N3H-4R7 Ont Timbergate Engineering Ltd. 1000 Timbergate Engineering Ltd. No No
A800450 R.R. #2 Camlachie N0N-1E0 Ont 1000 Stewart Saul Enterprises Ltd. No No
A800561 P.O. Box 172, R.R.#1 Camlachie Non-1E0 Ont 1000 Wolsey, Edmund George No No
A800299 R.R. #1 Camlachie N0N-1E0 Ont Ron Hicks Trucking 1000 Hicks, Ronald John No No
A840295 R.R.#5 Campbellford K0L1L0 Ont 1000 Francis, Diane No No
A840398 R.R.# 1 Campbellford K0L-1L0 Ont 1000 Tom E. Fox Limited No No
A840177 Box1224 Campbellford K0L1L0 Ont Barker's Disposal Service 1000 Barker, David J. No No
A841324 36 Front Street Campbellford K0L-1L0 Ont Campbellford, Town Of 1000 Campbellford, Town Of No No
A860216 P.O. Box 850 Campbellford K0L-1L0 Ont Environment, Department Of 1000 Parks Canada - Environment Dep No No
A860960 12 Industrial Drive Campbellford K0L-1L0 Ont Meyers Transport Limited 1000 Meyers Transport Limited No No
A920464 R.R. #5 Campbellford K0L-1L0 Ont Quinte West Pumping Service 1000 Quinte West Pumping Service No No
A840711 7399 Guelph Line Box 190 Campbellville L0P-1B0 Ont 1000 Leaver Mushrooms Company Ltd. No No
A840723 R. R. #1 Campbellville L0P-1B0 Ont 1000 Grant Stewart Construction Ltd No No
A841289 R.R. #2 Campbellville L0P-1B0 Ont 740886 Ontario Limited 1000 740886 Ontario Limited No No
A840738 5630 Cedar Springs Road Campbellville L0P-1B0 Ont Bathroom Doctor Inc., The 1000 Bathroom Doctor Inc., The No No
A820201 P.O. Box 228 Canastota 13032 Ny 1000 Northeast Environmental Serv. No Yes
A821024 R.R. #2 Canfield N0A-1C0 Ont 1000 Oswego Rentals And Enterprises No No
A820726 61 Railroad Street Canfield 444-06 Oh Dart Trucking Company Inc. 1010 Dart Trucking Company Inc. No Yes
A860319 P.O. Box 72 Cannifton K0K1K0 Ont Acs Container Service 1000 766553 Ontario Inc. No No
A841147 R.R. #2 Cannington L0E-1E0 Ont 1000 Wayt Trucking Ltd. No No
A840421 P.O. Box 190, 160 Peace Street Cannington L0E-1E0 Ont Sullivan Strong Scott Ltd. 1000 Sullivan Strong Scott Ltd. No No
A861025 27 Longue Allec Cantley J8V-2W3 Que Outaouais Ottawa Pompage Septi 1000 Outaouais Ottawa Pompage Septi No Yes
A900572 3 Beech Crescent, Box 1120 Capreol P0M-1H0 Ont Capreol Pump / Meter 1000 May, John Edward No No
A910294 Box 1137 Capreol P0M-1H0 Ont Omega Industries 1000 862340 Ontario Limited No No
A841136 R.R. #3 Caran L0A-1C0 Ont 1000 Gerald Alexander Mchattie No No
A861081 Monck Road, P.O. Box 160 Cardiff K0L-1M0 Ont Bicroft, Township Of 1000 Bicroft, Township Of No No
A860414 R.R. #1 Cardinal K0E-1E0 Ont Holmes, Russell Emerson 1000 Holmes, Russell Emerson No No
A860671 Box 454 Cardinal K0E-1E0 Ont Regency Contractors 1000 Mcgill, Valerie Bernice No No
A860736 Box 748, Hwy. #2 Cardinal K0E-1E0 Ont Sayeau, Richard Keith 1000 Sayeau, Richard Keith No No
A860483 R.R. #1 Carleton Place K7C-3P1 Ont 614662 Ontario Ltd. 1000 614662 Ontario Ltd. No No
A920009 Rr #2 Carleton Place K7C-3P2 Ont 803836 Ontario Inc. 1000 803836 Ontario Inc. No No
A920269 Rr #1, 1233 Quarry Road Carleton Place K7C-3P1 Ont Kingfish Pumping Service 1000 Henry, William D. No No
A860916 R. R. #2 Carleton Place K7C-3P2 Ont Topps 1000 803836 Ontario Inc. No No
A820798 Lot 12, Conc. 12 Flamboro Carlisle L0R-1H0 Ont 1000 Smith, Arthur Edward No No
A820939 159 Carlisle Rd., Unit 179 Carlisle L0R-1H2 Ont Wayne Tuffin Trucking 1000 Tuffin, John Wayne No No
A821211 1519 Carlisle Road, Po Box 173 Carlisle L0R-1H0 Ont Woolsey, Robert Emmett 1000 Woolsey, Robert Emmett No No
A860457 5879 Leitrim Road Carlsbad Springs K0A-1K0 Ont Beatrice Mcdonell 1000 Mcdonell, Betty No No
A860405 P.O. Box 95, Russell Road Carlsbad Springs K0A-1K0 Ont Carlsbad Paving 1000 Provost, Yves No No
A860376 R.R. #1, 8Th Line Carlsbad Springs K0A-1K0 Ont P.M.G. Trucking Inc. 1000 P.M.G. Trucking Inc. No No
A860489 4207 Farmers Way Carlsbad Springs K0A-1K0 Ont Warnock Equipment Services Lim 1000 Warnock Equipment Services Lim No No
A860506 5879 Leitrim Road Carlsbad Springs, K0A-1K0 Ont 1000 Albert Ozinga Cartage Ltd. No No
A860387 R.R. #2 Carlton Place K7C-3P2 Ont Cole, Michael G. 1000 Cole, Michael G. No No
A920254 Box 448 Carlton Place K7C-3P5 Ont Hay Shore Camping 1000 Hay, Aaron D. No No
A860561 27 Spruce Ridge Road, R.R. #2 Carp K0A-1L0 Ont 1000 Ostrom, Leonard David No No
A860446 R.R. #1 Carp K0A-1L0 Ont Lorne Montgomery Equipment Ren 1000 Lorne Montgomery Equipment Ren No No
A860993 108 Huntley Manor Dr. R.R. #2 Carp K0A-1L0 Ont Sl Hodgins Equipment Ltd. 1000 Sl Hodgins Equipment Ltd. No No
A861000 634 David Manchester Road Carp K0A-1L0 Ont Welch, Bertram Joseph Richard 1000 Welch, Bertram Joseph Richard No No
A860858 2079 Carp Road, R.R. #3, P.0. Carp K0A-1L0 Ont Wesland Waste Management Inc. 1000 Wesland Waste Management Inc. No No
A860482 3725 Carp Road Carp K0A-1L0 Ont West Carleton Sand & Gravel In 1000 West Carleton Sand & Gravel In No No
A920026 Rr #2 Carrying Place K0K-1L0 Ont Alexander Larry Keith 1000 Alexander, Larry K. No No
A840180 Box 66 Carrying Place K0K1L0 Ont Brooks, Jim 1000 Brooks, Jim No No
A860616 R.R. #1 Casselman K0A-1M0 Ont 1000 874086 Ontario Inc. No No
A860722 666 Rue Principale Casselman K0A-1M0 Ont 1000 Claude Gagne Construction Ltd. No No
A920225 149 Laurier St. Casselman K0A-1M0 Ont B.R.S. Agri 2000 1000 Dagenais, Frank & Genier, Reje No No
A920246 758 Route 400, Rr #4 Casselman K0A-1M0 Ont Lamoureux Pumping 1000 Lamoureux, Mark No No
A311550 Box 39 Castelton K0K-1M0 Ont Cramahe, Township Of 1000 Cramahe, Township Of No No
A840322 Castleton K0K1M0 Ont 1000 Arnold Jones No No
A840882 R.R. #2 Castleton K0K-1M0 Ont J & B Excavating Ltd. 1000 J & B Excavating Ltd. No No
A841156 R.R. #3 Cavan L0A-1C0 Ont 1000 Nelson, Gary Neil No No
A841088 R. R. #1 Cavan L0A-1C0 Ont Cameron Welch Management Ltd. 1000 Cameron Welch Management Ltd. No No
A840932 Lot 44, Plan 102 Cavan K0L-1V0 Ont F & F Two Company 1000 Burnett, John Fred No No
A820776 R.R. #4 Cayuga N0A-1E0 Ont 1000 Cayuga Materials  Construction No No
A821060 R.R. #1 Cayuga N0A-1E0 Ont 1000 O'hara, Roger No No
A110354 Box 400 Cayuga N0A-1E0 Ont Haldimand, Town Of 1000 Haldimand, Town Of No No
A821160 32 Irish Lane, R.R. #3 Cayuga N0A-1E0 Ont Mclachlan, Allan Maynard 1000 Mclachlan, Allan Maynard No No
A821187 1111 Highway 3,  R.R. #4 Cayuga N0A-1E0 Ont Paxova Enterprises 1000 Paxton, William & Wheeler, Chr No No
A860885 Municipal Office Centreville K0K-1N0 Ont Camden East, Township Of 1000 Camden East, Township Of No No
A860852 R.R. #1 Centreville K0K-1N0 Ont Storring's Heating Service Lim 1000 Storring's Heating Service Lim No No
A910044 P.O. Box 1346 Chapleau P0M1K0 Ont 1000 Chapleau Co-Generation Limited No No
A910084 113 Planer Road Chapleau P0M1K0 Ont 1000 Demers, J. Andre N. No No
A910087 P.O. Box 1048 Chapleau P0M1K0 Ont 1000 Robert Andre Tremblay Ent.Ltd. No No
A910306 P.O. Box 1319 Chapleau P0M-1K0 Ont Brunswick House Band Cartage 1000 Neshawabin, Andrew Solomon No No
A8903 38 Mill Road Chapleau P0M1K0 Ont Frank's Cartage 1000 Chisholm, Frank No No
A8975 Pine Park Chapleau P0W1K0 Ont Lacroix, Claude 1000 Lacroix, Claude No No
A8918 P.O.Box 1148 Chapleau P0M1K0 Ont Pineal Lake Lumber Co. Ltd. 1000 Pineal Lake Lumber Co. Ltd. No No
A8960 Box 940, 38 Dufferin St. Chapleau P0M-1K0 Ont R & R Sanitation Inc. 1000 R & R Sanitation Inc. No No
A910048 38 Dufferin Street Chapleau P0M1K0 Ont R & R Sanitation Inc. 1000 R & R Sanitation Inc. No No
A920353 Box 1240, Pine Park Chapleau P0M-1K0 Ont Ray Boulet Septic Services 1000 Boulet, Raynald Joseph Roger No No
A8919 Box 202 Chapleau P0M1R0 Ont Speedy Pick Up 1000 Wm. Chambers And Sons No No
A910041 586 Government Road West Chaput Hughes P0K1A0 Ont 1000 Phippen, Edward No No
A861066 11 Reid Street, P.O. Box 2043 Charlo E8E-2W8 Nb Consolidated Giroux Environmen 1000 Consolidated Giroux Environmen No No
A900466 17 Howie St., L12, Dack Twp. Charlton P0J-1B0 Ont Grant, Dennis W. 1000 Charlton, Town Of No No
A920308 Rr #1 Charlton P0J-1B0 Ont Parker, Harvey Everett 1000 Parker, Harvey No No
A800345 P.O. Box 1341 Chatham N7M5R9 Ont 1000 Henry Heyink Excavating Ltd. No No
A800431 280 Richmond Street Chatham N7M1P6 Ont 1000 Kent Petroleum Limited No No
A800487 222 Raleigh Street Chatham N7M-2P1 Ont 1000 Zebrin Industries Limited No No
A800599 15 Dunkirk Drive Chatham N7L-4Z3 Ont 1000 St. Clair Community Estates Lt No No
A800626 Box 160 Chatham N7M-5K6 Ont 1000 A. Gold & Sons Limited No No
A800505 557 Victoria Avenue Chatham N7L-3B7 Ont 450298 Ontario Limited 1000 G.J. Watson Service Stn. Maint No No
A800891 60 Argyle Crescent Chatham N7L-4T8 Ont Bogaart Transportation Ltd. 1000 Bogaart Transportation Ltd. No Yes
A800702 15 East Lawn Dr., R.R. #4 Chatham N7M-5J4 Ont Chris Jenkins Trucking 1000 Jenkins, Christopher Stephen No No
A800687 281 Grand Avenue East Chatham N7L-1W8 Ont Gordon Diversified Leasing Inc 1000 Gordon Diversified Leasing Inc No No
A800228 95 Wedgewood Avenue Chatham N7M5T5 Ont Gore, David 1000 Gore, David No No
A800355 R.R.#4 Chatham N7M5J4 Ont Legue, Robert 1000 Legue, Robert No No
A800530 27 Sudbury Drive Chatham N7L-2K1 Ont Lloyd, Douglas J. 1000 Lloyd, Douglas J. No No
A800493 Hwy #2 East, R. R. #1 Chatham N7M-5J1 Ont Preferred Transport Limited 1000 Preferred Transport Limited No Yes
A800441 R.R. #5 Chatham N7M5S5 Ont T.R. Hunter Construction Limit 1000 T.R. Hunter Construction Limit No No
A800758 R.R. #9 Chatham N7M-5T1 Ont Wally Williams Transport Limit 1000 Wally Williams Transport Limit No No
A800303 32 Garafraxa St. Chatsworth N0H1G0 Ont 1000 Hugh C. Rennie, No No
A910097 1781 Vermillion Lake Rd,Rr #2 Chelmsford P0M1L0 Ont 1000 Kls Erectors Ltd. No No
A910127 Box 160 Radisson Avenue Chelmsford P0M-1L0 Ont 1000 R. M. Belanger Ltd. No No
A910342 Hwy. 144 (#56) Box 250 Chelmsford P0M-1L0 Ont 1000 Jean Berthiaume Company Limite No No
A910336 4269 Regional Road 15 Chelmsford P0M-1L0 Ont Bernie's Disposal 1000 O'bomsawin, Bernard No No
A920390 300 Route 105, C.P. 600 Chelsea J0X-1N0 Que Sanitary Service Pumping Servi 1000 Lafontaine, Marcel No No
A800569 192 2Nd Ave. S.E. Chesley N0G-1L0 Ont 1000 Albright, Ronnie Leslie No No
A800573 90 Queen St., Box 343 Chesley N0G-1L0 Ont Bruce Service Sales & Rentals 1000 Multiple Enterprises Inc. No No
A860554 P.O. Box 183, R.R. # 3 Chestervill K0C-1H0 Ont 1000 Monast Backhoe & Haulage Se No No
A860651 R.R. #1 Chesterville K0C-1H0 Ont 1000 Droppo, Ronald Jack No No
A860709 R.R. #1 Chesterville K0C-1H6 Ont 1000 Salmon, Roger Dale No No
A860720 P.O. Box 407, 118 College St. Chesterville K0C-1H0 Ont 1000 Conley, William Ernest No No
A860545 R.R.#3 Chesterville K0C-1H0 Ont Claude's Disposal Service 1000 Helder, Klaas No No
A861022 L16, C2, Winchester Twp Box 69 Chesterville K0C-1H0 Ont Sullivan Bros. Construction (C 1000 Sullivan Bros. Construction (C No No
A860732 111 Rue Routiers Chicoutimi G7H-5B1 Que Services Environnementaux Prot 1000 Services Environnementaux Prot No No
A860900 R. R. #4 Chrysler K0A-1R0 Ont Craig Carruthers Equipment 1000 Carruthers, Emerson Craig No No
A840176 236 Yonge Street North Churchill L0L1K0 Ont Browning-Sanders Sanitation Lt 1000 Browning-Sanders Sanitation Lt No No
A840843 5012 Brock Road Claremont L0H-1E0 Ont Victorian Homes (Ontario) Inc. 1000 Victorian Homes (Ontario) Inc. No No
A920141 Rr #1 Clarksburg N0H-1J0 Ont Ardiel Septic Service 1000 Ardiel, Shane B. No No
A841223 2355 Royal Windsor Dr. Unit 11 Clarkson L5J-1K9 Ont Enfield Transportation Inc. 1000 Enfield Transportation Inc. No No
A860497  R.R. #1 Clayton K0A-1P0 Ont Alexander, Ewen Robert 1000 Alexander, Ewen Robert No No
A800756 550 Mcgregor Sideroad Clearwater N7T-7H5 Ont Dicocco Contractors Limited 1000 Dicocco Contractors Limited No No
A800965 5502 Schaaf Road Cleveland 441-31 Ohi Enviroserve J.V. 1000 Schaaf Road Company No No
A820387 17877 St. Clair Avenue Cleveland, Ohio 441-10 Usa Eaglebrook Transport Of Ohio 1000 Eaglebrook Transport Of Ohio No Yes
A920115 Box 48 Clifford N0G-1M0 Ont Larry Epworth & Sons 1000 Epworth, Larry No No
A820320 45 Elora Street Clifford N0G1M0 Ont Mclean Septic 1000 374424 Ontario Limited No No
A920346 Rr #2 Clifford N0G-1M0 Ont Schaus, Walter 1000 Schaus, Walter No No
A800888 23 Albert Street Clinton N0M-1L0 Ont Clinton, Corp. Of Town Of 1000 Clinton, Corp. Of Town Of No No
A800696 63, Rattenbury E. Clinton N0M-1L0 Ont Smith, Michael Wayne 1000 Smith, Michael Wayne No No
A920213 Box 339 Clinton N0M-1L0 Ont Vandriel Contracting 1000 Vandriel, Simon No No
A910334 Box 497, 31 Grandview Drive Cobalt P0J-1C0 Ont L & A Renovations 1000 Bigras, Leo No No
A8955 P. O. Box 38 Cobalt P0J1C0 Ont Laurel Birtch Trucking Ltd. 1000 Laurel Birtch Trucking Ltd. No No
A910019 500 Ferland Ave., P.O. Box 140 Cobalt P0J1C0 Ont Silver Division 1000 Agnico-Eagle Mines Limited No No
A860380 R.R. #1 Cobden K0J-1N0 Ont 1000 Murray Buckwalt No No
A860456 R.R. #5 Cobden K0J-1K0 Ont 1000 Hawkins, Cecil E. No No
A861083 25 Main Street, Box 97 Cobden K0J-1K0 Ont Stewart, Revel Thomas 1000 Stewart, Revel Thomas No No
A860779 Box 55 Cobden K0J-1K0 Ont Turcotte Excavating 1000 Turcotte, Carl Michael Lloyd No No
A840326 R.R. # 1 Coboconk K0M1K0 Ont 1000 Shirley Newman No No
A840609 R.R. #1, P.O. Box 46 Coboconk K0M1K0 Ont 1000 Northland Construction & Sales No No
A320750 P.O.Box 5 Coboconk K0M1K0 Ont Bexley, Township Of 1000 Bexley, Township Of No No
A710148 P.O. Box 68, 6798 Highway #35 Coboconk K0M 1K0 Ontario Shepherd Septic Service Shepherd Septic Service, A Division of Shepherd Enterprises Inc.
A840948 Box 68 Coboconk K0M-1K0 Ont Shepherd Septic Service 1000 Shepherd Enterprises Inc. No No
A920208 Box 314 Coboconk K0M-1K0 Ont Swain, Brian D. 1000 Swain, Brian D. No No
A840601 180 Tremaine St., Box 877 Cobourg K9A4S3 Ont 1000 Inter County Contractors Inc. No No
A840871 R.R.#4 Cobourg K9A-4J7 Ont 100 Davey, Murray Ernest No No
A840660 P.O. Box 596 Cobourg K9A-4L3 Ont Behan Construction Limited 1000 Behan Construction Limited No No
A840382 640 Victoria  Box 955 Cobourg K9A-4W4 Ont Chem-Ecol Ltd 1010 Chem-Ecol Ltd Yes No
A841093 R.R. #4 Cobourg K9A-4J7 Ont Construction Limited 1000 Neno Baldini Excavating And No No
A841103 R.R. #6 Cobourg K9A-4J9 Ont Don's Excavating 1000 Cochrane, Donald Frederick No No
A840664 R.R. #6 Cobourg K9A-4J9 Ont G.V. Mitchell Maintenance Ltd. 1000 G.V. Mitchell Maintenance Ltd. No No
A310351 R.R. #6 Cobourg K9A-4J9 Ont Hamilton Township 1000 Hamilton Township No No
A841116 P.O. Box 502 Cobourg K9A-4L1 Ont Harnden, Charles James 1000 Harnden, Charles James No No
A840966  R.R. #4 Cobourg K9A-4J7 Ont Just In Time Sanitation 1000 Harris, Debbie Lynn & Aubrey J No No
A920193 7604 Dale Rd., R.R. #4 Cobourg K9A-4J7 Ont Just In Time Sanitation 1000 Harris, Debbie L. & Aubrey J. No No
A840753 R.R.5, Box 374 Cobourg K9A-4L1 Ont Murphy Paving Company 1000 Murphy, Raymond No No
A310050 860 William St. Cobourg K9A-3A9 Ont Northumberland, County Of 1000 Northumberland, County Of No No
A840268 826 Ontario Street Cobourg K9A-3C5 Ont Stevenson Cartage 1000 Stevenson, Rickey Trevor No No
A581151 150 17Th Avenue,P.O.Box1867 Cochrane P0L1C0 Ont 1000 Glackmeyer, Township Of No No
A910107 106 16Th Avenue Cochrane P0L1Co Ont 1000 Mcphee, Mark Leigh No No
A920292 P.O. Box 2061 Cochrane P0L-1C0 Ont Abitibi River Houseboat Expedi 1000 Lessard, Roland R. & Mcleod Ja No No
A910036 P.O. Box 2008, 30-17Th Avenue Cochrane P0L1C0 Ont Anicel P. Vachon Trucking Ltd. 1000 Anicel P. Vachon Trucking Ltd. No No
A910164 Box 610, 17 First Street Cochrane P0L-1C0 Ont M.J. Labelle Co. Ltd. 1000 M.J. Labelle Co. Ltd. No No
A900444 R. R. #2 Cochrane P0L-1C0 Ont Northern Roll-Off Service 1000 Rioux, Joseph, Philorome, Flor No No
A910161 506 Fourth Street East Cochrane P0L-1C0 Ont Northland Power Inc. 1000 Northland Power Inc. No No
A900619 B83-3Rd Street, Box 2344 Cochrane P0L-1C0 Ont St. Jean, Joseph Gerald Claude 1000 St. Jean, Joseph Gerald Claude No No
A900503 R. R. #2 Cochrane P0L-1C0 Ont T.B. Skidmore Forest Products 1000 T.B. Skidmore Forest Products No No
A860878 R.R. #1 Coderington K0K-1L0 Ont Quinte Trash Busters 1000 Gower, Douglas James No No
A860812 R.R.#1 Coe Hill K0L-1P0 Ont Foster's Garbage Pick-Up 1000 Foster, Dennis William No No
A840303 90 Division Street Colborne K0Kis0 Ont 1000 L&B Sanitation Inc. No No
A861074 R.R. #5 Colborne K0K-1S0 Ont 1219988 Ontario Inc. 1000 1219988 Ontario Inc. No No
A310650 1 Toronto Street, P.O.Box 357 Colborne Kok1So Ont Colborne, Village Of 1000 Colborne, Village Of No No
A841006 R.R. #5 Colborne K0K-1S0 Ont Dekeyser Excavating Ltd. 1000 Dekeyser Excavating Ltd. No No
A860848 P.O. Box 429, 1 Percy Street Colborne K0K-1S0 Ont National Waste Management Inc. 1000 National Waste Management Inc. No No
A860124 Box262 Colborne K0K1S0 Ont Sheldrick Sanitation Systems 1000 Sheldrick, Rosemarie No No
A920226 Rr #4 Coldwater L0K-1E0 Ont Ramara Sanitation Services Ltd 1000 Squire, Lloyd No No
A840378 4 High Street Collingwood L8Y3J6 Ont 1000 Arnott Construction Ltd. No No
A800950 Rr #2 Collingwood L9Y-3Z1 Ont Barrette Disposal 1000 796499 Ontario Limited No No
A841198 R.R. #2 Collingwood L9Y-3Z1 Ont Barrette Disposal Service 1000 796499 Ontario Limited No No
A920413 Rr #2 Collingwood L9Y-3Z1 Ont Barrette Disposal Service 1000 796499 Ontario Limited No No
A910354 350 Peel Street Collingwood L9Y-3W4 Ont Bates Sand And Gravel Ltd. 1000 Bates Sand And Gravel Ltd. No No
A920410 Rr #2 Collingwood L9Y-3Z1 Ont District Septic Tank Pumping 1000 Barrette, Gaetan Louis Joseph No No
A840166 Box 251 Collingwood L9Y3Z5 Ont Huronia Disposal Services 1000 Huronia Auto Wreckers & Recycl No No
A910370 Box 398, 1041 Summerview Ave. Collingwood L9V-3Z7 Ont John North Haulage And Disposa 1000 North, William John No No
A910434 3 Georgian Manor Drive, Box 3 Collingwood L9Y-4B2 Ont Nu-Way Transportation 1000 433280 Ontario Inc. No No
A800937 184 Glenlake Blvd. Collingwood L9Y-3Z1 Ont Weatherall, James Dale 1000 Weatherall, James Dale No No
A841364 1301 Gervais St., Suite 3000 Columbia, Sc 292-11 Usa Safety-Kleen (Tg), Inc. 1000 Safety-Kleen (Tg), Inc. No No
A800515 R.R. #1 Comber N0P-1S0 Ont 1000 Lantin, Paul No No
A800598 R.R. #1 Comber N0P-1J0 Ont J.R.W. Excavating & Trucking L 1000 J.R.W. Excavating & Trucking L No No
A860332 R.R.#2 Combermere K0J-1L0 Ont Mahon, Dennis Michael 1000 Mahon, Dennis Michael No No
A860648 Box 1148, R.R. #7, Lot 61 Conc. 1, Belleville K8N-5E8 Ont 1000 O'brien, Francis Stewart No No
A840546 P.O. Box 64522 (Part Lot 1, Conc. 6) Unionville L3R-0M9 Ont Mark-Ville Disposal 1000 683381 Ontario Ltd No No
A8926 P.O.Box 1086 Conchrane Ont Wilkins, Lorne 1000 Wilkins, Lorne No No
A840360 157 Adesso Drive Concord L4K2W7 Ont Dalex Co. Limited No No
A840531 8940 Jane Street Concord L4K2M9 Ont 1000 Consolidated Waste Management No No
A840604 39 Cherry Hills Road Concord L4K2A9 Ont 1000 Gabriele Deluca & Sons Limited No No
A840644 P.O. Box 73 Concord L4K-1B2 Ont 1000 Smith-Way Sanitation Ltd. No No
A840706 111 Creditstone Rd. Concord L4K-1N3 Ont 1000 A.R.G. Construction Corporatio No No
A840889 69 Connie Crescent Concord L4K-1L3 Ont 1000 Con-Drain Company (1983) Ltd. No No
A840902 150 Creditstone Road Concord L4K-1P2 Ont 1000 Active Exca.& Contracting 1985 No No
A840916 57 Pauline Crt Concord L4K-3G8 Ont 1000 Sardo Haulage & Excavating Ltd No No
A840935 180 Doughton Road Concord L4K-1R4 Ont 1000 Moretti Excavating Limited No No
A840968 8760 Jane Street Concord L4K-2M9 Ont 1000 Costa Earthmoving Inc. No No
A841044 1889 Highway 7 West Concord L4K-1V4 Ont 1000 Mccauley Equipment Ltd. No No
A841057 240 Bradwick Drive Concord L4K-1K8 Ont 1000 Bradwick Paving Ltd. No No
A841193 8540 Keele Street, Unit 28 Concord L4K-2N2 Ont 1000 J.R. Contracting Property Serv No No
A920059 1929 Highway 7 West Concord L4K-1V5 Ont Accurate Industrial Waste Ltd. 1000 Accurate Industrial Waste Ltd. No No
A841703 110 Adesso Drive, Unit 5 Concord L4K-3C5 Ont Alpha Waste & Recycling System 1000 Alpha Waste & Recycling System No No
A841579 8201 Keele St. #5 Concord L4K-1Z4 Ont Arborea Tree Service & Forestr 1000 Arborea Tree Service & Forestr No No
A841495 989 Creditstone Road, Unit 1 Concord L4K-4N7 Ont Beltina Inc. 1000 Beltina Inc. No No
A840242 550 Bowes Road Concord L4K-1K2 Ont Bfi Medical Waste Systems 1010 Browning-Ferris Industries Ltd No Yes
A841573 310 Millway Avenue #10 Concord L4L-3W3 Ont Biochem Environmental Solution 1000 Biochem Environmental Solution No No
A840918 8400 Jane Street, Suite 202 Concord L4K-4L8 Ont Browning-Ferris Industries Ltd 1000 Browning-Ferris Industries Ltd No Yes
A920051 8400 Jane St., Suite 202 Concord L4K-4L8 Ont Browning-Ferris Industries Ltd 1000 Browning-Ferris Industries Ltd No No
A840790 125 Edilcan Drive Concord L4K-3S6 Ont Conbora Forming Limited 1000 Conbora Forming Limited No No
A840554 581 Rivermede Road Concord L4K2G8 Ont Crown Metals 1000 Almore Trading & Mgt. Co. Ltd. No No
A841266 401 Bowes Road Concord L4K-1J1 Ont Draglam Developments Inc. 1000 Draglam Developments Inc. No No
A841367 989 Creditstone Road Concord L4K-4N7 Ont Drainstar Contracting Ltd. 1000 Drainstar Contracting Ltd. No No
A840309 100 Macintosh Blvd. Concord L4K-4P3 Ont Eaglebrook, Inc. Du Canada 1000 Eaglebrook Inc. Of Canada No Yes
A840937 1929 Highway #7 West Concord L4K-1V5 Ont Fgr Holdings Inc. 1000 Fgr Holdings Inc. No No
A800472 1 Bradwick Drive, Unit #6 Concord L4K-2T4 Ont Fluid Recycling Services Compa 1000 Fluid Recycling Services Compa No No
A840249 600 Bowes Road, Suite 33 Concord L4K-4A3 Ont John Knox Pumping Service Ltd. 1000 John Knox Pumping Service Ltd. No No
A840639 210 Bradwick Drive Concord L4K-1K8 Ont Maple Contracting Ltd. 1000 Maple Contracting Ltd. No No
A840936 1929 Highway #7 West Concord L4K-1V5 Ont Maple Liquid Waste Inc. 1000 Maple Liquid Waste Inc. No No
A841721 3300 Hwy. No. 7, Suite 707 Concord L4K-4M3 Ont Oregon Construction Limited 1000 Oregon Construction Limited No No
A841095 30 Pennsylvania Ave., Unit 12 Concord L4K-4A5 Ont Rondalin Excavating 1000 887207 Ontario Inc. No No
A840822 8635 Keele St. North Bldg."B" Concord L4K-2N1 Ont York Excavating And Grading Co 1000 York Excavating And Grading Co No No
A820536 33 King Street, East Conestogo Nzg-2K4 Ont 1000 Johnstone's Furniture No No
A840260 R.R. # 1 Cookstown L0L1L0 Ont 1000 Spataro Cheese Products Ltd. No No
A840876 R.R. #3 Cookstown L0L-1L0 Ont 1000 Cookstown Auto Centre Ltd. No No
A841003 R.R. #2, Lot 1 Conc. 8 Cookstown L0L-1L0 Ont 1000 Vanderpost, John No No
A920137 Box 299 Cookstown L0L-1L0 Ont Bill Strudwick Construction Lt 1000 Bill Strudwick Construction Lt No No
A920000 Rr #2 Cookstown L0C-1L0 Ont Regional Septic Service 1000 Cook, James & Donald No No
A8946 Safety And Environmental Contr Copper Cliff P0M-1N0 Ont Inco Limited 1000 Inco Limited No No
A910131 42-1/2 Diorite Street/Box 660 Copper Cliff Pom-1No Ont Nor-Vac Industrial Services 1000 L.S. Kosowan Limited No No
A910130 R.R. #1 Corbeil P0H-1K0 Ont 1000 Blais, David G. No No
A8922 R.R. #1 Corbeil P0H1K0 Ont Boucher, Remi 1000 Boucher, Remi No No
A910279 P. O. Box 102 Corbeil Poh-1Ko Ont Carriere, Joseph Maurice Marc 1000 Carriere, Joseph Maurice Marc No No
A9133 Corbeil P0H1K0 Ont Champagne, Henry 1000 Champagne, Henry No No
A910394 Box 152, L10, Conc 15,E Ferris Corbeil P0H-1K0 Ont Champagne, Richard Leo Joseph 1000 Champagne, Richard Leo Joseph No No
A8920 R.R.# 1, Box 116 Corbeil Ont Perron, Emile 1000 Perron, Emile No No
A920156 Box 159 Corbeil P0H-1K0 Ont Rick Champagne Construction 1000 Champagne, Richard Leo Joseph No No
A900576 182 Mcpherson Drive Corbie P0H-1K0 Ont Seguin, Joseph Thomas Pierre 1000 Seguin, Joseph Thomas Pierre No No
A910244 R.R. #2 Corbil P0H-1K0 Ont 1000 Buillemette, Joseph Gaston Vit No No
A900574 1615 Hwy. 94 Corbiri P0H-1K0 Ont Kampinosity 1000 Blay, Darryl Basil No No
A860647 R.R. #1 Corbyville K0K-1V0 Ont 1000 Golden's Trucking (Quinte) Ltd No No
A860787 R.R. #1 Corbyville K0V-1V0 Ont Dennis Bain Excavating 1000 500203 Ontario Limited No No
A860752 R.R. #1 Corbyville K0K-1V0 Ont Hawker Construction 1000 Hawker, Derek William No No
A480150 Box 877 Cornwall K6H5T9 Ont 1000 Cornwall, Corporation Of The C No No
A860254 3321 St. Andrews Road Cornwall K6K1R9 Ont 1000 D.L. Macdonald Construction Lt No No
A860262 P.O. Box 428 Cornwall K6H5T2 Ont 1000 West Front Construction Ltd. No No
A860350 P.O. Box 335, Wallrich Ave. Cornwall K6H-5T1 Ont 1000 St. Lawrence Insulation Co. Lt No No
A860461 P.O. Box 323 Cornwall K6H-5T1 Ont 1000 M.G. Mobile Capital Steam Clea No No
A860526 1509 Gerald Street Cornwall K6H-3R6 Ont 1000 Hector Lamarche Enterprises Li No No
A860543 113 Sunnyside Cornwall K6H-3C9 Ont 1000 Moise, Gerard Andre No No
A860544 112 Elsie Avenue Cornwall K6J-3L9 Ont 1000 Legault, Richard Charles No No
A860553 112 Elsie Ave Cornwall K6J-3L9 Ont 1000 Pomerleau, Joseph Bertrand No No
A860556 349 13Th Street West Cornwall K6J-3H0 Ont 1000 Moise, Hector Royal Joseph Jr. No No
A860590 1501 Gerald Street Cornwall K6H-5R1 Ont 1000 Nixon Excavating & Snow Remova No No
A860654 3000 Copeland St. Cornwall K6H-6P7 Ont 1000 I.R. Bell & Son Ltd. No No
A920301 2310 Tollgate Road West Cornwall K6H-5R6 Ont Bumstead's Sanitary Services L 1000 Bumstead's Sanitary Services L No No
A861054 312, Sixth St. W. Cornwall K6J-2X2 Ont Colborne, Russel Byron 1000 Colborne, Russel Byron No No
A860349 P.O. Box 1051 Cornwall K6H-5V2 Ont Cornwall And District Contract 1000 Cornwall And District Contract No No
A860259 390 11Th St. West, Box 67 Cornwall K6H5R9 Ont Cornwall Gravel Company Ltd. 1000 Cornwall Gravel Company Ltd. No No
A860701 Box 2074, 800 Riverdale Dr. Cornwall K6H-6N8 Ont Fargo Construction 1000 Fargo Consultants Inc. No No
A860385 1397 Rosemount Avenue Cornwall K6J-3E5 Ont Laframboise Plumbing & Heating 1000 Laframboise Plumbing & Heating No No
A860972 3265 Mcconnell Avenue Cornwall K6H-5R6 Ont Macdonell's Garden Centre 1000 574941 Ontario Inc. No No
A860334 P.O. Box 835 Cornwall K6H-5T7 Ont Nettoyage Industriel Tgl Inc. 1000 Tgl Industrial Cleaning Inc. No No
A860466 3314 Second Street East Cornwall K6H-5T1 Ont Rose Mechanical Ltd. 1000 Rose Mechanical Ltd. No No
A860438 14 York Street Cornwall K6J-5T2 Ont The Religious Hospitallers Of 1000 The Religious Hospitallers Of No No
A800481 748 St. Clair Parkway Corunna N0N-1G0 Ont A-1 Fabricating & Welding Ltd. 1000 A-1 Fabricating & Welding Ltd. No No
A800323 785 Petrolia Line Corunna N0N-1G0 Ont Nova Chemicals (Canada) Ltd 1000 Nova Chemicals (Canada) Ltd. No No
A800230 Corunna N0N1G0 Ont Sarnia Manufacturing Centre 1000 Shell Canada Products Limited No No
A860229 5500 Alpine Ave. Cote St.Luc, Montrea H4V-2X1 Que S & F Aluminum Enr. 1000 Besner, Mortimer No No
A800381 R.R.#3 Cottam N0R1B0 Ont 1000 Glen Knight No No
A800625 R.R. #1 Cottam N0R-1R0 Ont 1000 George Newman Excavating Ltd. No No
A920143 Rr #3 Cottam N0R-1B0 Ont Glen Knight Septic Tank Servie 1000 Knight, Glen M. No No
A920218 14 Lynwood Ave. Courtice L1E-2H8 Ont Courtice Septic Service 1000 Phippen, James No No
A841131 11 Jane Avenue Courtice L1E-2H9 Ont Maguire Water Supply 1000 618709 Ontario Inc. Yes No
A840848 80 Cigas Road Courtice L1E-2S9 Ont Sav-Tech Solvent Inc. 1000 Sav-Tech Solvent Inc. No No
A820942 R.R. #2 Courtland N0J-1E0 Ont 1000 Boc Industries Ltd. No No
A800390 P.O. Box 2100 Courtright N0N1H0 Ont 1000 Ontario Hydro - Lambton T.G.S. No No
A800405 R.R. #1 Courtright N0N-1H0 Ont 1000 Norm Brandon Limited No No
A800225 Box 241, 43 Main Street Courtright N0N-1H0 Ont Fox, Dennis 1000 Fox, Dennis No No
A800889 8 Caroline Street West Creemore L0M-1G0 Ont Jenway Gardens Ltd. 1000 Jenway Gardens Ltd. No No
A920321 Rr #1 Creemore L0M-1G0 Ont John Noble Septic Tank Service 1000 Noble, John No No
A910359 Box 59, Wellington Street W. Creemore L0M-1G0 Ont Ralph Macdonald Construction A 1000 Ralph Macdonald Construction A No No
A860473 Box 35 Crysler K0A-1R0 Ont 1000 Raymond Provost Cartage Compan No No
A860816 R. R. #3 Crysler K0A-1R0 Ont Moran, Francis Barry 1000 Moran, Francis Barry No No
A820332 4029 Rebstock Road Crystal Beach L0S1B0 Ont 1000 R & R Associates Inc. No No
H140233400-01 Pt. Lot 6, Conc. 1 Culross M9M 2G7 Ontario Gay Lea Foods Co-operative Limited Gay Lea Foods Co-operative Limited
A860359 P.O. Box 310 Cumberland K0A-1S0 Ont Contrac Excavation & Trenching 1000 Annett, Raymond R. No No
A860417 3770 Magladry Road Cumberland K4B-1R1 Ont Watson, Perry Sheldon 1000 Watson, Perry Sheldon No No
A860753 P.O. Box 160, Lt. 1. Conc. 5 Currie Twp. Matheson P0K-1N0 Ont 1000 Richardson, William Kenneth No No
A840861 R.R. #3 Dacre K0J-1N0 Ont Thomson, Clark Denis 1000 Thomson, Clark Denis No No
A860906 30 Macdonald Avenue, Box 993 Dartmouth B2Y-3Z6 Ns Brunswick Bulk Transport Ltd. 1000 Brunswick Bulk Transport Ltd. No No
A860907 30 Macdonald Ave., Box 993 Dartmouth B2Y-3Z6 N.S Coastal Bulk Transport Ltd. 1000 Coastal Bulk Transport Ltd. No No
A860905 25 Akerley Boulevard Dartmouth B3B-1S7 Ns Nova Environmental Systems Inc 1000 Nova Environmental Systems Inc No No
A860950 101 Ilsley Ave., Unit 6 Dartmouth B3B-1Sb Ns Philip Environmental (Atlantic 1000 Philip Environmental (Atlantic No No
A860974 6A Vidito Drive Dartmouth B3B-1P9 Ns Seaboard Transport Group 1000 Seaboard Liquid Carriers Ltd. No No
A800498 4440 Wyoming Dearborn, Michigan 481-26 Usa Nave, Inc. 0010 Nave, Inc. Yes No
A910308 R.R. #1 Deep River K0J-1P0 Ont 1000 Stewart, Patrick James Milburn No No
A860487 R.R. #1 Deep River K0J-1P0 Ont Conrad's Excavating 1000 Girard, Conrad Henry No No
A860818 5 Town Line Road Deep River K0S-1P0 Ont Hydro-Electric Commission Of T 1000 Hydro-Electric Commission Of T No No
A860986 28 Thomson Cr., P.O. Box 1195 Deep River K0J-1P0 Ont P & G Pumping 1000 Mcanulty, Gary Leigh No No
A920344 Pt. Lot 13, Range A, Rr #1 Deep River K0J-1P0 Ont P & G Pumping 1000 Mcanulty, Gary Leigh No No
A860363 P.O. Box 1854 Deep River K0J-1P0 Ont Shamrock Enterprises 1000 Daly, James Stanley No No
A920420 Box 1854 Deep River K0J-1P0 Ont Shamrock Enterprises 1000 Daly, James No No
A920309 Rr #1 Delhi N4B-2W4 Ont Dedrick Bros. Excavating Ltd. 1000 Dedrick Bros. Excavating Ltd. No No
A110553 Box 182 Delhi N4B-2W9 Ont Delhi, Township Of 1000 Delhi, Township Of No No
A860875 Lot 151, Concession 1 Demorestville K0K-1W0 Ont Lee Mitchell Grading & Excavat 1000 883509 Ontario Inc. No No
A860495 9 Broadway Street Demorestville K0K-1W0 Ont Newson Auto Scrap 1000 Newson, Ralph Howard No No
A351050 Demorestville K0K1W0 Ont Sophiasburgh, Township Of 1000 Sophiasburgh, Township Of No No
A820156 651 Burlington St. E., Box 423 Depot 1, Hamilton L8L-7W2 Ont Philip Enterprises Inc. 1000 Philip Enterprises Inc. No No
A860394 49 Burtville Avenue Derby, Connecticut 064-18 1000 Sealand Environmental Services No No
A920242 R.R. #1, Highway 17 E. Desbarats P0R-1E0 Ont Karhi Contracting 1000 Karhi, Alf Edwin Kaleva No No
A900494 R.R. #1 Desbarats P0R-1E0 Ont Karhi, Alf Edwin Kaleva 1000 Karhi, Alf Edwin Kaleva No No
A860230 R.R. #1 Deseronto K0K1X0 Ont 1000 Mohawks Of The Bay Of Quinte No No
A860976 Box 65,   R.R.#1 Deseronto K0K-1X0 Ont B. & J. Pole Line Construction 1000 B. & J. Pole Line Construction No No
A861080 49 Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory Deseronto K0K-1X0 Ont Fraser Haulage Recycling 1000 Fraser, Allan James Auston No No
A860528 65 George Street Deseronto K0K-1X0 Ont Glentworth Excavating & Haulag 1000 Glentworth, John No No
A800273 6520 Georgia Street Detroit 48211 Mi Dynecol, Inc. 1000 Pressure Vessel Services, Inc. No Yes
A800245 2021 S. Schaefer Hwy. Detroit 482-17 Mi Inland Management Inc. 1000 Inland Waters Pollution Contro Yes Yes
A800229 8631 West Jefferson Avenue Detroit 482-09 Mi Marine Pollution Control Corpo 1010 Marine Pollution Control Corp. Yes Yes
A800679 515 Lycaste Detroit 482-14 Usa Nortru, Inc. 1000 Nortru, Inc. No No
A800627 2660 East Grand Boulevard Detroit 482-11 Mic S & S Environmental, Inc. 1000 S & S Environmental, Inc. No Yes
A800708 3400 East Lafayette Detroit, Michigan 482-07 Usa 1000 City Management Corporation No No
A800497 19759 James Couzens Detroit, Usa 482-35 1000 J & J Wrecking Company, Inc. No No
A900187 R.R. #1 Devlin P0W1C0 Ont 1000 Mary Chiefson No No
A900194 Northwest Bya R.R.1 Devlin P0W1C0 Ont 1000 Dennis Smith No No
A900265 R.R. #1 Devlin P0W-1C0 Ont 1000 Anderson, John Ross No No
A900286 R.R. #2 Devlin P0W-1C0 Ont 1000 Nick Mutz & Sons Ltd. No No
A900396 Box 100 Devlin P0W-1C0 Ont Witherspoon Sand Gravel And Co 1000 Witherspoon, Don No No
A900195 Hwy 408 South Worth Dinorwic P0V1P0 Ont 1000 Melvina Watts No No
A572651 Box 65 Dobie P0K-1B0 Ont Gauthier, Improvement District 1000 Gauthier, Improvement District No No
A910379 Box 4 Dokis Reserve P0M-2K0 Ont Riverview Cottages 1000 Dokis, Leonard & Shirley No No
A920389 Box 4 Dokis Reserve P0M-2K0 Ont Riverview Cottages 1000 Dokis, Leonard & Shirley No No
A800743 1050 Old Warrior River Road Dolomite 350-61 Al Robbie D Wood Inc. 1000 Robbie D Wood Inc. No No
A840679 P.O. Box 9 Don Mills M3C-2R7 Ont 1000 Steelcase Canada Limited No No
A840924 205 Wynford Dr. Suite 504 Don Mills M3C-3P4 Ont 1000 Margold Industries Inc. No No
A841489 5 Vicora Linkway, Unit 403 Don Mills M3C-1H4 Ont Beads And Treads Tires 1000 Sitahal, Andre Dean No No
A841648 40 Lesmill Rd. Don Mills M3B-2T5 Ont Mavety Film Development Ltd. 1000 Mavety Film Development Ltd. No No
A841126 1262 Don Mills Rd., Unit 59 Don Mills M3B-2W7 Ont Monalt Construction Inc. 1000 Monalt Construction Inc. No No
A841566 885 Don Mills Road, Suite 301 Don Mills M3C-1V9 Ont Rechargeable Battery Recycling 1000 Rechargeable Battery Recycling No No
A840277 40 Lesmill Road Donmills M3B2T5 Ont Fast Disposal Services 1000 Mavety Film Delivery Ltd. No No
A800617 152 Marion Street Dorchester N0L-1G4 Ont 1000 Davis Fuels & Burner Service No No
A920080 3653 Catherine St. Dorchester N0L-1G1 Ont Carl Claude Porter 1000 Porter, Carl No No
A800657 R.R. #1 Dorchester N0L-1G4 Ont Clearblu Disposal Service 1000 509168 Ontario Ltd. No No
A800494 102 Hamilton Road Dorchester Nol-1G0 Ont Jord-Am Contractors 1000 Barons, Michael No No
A041350 215 Hamilton Road, Box 209 Dorchester N0L-1G0 Ont North Dorchester, Twp Of 1000 North Dorchester, Twp Of No No
A800630 R.R. #2 Dorchester N0L-1G5 Ont United Agri Products 1000 Canagra Limited No No
A900098 R.R. # 1 Dorian P0T1K0 Ont 1000 Howard, S. No No
A900090 R.R.#1 Dorion Ont Stinson, Robert 1000 Stinson, Robert No No
A330750 P.O. Box 99, Main Street Dorset P0A-1E0 Ont Serborne, Mcclintock, Township 1000 Sherborne, Mcclintock, Livings No No
A860507 R.R. #2 Douglas K0J-1S0 Ont 1000 John W. Wren Construction Ltd. No No
A860780 R.R. #1 Douglas K0J-1S0 Ont 1000 R.J. Selle Sand & Gravel Ltd. No No
A411850 R.R. #1 Douglas K0J-1S0 Ont Bromley, Township Of 1000 Bromley, Township Of No No
A860909 1 Victoria St. P.O. Box 89 Douglas K0J-1S0 Ont Garnet T. Bruce Construction L 1000 Garnet T. Bruce Construction L No No
A860327 Douglas K0J-1S0 Ont Mcquitty, Duncan Harold 1000 Mcquitty, Duncan Harold No No
A821052 1320 Ben Franklin Hwy. East Douglasville 195-18 Pen 1000 John Pfrommer, Inc. No No
A821004 P.O. Box 660 Dover 446-220 Ohi Berner Trucking Inc. 1000 Berner Trucking, Inc. No Yes
A840574 19 Clayhall Crescent Downsview M3J-1W5 Ont 1000 A.C. Disposal Services Ltd. No No
A840655 28 Whitley Avenue Downsview M3K-1A2 Ont 1000 J. Dawson's Cartage Limited No No
A840795 25 Vanley Cres. Downsview M3J-2B7 Ont 1000 Resupco Auto Parts (1971) Ltd. No No
A841588 1315 Finch Ave. W., Suite 410 Downsview M3J-2G6 Ont 1182221 Ontario Limited 1000 1182221 Ontario Limited No No
A841668 620 Wilson Avenue, Suite 400 Downsview M3K-2A4 Ont Boehmers 1000 St. Lawrence Cement Inc. No No
A840367 333 Wilson Avenue Downsview M3H-1T2 Ont Clinical Science Laboratory 1000 Gon, Mendy No No
A841590 7 Forthbridge Crescent Downsview M3M-1Z9 Ont Expert Waste Service Inc. 1000 Expert Waste Service Inc. No No
A841696 345 Sentinel Rd., Apt. 305 Downsview M3J-1V2 Ont Rayshear Environmental System 1000 1309611 Ontario Limited, No No
A840579 4515 Chesswood Dr., Suite "A" Downsview M3J2V6 Ont Rieger Printing Ink Co. Ltd. 1000 Rieger Printing Ink Co. Ltd. Yes No
A840903 222 Derrydown Road Downsview M3J-1S1 Ont Sierra Excavating Enterprises 1000 Sierra Excavating Enterprises No No
A840985 2 Kanarick Crescent Downsview M3L-1P3 Ont T.G. Trucking 1000 Guyah, Terrol No No
A840377 61 Alness St Suit 201 Downsview M3J2H2 Ont Tiger Wrecking Ltd. 1000 Tiger Wrecking Ltd. No No
A840310 4325 Steeles Ave West Downsview, N3N1V7 Ont 1000 Via Disposal Service Co Ltd. No No
A820514 Box 276 Drayton N0G-1P0 Ont 1000 H&T Bloemberg Ltd. No No
A800216 326 Hughs Street, P.O.Box 45 Dresden N0P1M0 Ont J.M.Z. Sanitation 1000 Zruna, John Martin No No
A800608 R.R. #2 Dresden Nop-1M0 Ont James Douglas Excavating 1000 629420 Ontario Inc. No No
A800920 10505 Union Line Dresden N0P-1M0 Ont Jomac Products 1000 Simmons, Thomas E. No No
A800646 P.O.Box 553, 432 Hughes Street Dresden N0P-1M0 Ont Waste Wood Disposal Limited 1000 Waste Wood Disposal Limited No No
A900129 R.R. #2 Dryden P8N2Y5 Ont 1000 Allan H. Hutchinson Contractin No No
A900134 Trans Canada Hwy.17 E. Box 220 Dryden P8N2Y8 Ont 1000 D.E. & J.C. Hutchison Contract No No
A900199 6 Bertha Place Dryden P8N3C8 Ont 0000 Kathleen Ann Doherty No No
A900269  Box 447 Dryden P8N-2Z2 Ont 1000 Gamble Bus & Construction Co. No No
A900291 R.R.#3, Pronger Road Dryden P8N-3G2 Ont 1000 Vincent, William Davey No No
A900306 278 Van Horne Avenue Dryden P8N-2C6 Ont 1000 Jeff D. Lynch Contracting No No
A900308 Box 146, 64 Eagle Drive Dryden P8N-2C9 Ont 1000 Terra-Deco Enterprises No No
A900316 289 Colonization Avenue North Dryden P8N-2Z2 Ont 1000 Hoey And Mcmillan Limited No No
A900320 Box 293, Mcmillan Rd., R.R.#1 Dryden P8N-2Y8 Ont 1000 Ken Saville Contracting Ltd. No No
A900326 P.O. Box 88 Dryden P8N-2Y7 Ont 1000 Horst Lang Construction Ltd. No No
A900327 123 Queen Street Dryden P8N-1A6 Ont 1000 Win-Wood Manufacturing Limited No No
A900332 Lot 9,Conc.5,R.R.#2,Van Horne Dryden P8N-2Y5 Ont 1000 Allan H. Hutchison Contracting No No
A900336 P.O. Box 212, 11 Mcmillan Ave. Dryden P8N-2Y8 Ont 1000 Ponton Builders Ltd. No No
A900340 Box 6, Site 48, R.R. #2 Dryden P8N-2Y5 Ont 1000 Tamarac Nurseries Ltd. No No
A900367 R.R. #2 Dryden P8N-2Y5 Ont 1000 Sidney, Darrel Lee No No
A900391 Box 427 Dryden P8N-2Z2 Ont 1000 Malyk, George No No
A900404 R.R. #3, Site 306, Box 1 Dryden P8N-3G2 Ont 1000 Northern Youth Programs Incorp No No
A900372 Box 3009 Dryden P8N-2Y9 Ont Alvin E. Saville Construction 1000 Saville, Alvin Edward No No
A900133 Box 41 Dryden P8N2Y7 Ont Centenial Sewage And Disposale 1000 R&M Declerog Enterprises Ltd. No No
A900197 72 Albert Street Dryden P8N1H7 Ont K.A.T. Industries 1000 Gushulak, Gary Michael No No
A900594 A254 Claude Avenue Dryden P8N-3C3 Ont Lakeland Indsutrial Cleaning L 1000 Lakeland Indsutrial Cleaning L No No
A900207 50 Albert Street Dryden P8N-1H7 Ont Moffatt Funeral Home 1000 462761 Ontario Inc. No No
A900314 Box #4, Site #11, R.R. #1 Dryden P8N-2Y4 Ont Nick Toft Construction 1000 Tuft, Nickolai No No
A900248 C\O 30 Van Horne Avenue Dryden P8N-2A7 Ont Northwest Ontario Recycle Asso 1000 Northwest Ontario Recycle Asso No No
A920331 Box 41, Stn. Main Dryden P8N-2Y7 Ont R & M Declercq Enterprises Ltd 1000 R & M Declercq Enterprises Ltd No No
A900617 Box 11, Lot 8, Conc. 5, Van Ho Dryden P8N-2Y7 Ont Steven Blair Contracting 1000 Steven Blair Contracting No No
A151350 P.O. Box 129, 45 Mill St. Dublin N0K-1E0 Ont Hibbert, Township Of 1000 Hibbert, Township Of No No
A910031 19 Pine Street Dubreuilville P0S1B0 Ont 1000 Dubreuil Brothers Limited No No
A562450 P.O.Box 149 Dubreuilville P0S1B0 Ont Dubreuilville, Improvement Dis 1000 Dubreuilville, Improvement Dis No No
A900497 6 Industrial Road, Box 40 Dubreuilville P0S-1B0 Ont Maray Construction Ltd. 1000 Maray Construction Ltd. No No
A860832 R. R. #1 Duclos J0X-1S0 Que Location B & D Enr. 1000 2901811 Canada Inc. No No
A900454 5197 Lavague Road Duluth 558-03 Ont J & D Services Of Northern Mn, 1000 J & D Services Of Northern Mn, No No
A800210 General Delivery Dunchurch P0A-1G0 Ont Ruttan, Leroy 1000 Leroy Ruttan No No
A820854 R.R. #5 Dundalk N0C-1B0 Ont 1000 Calder, Alexander Lamont No No
A800751 R. R. #1, Lot 34, Con. 14 Dundalk N0C-1B0 Ont K&R Construction 1000 1225415 Ontario Limited No No
A820240 424 Mcnab Street Dundas L9H2L3 Ont 1000 Serv-A-Station Maintenance Ltd No No
A820309 447 Moxley Road, South R.R.#2 Dundas L9H5E2 Ont 1000 Steetley Industries Limited No No
A820826 1129 Hwy. #5 West Dundas L9H-5E2 Ont 1000 Andree's Maintenance Ltd. No No
A820833 461 Hwy. #5, R.R. #2 Dundas L9H-5E2 Ont Dundas Garden Sod 1000 Biancale & Binkley Haulage Inc No No
A820526 Box 8226 Dundas L9H-5G1 Ont Ludwig Disposal Limited 1000 Ludwig Disposal Limited No No
A860081 P.O.Box 8347 Dundas L9H-6M1 Ont Reclaim Enterprises Ltd. 1000 Reclaim Enterprises Ltd. No No
A821222 1004 Hwy. #8, R.R. #1 Dundas L9H-5E1 Ont Rockton Transport 1000 Rockton Leasing Ltd. No No
A820988 307 Old Guleph Road Dundas L9H-5W7 Ont Tojo Haulage 1000 Singh, Sukhwant No No
A920354 24 Peel St. N. Dundas L9H-2Z9 Ont W.G. Rayner Co. 1000 Heslop, Roy Allan No No
A820715 R.R. #5 Dunnville N1A-2W4 Ont 1000 Fair, Keith William No No
A821029 R.R. #1 Dunnville N1A-2W1 Ont 1000 Minor Bros. Farm Supply Ltd. No No
A821135 39 Oswego Park Road, R.R. #2 Dunnville N1A-2W2 Ont Dm Vac Transfer Systems Inc. 1000 Mcleod, Dennis Arthur No No
A820153 R.R.#1 Dunnville N1A-2W1 Ont Egger Excavating Limited 1000 Egger Excavating Limited No No
A920184 R.R. #1 Dunnville N1A-2W1 Ont Egger Excavating Limited 1000 Egger Excavating Limited No No
A821284 2277 Lakeshore Road, R.R. #9 Dunnville N1A-2W8 Ont Erie Paving Ltd. 1000 Erie Paving Ltd. No No
A821191 Rr1, Lot 8, Conc 3 Canboro Twp Dunnville N1A-2W1 Ont Griffin, Roy 1000 Griffin, Roy No No
A821184 210 Park Street East Dunnville N1A-1B6 Ont Hydro-Vac Industrial & Marine 1000 1122321 Ontario Ltd. No No
A820340 Forest Street East Dunnville N1A2X5 Ont Ivaco Inc. 1000 Lundy Steel No No
A821176 1072 Broad Street East Dunnville N1A-2Z2 Ont Jdl Trucking Ltd. 1000 Jdl Trucking Ltd. No No
A821236 R. R. #1 Dunnville N1A-2W1 Ont Lovco Limited 1000 Lovco Limited No No
A800511 11950 East Newburg Road Durand 484-29 Mi Drury Brothers, Inc. 1000 Drury Brothers, Inc. No No
A920011 Rr #2 Durham N0G-1R0 Ont Clarke, John Murray 1000 Clarke, John M. No No
A820437 Box 709 Durham N0G-1R0 Ont Durham Three-Way Demolition Lt 1000 Durham Three-Way Demolition Lt No No
A800568 P.O. Box 111, R.R. #3 Durham N0G-1R0 Ont Visser, Antonie Jan Willem 1000 Visser, Antonie Jan Willem No No
A051450 156 Main Street Dutton N0L1J0 Ont Dunwich, Township Of 1000 Dunwich, Township Of No No
A800356 284-290 Currie Road Dutton N0L1J0 Ont Earl Macdonald And Son Transpt 1000 Macdonald, Earl No No
A840746 P.O. Box 13 Dwight P0A-1H0 Ont 1000 Boothby, Dave No No
A841030 General Delivery Dwight P0A-1H0 Ont 1000 H.K. Cunnington Contracting In No No
A900544 Hwy #60, R.R. #1 Dwight P0A-1H0 Ont Colquhoun, Ian James 1000 Colquhoun, Ian James No No
A920179 P.O. Box 64 Dwight P0A-1H0 Ont Cottage Services 1000 Cunnington, William P. No No
A920185 R.R. #1, Fox Point Road Dwight P0A-1H0 Ont Gary Lewin Septic Service 1000 Lewin, Gary Leonard No No
A841360 R. R. #1 Dwight P0A-1H0 Ont Wood, Bernard Howard 1000 Wood, Bernard Howard No No
A900193 Eagle River P0V1S0 Ont Calvert, Nancy Elizabeth 1000 Calvert, Nancy Elizabeth No No
A900192 Box 212 Ear Falls P0V1T0 Ont 1000 Bernard N. Smith No No
A601250 Box 309, 15 Spruce St. Ear Falls P0V-1T0 Ont Ear Falls, Township Of 1000 Ear Falls, Township No No
A920145 Box 160, 23 Balsam Ave. Ear Falls P0V-1T0 Ont Larocque Septic Service 1000 Larocque, Hylas A. & Esther M. No No
A8988 43-8Th Street Earlton P0J-1E0 Ont H & M Forget Trucking Ltd. 1000 H & M Forget Trucking Ltd. No No
A910346 P.O. Bag "G" Earlton P0J-1E0 Ont Temiskaming Crane & Equipment 1000 Grant Forest Products Corp. No No
A910307 55 - 10Th Avenue North Earlton P0J-1E0 Ont W. Paiement & Sons 1000 498503 Ontario Inc. No No
A910109 26 Maple Leaf Road Echo Bay P0S-1C0 Ont 1000 Janice Ruth Catling No No
A820348 176 Main Street Eden Mills N0B-1P0 Ont Best Transfer 1000 704166 Ontario Inc. No No
A900564 13310 - 156 Street N.W. Edmonton T5V-1L3 Alt Caron Transport Ltd. 1000 Caron Transport Ltd. No No
A900385 10243-178 Street Edmonton T5S-1M3 Alb Spie Construction Inc. 1000 Spie Construction Inc. No No
A900486 4727 - 68 Avenue Edmonton T6B-2N2 Alb Trimax Environmental Services 1000 Trimax Environmental Services No No
A900579 12110 17Th Street N.E. Edmonton T6S-1As Alt Westcan Bulk Transport Ltd. 1000 1283128 Ontario Ltd O/B Westca No No
A860439 R.R. #2 Edwards K0A-1V0 Ont 1000 R. Sugrue Cartage Ltd. No No
A860644 P.O. Box 3, Lot 1, Conc. 10 Edwards K0A-1V0 Ont 1000 T.C. Scharf Equipment Rentals No No
A861091 2417 York's Corner Rd., Rr #1 Edwards K0A-1V0 Ont Chris Bradford Cartage Ltd. 1000 Chris Bradford Cartage Ltd. No No
A860705 R.R. #4 Eganville K0J-1T0 Ont 1000 Breen, Arlene Elizabeth No No
A860600 R.R.#1 Eganville Ont Derion, John Steven 1000 Derion, John Steven No No
A920231 R.R. #1 Eganville K0J-1T0 Ont George's Septic Pumping 1000 Griffith, George No No
A412150 R.R. #2 Eganville K0J-1T0 Ont Grattan, Township Of 1000 Grattan, Township Of No No
A860871 P.O.Box 334,313 Bonnechere St Eganville K0J-1T0 Ont John K. Reinert Sand & Gravel 1000 Reinert, John K. No No
A860586 R.R. #4 Eganville K0J-1T0 Ont Wayne D. Rhode Limited 1000 Wayne D. Rhode Limited No No
A413750 R.R. #1 Eganville K0J-1T0 Ont Wilberforce, Township Of 1000 Wilberforce, Township Of No No
A910377 R. R. #1 Egbert L0L-1N0 Ont Gibson, Charles Thomas 1000 Gibson, Charles Thomas No No
A860478 Lot 18 Concession 6 Madoc Eldorado K0K-1Y0 Ont 1000 Allan Franks Construction Ltd. No No
A860815 R. R. #1 Eldorado K0K-1Y0 Ont Dombrowski, Raymond Joseph 1000 Dombrowski, Raymond Joseph No No
A860683 Box 5 Elgin K0G-1E0 Ont 1000 Jackson, George Lester No No
A860510 R.R. #3 Elgin K0G-1K0 Ont Burtch, Christopher M. 1000 Burtch, Christopher M. No No
A860637 P.O. Box 215 Elgin K0G-1E0 Ont Peters, Carol A. 1000 Peters, Carol A. No No
A441350 R.R. #1 Elgin K0G-1E0 Ont South Crosby, Township Of 1000 South Crosby, Township Of No No
A860286 Elginburg K0H1M0 Ont 1000 Len Corcoran Excavating Limite No No
A860207 2043 Burbrook Road Elginburg K0H-1M0 Ont Ken's Vacuum Pumping Ltd. 1000 Ken's Vacuum Pumping Ltd. No No
A920105 2043 Bur Brook Road Elginburg K0H-1M0 Ont Ken's Vacuum Pumping Ltd. 1000 Ken's Vacuum Pumping Ltd. No No
A860924 R. R. #1 Elginburg K0H-1M0 Ont Tidman, Michael Joseph 1000 Tidman, Michael Joseph No No
A861075 Rr #1 Elginburg K0H-1M0 Ont Vandenengle & Son Ltd. 1000 Vandenengle & Son Ltd. No No
A900469 P.O. Box 224 Elk Lake P0J-1G0 Ont Cunning, Arthur Ross 1000 Cunning, Arthur Ross No No
A920062 Rosedale Avenue, Box 35 Elk Lake P0J-1G0 Ont Leonard Laurin Farms Ltd. 1000 Leonard Laurin Farms Ltd. No No
A910113 7 Dunn Road, Suite 131 Elliot Lake P5A-2R9 Ont 1000 Jack Ray Hayward No No
A910313 22 Algom Rd. Elliot Lake P5A-1J4 Ont 1000 G & C Bin & Haulage No No
A910033 P.O. Box B-2600 Elliot Lake P5A-2K2 Ont Denison Mines Limited 1000 Denison Mines Limited No No
A8953 19 Perini Road Elliot Lake P5A-2T1 Ont Gorman's Plumbing And Heating 1000 Gorman's Plumbing And Heating No No
A900591 6 Oakland Blvd. Elliot Lake P5A-2T1 Ont Jessie's Quality Services 1000 957243 Ontario Inc. No No
A8931 34 Perini Road Elliot Lake P5A2J8 Ont K.J. Beamish Construction Co. 1000 K.J. Beamish Construction Co. No No
A910038 P.O. Box 1500 Elliot Lake P5A2K1 Ont Rio Algom Limited 1000 Rio Algom Limited No No
A910039 P.O. Box 1500 Elliot Lake P5A2K1 Ont Rio Algom Limited 1000 Rio Algom Limited No No
A910040 P.O. Box 1500 Elliot Lake P5A2K1 Ont Rio Algom Limited 1000 Rio Algom Limited No No
A910043 P.O. Box 1500 Elliot Lake P5A2K1 Ont Rio Algom Limited 1000 Rio Algom Limited No No
A910228 Hwy. 108 North Truck Terminal Elliot Lake P5A-2T1 Ont Wendell Farquhar Trucking Limi 1000 Wendell Farquhar Trucking Limi No No
A820422 P.O. Box 337, R.R. #1 Elmira N3B-2Z7 Ont 1000 Advanced Tower Limited No No
A820436 20 Arthur St. N. Elmira N3B-2Z5 Ont 1000 Ferguson & O'reilly Co. Limite No No
A820448 26 High St. Elmira N2B-2M3 Ont 1000 Cressman Const. Elmira Ltd. No No
A820472 22 Church Street West Elmira N3B-1M3 Ont 1000 Elmira Home Hardware Div.J.Pet No No
A820474 29 Arthur Street North Elmira N3B-1Z6 Ont 1000 Elmira Bag & Burlap Limited No No
A820503 R.R. #2 Elmira N3B-2Z2 Ont 1000 Merle Hoffman Ltd. No No
A820587 17 Industrial Drive Elmira N3B-2S2 Ont 1000 Don Voll's Custom Flooring No No
A820669 5 Nuthatch Place Elmira N3B-3G5 Ont 1000 Shoemaker Drywall Inc. No No
A820930 18 Eldale Rd. Elmira N3B-2C8 Ont 1000 P.L. Hales Trucking Ltd. No No
A821059 316 Arthur St. S. Elmira N3B-2P4 Ont 1000 Sittler Excavating Limited No No
A821145 71 Arthur Street North Elmira N3B-2A1 Ont Cooke, Eral Robert 1000 Cooke, Eral Robert No No
A820679 108 Bonnie Crescent Elmira N3B-2Z5 Ont J.R. Wright Construction Ltd. 1000 J.R. Wright Construction Ltd. No No
A820757 2 Arthur Street North Elmira N3B-3A2 Ont Martin Feed Mills Limited 1000 Martin Feed Mills Limited No No
A820557 14 Thrush Crescent Elmira N3B-3C6 Ont Mooder Horticultural Inc. 1000 Mooder Horticultural Inc. No No
A820746 R.R. #4 Elmira N3B-2Z3 Ont Raydel Agri Services 1000 Weber, Delfred No No
A821186 63 Union Street Elmira N3B-2Y3 Ont Scavenger Recycle 1000 925252 Ontario Limited No No
A820689 21 Church Street West Elmira N3B-1M2 Ont Waterloo County Supplies Coop Waterloo County Supplies Coop No No
A140752 69 Arthur St., South Elmira N3B2M8 Ont Woolwich, Corp. Of The Townshi 1000 Woolwich, Corp. Of The Townshi No No
A840945 R.R. #3 Elmvale L0L-1P0 Ont 1000 Ken Truax Construction Ltd. No No
A910351 P. O. Box 473 Elmvale L0L-1P0 Ont D.L.G. Farm Drainage Inc. 1000 D.L.G. Farm Drainage Inc. No No
A920176 Rr #2 Elmvale L0L-1P0 Ont Ritchie Septic Tank Pumping 1000 Ritchie, Grant No No
A821141 R.R. #1 Elmwood N0G-1S0 Ont Fetherston, Jason Dean 1000 Fetherston, Jason Dean No No
A820575 Box 38 Elora N0B-1S0 Ont 1000 Stumpf Bros. Excavating Limite No No
A820863 R.R.#2 Elora N0B-1S0 Ont 1000 Brain Green Construction No No
A820931 P.O. Box 238, 296 North Street Elora N0B-1S0 Ont 1000 Dave Martin Excavating Limited No No
A821163 165 Geddes Street Elora N0B-1S0 Ont Compost Management Associates 1000 Compost Management Associates No No
A821058 R.R. #2 Elora N0B-1S0 Ont G. Karn & Son Trucking 1000 Karn, Randy And Gordon No No
A820784 91 Mcnab Street Elora N0B-1S0 Ont Mcguire Construction Inc. 1000 Mcguire Construction Inc. No No
A920079 Box 534 Embrum K0A-1W0 Ont Embrun Mechanical Limited 1000 Embrun Mechanical Limited No No
A860517 R.R.#1 Embrun K0A-1W0 Ont 1000 Francois Bertrand House Moving No No
A860687 Lot 5, Conc. 9, Box 222 Embrun K0A-1W0 Ont 1000 Denis Sarrazin Trucking & Exca No No
A860698 929 St. Thomas, Cp 797 Embrun K0A-1W0 Ont Bertrand, Laurier 1000 Bertrand, Laurier No No
A860789 345 N.Y. Central Avenue Embrun K0A-1W0 Ont Embrun Sanitation Services 1000 Embrun Mechanical Ltd. No No
A861067 43 Chateau Crescent Embrun K0A-1W1 Ont Five Star Enterprizes 1000 3557880 Canada Inc. No No
A800931 1344 County Rd. #22, P.O. 178 Emeryville N0R-1C0 Ont Catlyn Environmental Services 1000 Catlyn Environmental Services No No
A920400 1344 County Road 22 Emeryville N0R-1C0 Ont Catlyn Environmental Services 1000 Catlyn Environmental Services No No
A900201 R.R.#2 Emo Pow1Eo Ont 1000 Moorhead, Cecil Glen No No
A900249 P.O.Box 326 Emo P0W-1E0 Ont 1000 Mann,Dennis Lee & Mann,Michael No No
A900251 Box 538 Emo P0W-1E0 Ont 1000 Harold Mcquaker Enterprises Lt No No
A900342 Box 213, Lot 109, Plan M-158 Emo P0W-1E0 Ont 1000 T.W. Judson & Son Ltd. No No
A900344 P.O. Box 240, Lot 46 Emo P0W-1E0 Ont 1000 J.T.J. Contracting (Emo) Ltd. No No
A900428 Box 587,Lot 1,2 & 3,Plan Sm-89 Emo P0W-1E0 Ont 1000 M.L. Judson Trucking Ltd. No No
A900334 Lash Range Lot 41 Emo Pow-1E0 Ont Veldhuisen Construction 1000 Veldhuisen, Richard Theodore No No
A910288 P.O. Box 218 Emsdale P0A-1J0 Ont Benn, Walter Franklin 1000 Benn, Walter Franklin No No
A920302 636-518 Hwy. 518 E. Emsdale P0A-1J0 Ont Chartrand Sanitation 1000 Chartrand, Fred No No
A860913 Bruce Street, P.O. Box 700 Enganville K0J-1T0 Ont 586778 Ontario Inc. 1000 586778 Ontario Inc. No No
A910196 Box 1016-105 3Rd Avenue Englehart P0J-1H0 Ont 1000 767360 Ontario Inc. No No
A910148 R.R. #3 Englehart P0J-1H0 Ont Joseph Nychuk Trucking Limited 1000 Joseph Nychuk Trucking Limited No No
A8968 Box 693, Highway 11 Englehart P0J-1H0 Ont L.V. Vickery Ltd. 1000 L.V. Vickery Ltd. No No
A910186 R.R. #1 Englehart P0J-1H0 Ont Mercier, Stephen Douglas & Kel 1000 Mercier, Stephen Douglas & Ke No No
A840329 301 Gifford Drive, R.R. # 2 Ennismore K0L1T0 Ont 1000 Leeway Disposals Limited No No
A840852 R.R. #1 Ennismore K0L-1T0 Ont Cavanagh Disposal Services 1000 Cavanagh, Raymond Michael No No
A840286 R.R.#2 Po Box 81 Ennismore K0L1T0 Ont Nairn, John 1000 Nairn, John No No
A860835 419 Yankee Lane Ennismore K0L-1T0 Ont Shamrock Septic Service 1000 Wise, Bruce Kirk No No
A920036 419 Yankee Line Ennismore K0L-1T0 Ont Shamrock Septic Service 1000 Wise, Bruce Kirk No No
A820979 5 Main Street, Box 67 Erin N0B-1T0 Ont Brendon Transport Inc. 1000 Brendon Transport Inc. No No
A920124 24 Dundas St. W. Erin N0B-1T0 Ont Ed Peavoy Septic Pumping 1000 Peavoy, Edward No No
A860660 R.R. #1 Erinsville K0K-2A0 Ont 1000 Greenley, George Lindsay No No
A860168 Erinsville K0K2A0 Ont Hopkins, Thomas J. 1000 Hopkins, Thomas J. No No
A840408 Burnbrae Road Esat Campbellford K0N1N0 Ont 1000 Danny Lloyd Dunford No No
A910293 Highway 17 West, P.O. Box 1213 Espanola P0P-1C0 Ont 1000 Carlyle Construction Limited No No
A910331 1 Station Road Espanola P0P-1C0 Ont E.B. Eddy Forest Products Ltd. 1000 E.B. Eddy Forest Products Ltd. No No
A540453 100 Tudhope St., P.O. Box 638 Espanola P0P1C0 Ont Espanola, Town Of 1000 Espanola, Town Of No No
A910009 P.O. Box 633 Espanola P0P-1C0 Ont H. Dodge Haulage Limited 1000 H. Dodge Haulage Limited No No
A910137 Box 859, 132 Spanish River Dr. Espanola Pop-1C0 Ont River-Side Enterprises 1000 476443 Ontario Limited No No
A800372 121 Queen Court Essex N8M2Z7 Ont L.G. O'neil Trucking 1000 627485 Ontario Limited No No
A800367 Rr2 Essex N8M2X6 Ont Loheise Cartage Limited 1000 Loheise Cartage Limited No No
A800489 Ethel N0G-1T0 Ont 1000 Struthers, James E. No No
A840645 33 Coronet Road Etobicoke M8Z-2L8 Ont 1000 Collins & Greig Cartage Ltd No No
A840647 1400 Queensway, Unit 4 Etobicoke M8Z-1S4 Ont 1000 Cardinal Waste Management Ltd. No No
A840752 37 Shorncliffe Road Etobicoke M8Z-5K2 Ont 1000 Bruell Contracting Limited No No
A841066 54 Shaft Road Etobicoke M9W-4M2 Ont 1000 London Excavators And Trucking No No
A841322 5399 Eglinton Ave. West, S210 Etobicoke M9C-5Kg Ont 1000 Mimico Construction Company Li No No
A841373 147 Mercury Road Etobicoke M9W-3H7 Ont 1000 Leetrans Corporation No No
A841712 45 Ninth Street Etobicoke M8V-3E2 Ont 1234835 Ontario Inc. 1000 1234835 Ontario Inc. No No
A841608 16 Fabian Place Etobicoke M9P-2X7 Ont Alco Construction Ltd. 1000 Alco Construction Ltd. No No
A840765 15 Airview Road Etobicoke M9W-4P1 Ont Anpro Excavating & Grading Ltd 1000 Anpro Excavating & Grading Ltd No No
A840337 67 Shorncliffe Road Etobicoke M8Z-5K3 Ont Arizon Disposal Services Ltd. 1000 Arizon Disposal Services Ltd. No No
A841710 701 Evans Avenue, Suite 901 Etobicoke M9C-1A3 Ont Arlen Scrap Metals Inc. 1000 Arlen Scrap Metals Inc. No No
A841524 185 The West Mall, Suite 1110 Etobicoke M9C-5L5 Ont Browning-Ferris Industries Ltd 1000 Browning-Ferris Industries Ltd No No
A840581 350 East Mall, Apt. #407 Etobicoke M9B3Z7 Ont City Lube Oil Company 1000 Mainprize, M. And Mellon, D. No No
A841064 36B Stoffel Drive Etobicoke M9W-1A8 Ont Custom Environmental Services 1000 Custom Environmental Services No Yes
A841350 215-5405 Eglington Avenue West Etobicoke M9C-5K6 Ont Enviroflow Services Inc. 1010 Enviroflow Services Inc. No Yes
A841357 63 Medulla Avenue Etobicoke M8Z-5L6 Ont Enviro-Glass Recycling Inc. 1000 Enviro-Glass Recycling Inc. No No
A841521 5468 Dundas St. W., Suite 649 Etobicoke M9B-6E3 Ont Express Roll-Off Services Ltd. 1000 Express Roll-Off Services No No
A841112 57 Shaft Road, Unit #12 Etobicoke M9W-4M3 Ont Four Seasons Contracting 1000 777286 Ontario Incorporated No No
A841212 41 Horner Ave. Etobicoke M8Z-4X4 Ont Greenspace Services Ltd. 1000 Greenspace Services Ltd. No No
A841695 320 Dixon Rd., Apt. 2012 Etobicoke M9R-1S8 Ont Hazara Transport 1000 Hussain, Tanveer No No
A841482 89 Shorncliffe Road Etobicoke M8Z-5K4 Ont Impact Demolition Services Ltd 1000 Impact Demolition Services Ltd No No
A840954 21 Steinway Blvd., Unit 11 Etobicoke M9W-6N4 Ont M & M Excavating Limited 1000 M & M Excavating Limited No No
A841188 6923 Steeles Avenue West, #52 Etobicoke M9W-6T6 Ont M.S.S. 1000 Morten, Charles Larry Hugh No No
A841697 50 Hernshaw Crescent Etobicoke M9C-3M4 Ont Mega Disposal & Excavation Inc 1000 Mega Disposal & Excavation Inc No No
A841117 2 Bradpenn Road Etobicoke M8Z-5S9 Ont Noco Canada Inc. 1000 Noco Canada Inc. No No
A840627 90-39Th Street Etobicoke M8W3M7 Ont North Star Landscaping 1000 Soave, Francesco Natalino No No
A841675 89 Shorncliffe Road Etobicoke M8Z-5K4 Ont Plan "A" Services Inc. 1000 Plan "A" Services Inc. No No
A841538 24 Ronson Drive, Unit #3 Etobicoke M9W-1B4 Ont Power Vac Services 1000 719124 Ontario Limited No No
A840225 9 Arnold St Etobicoke M8Z-5A5 Ont R & R Disposal 1000 1097524 Ontario Ltd. No No
A841025 44 Zorra Street Etobicoke M8Z-4Z7 Ont Roto-Rooter Sewer And Drain Cl 1000 Sjc Enterprises Inc. No No
A820790 295 The West Mall, Suite 205 Etobicoke M9C-4Z4 Ont Sanexen Environmental Services 1000 Sanexen Environmental Services No No
A840571 295 The West Mall, Suite 205 Etobicoke M9C-4Z4 Ont Sanexen Environmental Services 1000 Sanexen Environmental Services No No
A841268 295 The West Mall, Suite 205 Etobicoke M9C-4Z4 Ont Sanexen Environmental Services 1000 Sanexen Environmental Services No Yes
A800941 71B Steinway Blvd. Etobicoke M9W-6H6 Ont South Western Ontario Propane 1000 South Western Ontario Propane No No
A841207 11 Tupper Avenue Etobicoke M5Z-5H5 Ont The Battery Broker Environment 1000 The Battery Broker Environment No No
A841528 11 Goodmark Place, Unit #1 Etobicoke M9W-6M1 Ont Trio Roofing Systems Inc. 1000 Trio Roofing Systems Inc. No No
A841513 34 Leading Road Etobicoke M9V-3S9 Ont Western Waste & Recyclers Inc. 1000 Western Waste & Recyclers Inc. No No
A910102 R.R. #1 Evansville P0P1E0 Ont 1000 Haskett, Robert No No
A910243 R.R. #1 Evansville P0P-1E0 Ont 1000 Noland, Ronald Michael No No
A900618 R.R. #1 Evansville P0P-1E0 Ont Wright, Michael William 1000 Wright, Michael William No No
A800461 R.R. #1, Hay Post Office Exeter N0M1W0 Ont Jack Glavin Sand Blasting 1000 737970 Ontario Limited Yes No
A800767 99 Alexander St.West, Box 430 Exeter N0M-1S6 Ont Keller Roofing & Sheet Metal C 1000 Ont. Industrial & Commercial R No No
A821221 6286 Sterrettania Road Fairview, Pennsylvan 164-15 Usa U.S. Bulk Transport, Inc. 1000 U.S. Bulk Transport, Inc. No No
A910128 6 Chesser Street Falconbridge P0M-1S0 Ont E.R. Jewell Contracting Ltd. 1000 E.R. Jewell Contracting Ltd. No No
A910389 P.O. Box 280 Falconbridge Pom-1So Ont The M.J. Poupore Lumber Compan 1000 M.J. Poupore Lumber Company Li No No
A841124 R.R. #1 Fenelon Falls K0M-1G0 Ont 1000 Milt Peel & Sons Sand & Gravel No No
A920329 P.O. Box 897 Fenelon Falls K0M-1N0 Ont A-1 Septic Pumping 1000 Van Alken, James Joseph No No
A821074 R. R. #4 Fenwick L0S-1C0 Ont M. Woerlen Haulage 1000 Woerlen, Marc And Monica No No
A820857 230 Argyll Street Fergus N1M-2Y3 Ont 1000 James Sobol Excavating Ltd. No No
A821165 R. R. #3 Fergus N1M-2W4 Ont Industrial Drum & Services Inc 1000 Industrial Drum & Services Inc No No
A821137 R. R. #4 Fergus N1M-2W5 Ont John Eisen Ltd. 1000 John Eisen Ltd. No No
A800607 R.R. #1 Feversham N0C-1C0 Ont 1000 Gott, Albert James No No
A800570 10 Wellington Street Feversham N0C-1C0 Ont Edwards, Brian Allan 0000 Edwards, Brian Allan No No
A800670 R.R. #1, Part Lot 16&17,Conc.2 Feversham N0C-1C0 Ont J.B. Pedlar Ltd. 1000 J.B. Pedlar Ltd. No No
A800576 Feversham N0C-1C0 Ont Reese, Clive Allan 1000 Reese, Clive Allan No No
A860322 P.O. Box 41 Finch K0C1Ko Ont 1000 Ted Moran & Sons Ltd. No No
A860449 P.O. Box 87 Finch K0C-1K0 Ont Country Girl Cartage 1000 Preston, Judy M. No No
A860958 P.O. Box 106 Finch K0C-2K0 Ont Harold F. Smith & Son Cartage 1000 Harold F. Smith & Son Cartage No No
A860475 R.R. #1 Finch K0C-1K0 Ont Neville Brothers 1000 630725 Ontario Inc. No No
A820697 Erie Street N. Fisherville N0A-1G0 Ont Hunsinger & Son Limited 1000 Hunsinger & Son Limited No No
A800259 Rr5 Flesherton Ont 1000 Gary Eagles No No
A841133 R.R. #4, Box 90 Flesherton N0C-1E0 Ont 1000 Watson, Mark Leonard No No
A800248 Flesherton N0C1E0 Ont Proteous, Jack 1000 Porteous, Jack No No
A920372 R.R. #5 Flesherton N0C-1E0 Ont Wilton Sanitation 1000 Wilton, Douglas Brian No No
A800685  G-5305 North Dort Hwy. Flint, Michigan 485-05 Us 1000 Young's Environmental Clean-Up No No
A820434 Floradale N0B-1V0 Ont 1000 Floradale Feedmill Limited No No
A820990 Box 99, Lot 117, G.C.T. Floradale N0B-1V0 Ont 1000 B.J. Bear Grain Co. Ltd. No Yes
A800512 P.O. Box 12318, I-95 & T.V. Rd Florence, S.Carolina 295-04 Usa 1010 Floyd's Of South Carolina, Inc No No
A920283 Box 94 Foleyet P0M-1T0 Ont Litt, Garry Carl 1000 Litt, Garry Carl No No
A820844 R.R. #1, Merrittville Highway Fonthill L0S-1E0 Ont Decew Truck Lines 1000 455488 Ontario Limited No No
A821138 15 Blackwood Crescent Fonthill L0S-1E0 Ont Pelham Excavating 1000 647432 Ontario Inc. No No
A920102 1395 Station St. Fonthill L0S-1E0 Ont Zwierschke Bros. 1000 422666 Ontario Limited No No
A800653 R.R. #6 Forest N0N-1J0 Ont 1000 Van Bree Drainage & Bulldozing No No
A820095 254 Courtwright Street Fort Erie L2A5M9 Ont 1000 Pratt And Lambert Inc. No No
A820358 P.O. Box 279, 1699 Bowen Road Fort Erie L2A5M9 Ont 1000 William Campbell Contractors L No No
A820375 1016 Arthur Street Fort Erie L2A4J2 Ont 1000 James G. Flake & Sons Ltd. No No
A820982 78 Lavinia Street Fort Erie L2A-2C8 Ont Cpm Maintenance 1000 Consolidated Property Manageme No No
A820379 1818 Thompson Road Fort Erie L2A-5M4 Ont Fort Erie Scrap Iron 1000 Esp Auto Recycling Inc. No No
A820946 148 Champlain Drive Fort Erie L2A-1Z8 Ont Fulton Savage Company 1000 Fulton, Robert John No No
A820114 Wood St Fort Erie L2A5W5 Ont Hart & Cooley Manufacturing Co 1000 Hart & Cooley Manufacturing Co No No
A821282 2251 Burger Road Fort Erie L0S-1S0 Ont Harvey Beam Excavating Ltd. 1000 Harvey Beam Excavating Ltd. No No
A820257 224 Catherine St Fort Erie L2A5M9 Ont Pierce And Stevens Canada Inc. 1000 Pierce And Stevens Canada Inc No No
A820560 34 Catherine Street Apt. #1 Fort Erie L2A-2G7 Ont Reaman Waste Disposal & Recycl 1000 Reaman Waste Disposal & Recycl No No
A820816 1340 Dominion Rd. Box 1083 "B" Fort Erie L2A-5N9 Ont Slack, Robert Stanley 1000 Slack, Robert Stanley No No
A900123 Box 818 Fort Frances P9A-3N1 Ont 1000 Lempiala Sand & Gravel Ltd. No No
A900202 R.R. #1 Fort Frances P9N-3M2 Ont 1000 Pollard, Alton Andrew No No
A900312 1250 Cornwall Ave., Box 596 Fort Frances P9A-3M9 Ont 1000 Munn Construction Ltd. No No
A900313 P.O. Box 488, R.R. #1 Fort Frances P9A-3M2 Ont 1000 Joe Gerogeson Ltd. No No
A900317 R.R. #1 Fort Frances P9A-3M2 Ont 1000 Ed Kaun & Sons Ltd. No No
A900350 600 King's Highway Fort Frances P9A-2W9 Ont 1000 West End Motors (Fort Frances) No No
A900351 861 6Th Ave. W., Box 83 Fort Frances P9A-3M5 Ont 1000 Buttner Enterprises Ltd. No No
A900378 1014 Third Street East Fort Frances P9A-1S4 Ont 1000 Stevens, Terry Brent No No
A900424 R. R. #1 Fort Frances P9A-3M2 Ont 1000 Carmody, Randall Shawn No No
A900072 145 Third St West Fort Frances P9A-3N2 Ont Abitibi-Consolidated Inc. 1000 Abitibi-Consolidated Inc. No No
A900388 P.O Box 746, Highway 11/71 Fort Frances P9A-3N1 Ont Asselin Transportation And Sto 1000 Asselin Transportation And Sto No Yes
A920295 Box 746 Fort Frances P9A-3N1 Ont Asselin Transportation And Sto 1000 Asselin Transportation And Sto No No
A900294 R. R. #1 Fort Frances P9A-3M2 Ont Dennis Robinson Ltd. 1000 Dennis Robinson Ltd. No No
A900315 324 Minnie Ave., Box 362 Fort Frances P9A-3M7 Ont Ed Halvorsen Construction 1000 Halvorsen, Edward Leonard No No
A900213 1603 Emo Road Fort Frances P9A-2U7 Ont George Armstrong Company Ltd. 1000 George Armstrong Company Ltd. No No
A900144 110 Victoria Avenue Fort Frances P9A-2B7 Ont Riverside Health Care Facility 1000 Riverside Health Care Faciliti No No
A900612 504 Armit Avenue Fort Frances P9A-2H7 Ont Tom Veert Contracting Limited 1000 Tom Veert Contracting Limited No No
A900455 R.R. #2, Site 204, Box 17 Fort Francis P9A-3M3 Ont Heikki Lampi Sand & Gravel Ltd 1000 Heikki Lampi Sand & Gravel Ltd No No
A900284 302 East 1St St. Fosston 565-42 Mi 0110 Lepier Oil Co. Inc. No Yes
A860685 R.R. #1 Fournier K0B-1G0 Ont 1000 Leo Sarault & Fils Inc. No No
A860606 R.R. #1 Foxboro K0K-2B0 Ont 1000 Riverside Plumbing Company No No
A860141 Box 219 Foxboro K0K-2B0 Ont Fox, Michael James 1000 Fox, Michael James No No
A860310 R.R. #1 Frankford K0K2G0 Ont 1000 Chapman, Earl Clayton No No
A860757 Box 136 Frankford K0K-2C0 Ont 1000 Top Notch Services No No
A860646 R.R #3 Frankford K0K-2C0 Ont Cleave Brothers Construction 1000 Trent Aggregates Ltd. No No
A860304 R.R. #2 Frankford K0K2C0 Ont Leon Collins Trucking Ltd. 1000 Leon Collins Trucking Ltd. No No
A821169 3209 North Mill Road, Box 92 Franklinville 083-22 Nj Casie Ecology Oil Salvage, Inc 1000 Casie Ecology Oil Salvage, Inc No No
A860962 Evergreen Acres,Site #3,R.R.#1 Fraserville K0L-1V0 Ont Bolton, Frederick John Albert 1000 Bolton, Frederick No No
A861056 General Del. 1307 Charles St. Fraserville K0L-1V0 Ont D & F Insulation Ltd. 1000 D & F Insulation Ltd. No No
A840943 P.O. Box 5010, 825 Hwy. 33 E. Freehold, N.J. 077-28 Usa 0110 Freehold Cartage Inc. & F.C.I No Yes
A821227 R.R. #1, #257 11Th Conc. East Freelton L0R-1K0 Ont Gene Jones Excavating Inc. 1000 Gene Jones Excavating Inc. No No
A820323 P.O. Box 14, 350 Jones Road Fruitland L0R1L0 Ont Da-Lee Dust Control 1000 513125 Ontario Limited No No
A820353 P.O. Box 14, 350 Jones Road Fruitland L0R1L0 Ont Da-Lee Waste Oil Services 1000 958160 Ontario Limited No Yes
A820758 P.O. Box 6 Fruitland L0R-1L0 Ont G.F. Mason Excavating Limited 1000 G.F. Mason Excavating Limited No No
A820161 837 Barton St E.Grp 12,Box 13 Fruitland Ont Skid's Trucking Ltd. 1000 Skid's Trucking Ltd. No No
A840352 65 Ram Forest Road, Group Box G-2, R.R.#1, Gormley L0H-1G0 Ont Atlas Recycling Systems Inc. & 1000 Atlas Recycling Systems Inc. & No No
A860631 110 Kate St. Gananoque K7G-2M7 Ont 1000 Gananoque Town P.U.C. No No
A860743 337 King St. E. Gananoque K7G-1G6 Ont 548658 Ontario Inc. 1000 548658 Ontario Inc. No No
A440251 P.O. Box 100, 30 King St. E. Gananoque K7G-2T6 Ont Gananoque, Town Of 1000 Gananoque, Town Of No No
A920119 P.O. Box 299 Gananoque K7G-2T8 Ont Thousand Island Marine Constru 1000 Bishop, John R. No No
A860886 225 James Brennan Road Gananoque K7B-2T8 Ont William Gilbert & Sons Excavat 1000 William Gilbert & Sons Excavat No No
A920375 225 James Brennan Rd. Gananoque K7G-1N8 Ont William Gilbert & Sons Excavat 1000 William Gilbert & Sons Excavat No No
A800714 856 S. Newburgh, Box 0069 Garden City 481-85 Mic Smith's Oil Service Co. 1000 Smith's Oil Service Co. No No
A900598 100 Maheenguh Street Garden River P6A-6Z6 Ont Belleau Trucking 1000 Belleau, Derrick Joseph No No
A920187 R.R. #1 Garden Village P0H-2G0 Ont Kono Septic 1000 Penasse, Michael Joe No No
A820850 967 Helena St., Box 1406, 200 Garrrison, Fort Erie L2A-6G2 Ont 1000 Niagara Environmental Dynamics No No
A910230 Box 131, 168 Catherine Drive Garson P0M-1V0 Ont 1010 Northern Waste Transfer Servic No No
A900615 641 Garson Coniston Road Garson P3L-1V9 Ont D. Lafond Contracting Limited 1000 D. Lafond Contracting Limited No No
A900607 190 Church Street Garson P3L-1T8 Ont Nickel Centre, Town Of 1000 Nickel Centre Town No No
A920382 168 Catherine Drive Garson P3L-1H1 Ont Northern Waste Transfer Servic 1000 Northern Waste Transfer Servic No No
A8970 Lot 4, Maki Road Garson P0M1V0 Ont Sudbury Disposal Services 1000 Mccorriston, David R. No No
A800305 4600 East 15Th Ave. Gary, 464-03 In. 1000 Jack Gray Transport, Inc. Yes Yes
A860253 15 Rue Oscar Gatineau J8T2L5 Que 1100 Eclair Plomberie & Chauffage Yes Yes
A860522 683 Boulevard St Rene Est Gatineau J8P-7G7 Que 1000 Location Eric Ltee No No
A860574 1380 Avenue De Laurentides Gatineau J0X-1B0 Que 1000 R.A. Petro Service De L'outaou No No
A860954 203 St. Louis Gatineau J8T-2S4 Que 3121569 Canada Inc. 1000 3121569 Canada Inc. No No
A860964 377 St. Rene West Blvd. Gatineau J8P-2W3 Que 3181588 Canada Inc. 1000 3181588 Canada Inc. No No
A861032 1755 Boul Maloney Est. Gatineau J8R-1B4 Que 3361489 Canada Inc. 1000 3361489 Canada Inc. O/A Locati No No
A860925 1763 Boul. Maloney Est. Gatineau J8R-1B4 Que Alerte Egout 1000 Fleury, Michel Louis Joseph No No
A920360 15 Rue Oscar Gatineau J8T-2L5 Que Eclair Plomberie Et Chauffage 1000 Eclair Plomberie Et Chauffage No No
A860790 683 St. Rene', Est Gatineau J8P-7G7 Ont Excel Environmental 1000 2889218 Canada Inc. /Excel Env No No
A860863 392 Avenue Principale Gatineau J8T-4H5 Que Gilles Proulx Construction Lte 1000 Gilles Proulx Construction Lte No No
A860786 1294 Street, Rene Est. Gatineau J8R-1M9 Que Location Condor 1000 2911027 Canada Inc. No No
A860784 392, Rue Principale Gatineau J8T-4H5 Que Location Heritage 1000 2861852 Canada Inc. No No
A860927 100 Des Pensees, C.P. 32 Gatineau J8P-6J1 Que Monsieur Egout 1000 3136884 Canada Inc. No No
A920096 878 Boul. Maloney Est. Gatineau J8P-1H1 Que Outaouais Sanitation Inc. 1000 Outaouais Sanitaire Inc. No No
A860272 203 St.Louis Street Gatineau J8T2S4 Que Services Sanitaires Godmaire 1000 Services Sanitaires Godmaire No No
A900417 Arthur W. White Mine Gen.Del.,Balmertown P0V-1C0 Ont 1000 Dickenson Mines Limited No No
A840740 R. R. #1 George Town L7G-4S4 Ont 1000 Otten & Otten Construction Ltd No No
A840718 R. R. #2 Georgetown Georgetown L7G-4S5 Ont 1000 R. A. Boucher & Sons Aluminum No No
A840745 26 Langstone Crescent Georgetown L7G-4N3 Ont 1000 Wenham Quality Contracting No No
A840764 35 Queen Street Georgetown L7G-2E5 Ont 1000 Fence And Deck It Limited No No
A840786 53A Armstrong Avenue Georgetown L7G-4S1 Ont 1000 Bob Morrow & Son's Carpentry No No
A840787 21 Rexway Driver Georgetown L7G-1P7 Ont 1000 U-Hire No No
A840789 60 Park Avenue #909 Georgetown L7G-4Y9 Ont 1000 Aztec Garage Doors No No
A910226 4 Sims Gate Georgetown L7G-1B8 Ont Bennett, Mark 1000 Bennett, Mark No No
A840782 R.R. #1 Georgetown L7G-4S4 Ont Bergsma Trucking 1000 Bergsma Trucking No No
A841352 40 Armstrong Avenue Georgetown L7G-4R9 Ont Caledon Laboratories Limited 1000 Caledon Laboratories Limited No No
A840997 21 Temple Road Georgetown L7G-3J6 Ont Edwards Roofing 1000 Edwards, Glenn No No
A840757 10 Lindsay Court R R #1 Georgetown L7G-4S4 Ont Halton Trailer Sales & Rentals 1000 Marissen, Jake No No
A840339 20 Lynden Circle Georgetown L7G4Y8 Ont L. Paulin & Fils 1000 L. Paulin No No
A840784 30 Mackenzie Drive Georgetown L7G-4B9 Ont Turcotte & Mackay Roofing 1000 Andrew Mackay & Camille Turcot No No
A841465 13893 Highway 7, Box 4100 Georgetown L7G-4Y4 Ont Watch Tower Bible And Tract So 1010 Watch Tower Bible And Tract So No No
A840735 R. R. #2 Georgetown, Ontario L7G-4S5 Ont The Art Of Wood 1000 Douglas G. Hagensen No No
A900533 405 Forman Place Geraldton P0T-1M0 Ont Cloutier Builders & Supplies L 1000 Cloutier Builders & Supplies L No No
A900290 202 Jackson Avenue Geraldton P0T-1M0 Ont Denis Alfred Josaphat Verne 1000 Denis Alfred Josaphat Verne No No
A900475 108 1St North, P.O. Box 814 Geraldton P0T-1M0 Ont Steve Leduchowski Trucking Inc 1000 Steve Leduchowski Trucking Inc No No
A361950 R.R. #2 Gilmor K0L-1W0 Ont Limerick, Township Of 1000 Limerick, Township Of No No
A860491 Box 111 Gilmour K0L-1W0 Ont Dunseith, William John Alexand 1000 Dunseith, William John Alexand No No
A920120 Rr #2, 91 Tripps Road Gilmour K0L-1W0 Ont Tripp Excavating 1000 Tripp, Donald E. No No
A800662 2969 Glanworth Drive Glanworth N0L-1L0 Ont C.C. Dance Sewer Cleaning Inco 1000 C.C. Dance Sewer Cleaning Inco No No
A860412 R.R.#1 Glen Burnie K0H-1S0 Ont Riddle, Duane H. 1000 Riddle, Duane H. No No
A920101 145A Confederation Street Glen Williams L7G-3S3 Ont Halton Sanitation Services 1000 Mcgowan, Ronald E.B. No No
A860200 R.R.#1 Glenbornie K0H1S0 Ont 1000 Joseph Mckendry Limited No No
A861036 2476 Battersea Road Glenburne K9H-1S0 Ont Gord Johnson Transport Service 1000 Gord Johnson Transport Service No No
A800943 Conc. 1, Lot 32 Glencairn L0M-1K0 Ont Stephens Trucking 1000 568758 Ontario Inc. No No
A860299 2580 Del Zotto Ave,Box 907,Rr5 Gloucester K1G3N3 Ont 1000 Domsec Ltd. No No
A860448 1856 Greenacre Cres. Gloucester K1J-6S8 Ont 1000 Thomas, Robert Bruce No No
A860488 Box 370, R.R. #6 Gloucester K1G-3N4 Ont 1000 R. B. Macintyre Ltd. No No
A860504 2091 Orient Park Drive Gloucester K1B-4W1 Ont 1000 Headley, Barry E. No No
A860525 2562 Del Zotto Ave. Box 9081 Gloucester K1G-3N3 Ont 1000 Colautti Construction Ltd. No No
A860559 P.O. Box 451, R.R. #5, Quinn Gloucester K1G-3N3 Ont 1000 Brenning Construction (1986) L No No
A860569 4848 Bank Street Gloucester K1G-3N4 Ont 1000 Croskery, William Draper No No
A860570 5227 Bank Street Gloucester K1G-3N4 Ont 1000 Millar, Michael John No No
A860617 1944 Innes Road Gloucester K1B-3K6 Ont 1000 Bastien, Adrien Joseph Roger No No
A920252 4117 Belgreen Drive Gloucester K1G-3N2 Ont 3219232 Canada Inc. 1000 3219232 Canada Inc. No No
A861089 2916 Mer Bleue Road Gloucester K4B-1H9 Ont 778561 Ontario Inc. 1000 778561 Ontario Inc.